Naagin Season 3 26th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 26th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu’s boyfriend Shaan enters. Everyone look at him keenly. Anu introduces Shaan to everyone as her boyfriend and their new investor, they met in flight. Andy introduces himself followed by Polo as his 2 children’s mother. Mahir introduces himself next. Polo says Shaan he looks like Punjabi. Shaan says he is born and bought up in Punjab and recently shifted to Canada due to business. Andy says he told Shaan is Punjabi and says even Shaan will join haveli party. Mahir says it will be nice interacting with Shaan. Shaan says even he is excited about the party. They all get ready to travel. Bultu suggests Mahir to drop party in haveli and reminds what happened 8 months ago, that girl. Mahir says nothing will happen. Bela walks down and seeing Anu greets her and says she felt sorry for aunty. Anu says she hates her and got happiness now which she deserves, she does not need Bela’s friendship or enemity and walks out. Bela thinks she should not bother about other’s opinion and joins Mahir.

Vish calls Bela and informs that she has exchanged Yuvi’s body and his autopsy will not reveal anything. ACP walks in. She says she is leaving job. ACP calls her Ramona and asks if she joined only for this last task. She says he can think so, she is leaving job finally.

All youngsters check into a hotel near haveli. Adi holds Bela’s hand and says he did not die and is alive, she left him unconscious, now he is on enemy’s side, it will be very exciting. Arvind disguised as addresses Bela as nagrani and asks what is she doing here, she should not be here for 4 days. Bela asks what 4 days. Mahir calls her, and driver leaves. Mahir walks to receptionist and asks room keys. Receptionist asks if he is sure as villagers believe in a myth of 4 days. Shaan asks what 4 days. Receptionist says he cannot say and asks Mahir not to look behind if someone calls and not go out of haveli after evening. Shaan looks at haveli from window and clicks its pic saying it is very beautiful. Bela tells Mahir that she knows he will break haveli and temple. Mahir says he will not break haveli or temple and knows its value for villagers. She says she is going to meet her father’s friend and leaves.

Kuhu and others discuss to buy village clothes before entering haveli for party. They all got to a tailor shop where Rajkumar Rao promoting his new film introduces himself as Vicky salesman. He shows clothes and they all enjoy. RJ asks if he does not have anything for men. Boys discuss whole village is empty, not even a single hot girl. Vicky’s friend informs stree/woman comes for 4 days here and loves men. RJ jokes he loves lust and laughs. Friend warns not to take woman lightly as she is bhootni. Vicky leaves to meet his girlfriend. Friend says Vicky’s girlfriend is invisible, don’t know if she is human or bhooth.

Bela enters haveli and imagines playing hide and seek with Vikranth. Tere rang pyar me…song…plays in the background. Vikranth holds her hand. She asks to leave shyingly and turns and sees Mahir. Mahir says she should give their relationship another chance. She stands confused if it is Mahir or Vikranth and then sees Vish who says she held her hand and saw her confusion, she is diverting from her goal. She shows Mahir’s siblings and says they all are at one place and deserve death at once, nobody will know in which drain and river their bodies will be. Adi comes. Vish hides. Adi warns Bela to obey her, else she will expose her truth. She says she can kill him right now and takes nagin’s form. Adi calls Mahir and says Bela is attacking her and scratched him. Mahir asks if he is a kid to get afraid and asks to go and join others. Adi smirks at Bela and leaves. Bela looks at Vish hiding behind wall.

Vicky walks on street chatting with his girlfriend Shraddha Kapoor. He invites her for party. She says she will if he wins in hide and seek. He turns and walks and hears Stree calling him and flying behind him. He gets afraid and says he will not turn behind. His girlfriend holds his shoulder from behind and says it is her. They both promote their new movie Stree.

They all walk into haveli and start party. Adi calls Bela and asks her to obey him and prepare drinks for him. She prepares drinks and serves everyone. Kuhu says she is pregnant and does not drink alcohol. Bela says it is alcohol-free juice. She then serves drinks to Mahir. Mahir says she does not have to do all this. She says he told she should take a stand. Shaan walks in and asks where is Anu. They taunt he is so eager to meet h er. He says he is planning to do something and needs their help. They all agree. Anu enters and sees everyone missing and power off. Shaan greets her. She says her mobile torch is also not working, how will they search others. He asks her to look at floor. She sees diamond ring. Adi picks it. Everyone walk in clapping. Anu thinks Shaan is proposing and herself wears ring and says she accepts his marriage proposal.

Vish waits for Bela. Bela joins her. Vish says good she came and showing them all enjoying says they should kill them all. Bela says they will kill only Adi now and searches him. She walks towards hooded jacket wearing man and sees Stree flying in front. Lights flicker.

Precap: Anu informs family that their investor Shaan is getting marrried and do they know who the lucky girl is. Vish walks with Shaan and says it is her. Everyone stand shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Today episode is completely boring ??
    We miss mahir and Bela love.
    *Shan is a naag.
    May be he comes to take nagamani.
    Adi is sooo.irritating …..
    But promo is some what suspension.
    So eagerly waiting for next week….
    I wish in next week,
    The person in den is revealed who comes for Nagarani love♥️ may be he is Kushal .
    Also Shawn is revealed in front of Bela and Vish,
    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️L u behir ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Either these naag naagins are very bad at keeping secrets or there is a mole in between them . I mean seriously all the villains knows where the naagmani is, where the naagrani lives hell they even know her updated face.

    1. Mona146

      hmm true.

  3. The episode is really very boring. No Behir scenes. Luv Behir a lot.

  4. Similar to Naagin 2, same story, dead people keep coming back and making it boring. Bela and Vish repeating the same dialogue over and over again.
    Kill Mahir – Vish
    I know and remember my revenge – Bela
    I came to remind you of your revenge regarding Vikranth – VIsh
    I am the Naagrani – Bela
    I do not love Mahir – Bela
    We already know all this, move on with the show and the dialogues please…..
    The show is becoming a drag….

  5. Mona146

    pathetic episode as usual. Seriaously dissapotinted with surbhi as nagin already. uperse stree promotion. first episode mein promotion kaafi nahi tha kya. thru this i got to know stree is ekta’s movie. Jo interest rajkumar ki wajah se aaya woh bhi chala gaya.

    1. Lokesh

      Nhi it’s not Ekta film, but is of Dinesh vijan who made rabtaa, love aaj kal , cocktail, etc. They are here for promotions only.

    2. Mona146

      oh good then but i still hated the way they promoted the movie in this serial.

    3. Lokesh

      Me too, already serial have a story beech me ye bakwas.jabardasti ka.

  6. Missing mouni Roy … such a boring show.. no romance,no suspense , nothing.I m done with this show Surbhi seemed to be so talented but her performance is just going down

    1. I feel surabhi performance top notch .seriously are u comparing her with mouni Roy who puts hardly expressions any waste to argue with u ,trp shows every thing . Despite season 3 it is getting season 1 trp that proves everything mouni Roy was shown the door after season 2 ended with 1.5 trp

    2. Vrushey

      If you’re missing Mouni then, why you are here?
      mouni is a great actress but that doesn’t mean you can bash on a versatile actress like Surbhi.

    3. Mona146

      relax vrushey and vbgm. Anonymous did not bash surbhi. its ok if someone misses mouni even i do. mouni is best as nagin. coming to surbhi i liked her in various modern roles as in Qubool hai, tanhayiyaan etc but shapeshifter role doesnt seem to have suited her. but i still we can watch it but i did not like movie promotions in this serial.

  7. can anyon tel what mahir says to bela when she mises vikrant in the haveli and mahir holds her hand

    1. That bela can’t hide you confess your feelings from me

  8. Unlike other series of naagin why don’t the makers for once show the deep friendship btwn Bela and Vish like forever…Without turning Vish to negative character like they did with Adha khan(Sesha) and sivanya….
    Also giving Vish and Inspector a love track…
    They’re just doing too good.

    1. Our Hindi shows always promotes negativity to his highest degree. Yes Vish, you are right about the deep friendship between Bela and Vish. The writers want to create a rift between them just like the previous seasons and it will be the same stereo type story again.

  9. What happen to all
    All negative comments……

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