My Diary of Love Story- Episode 1

16th August 2017 (Monday)


Today is the day I have been waiting for. Finally, I got to work in the best corporative company in the current. Hey there, I am Ragini Gadodia and today is my interview at the Maheswari House of Enterprise. As I was driving my car in the heavy rain to Seattle, all of a sudden I lost control of the car and hit the tree at the roadside. The car turned over and my head hit the window, breaking the glass. I laid inside the toppled car, unable to move. Blood oozed out of my head. From a distance, I saw a car stopped and a man came out of it, walking towards me.
Man: Miss? Are you okay? Can you hear me?

That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out completely. With much pain, I tried to move but I was unable. Although I could not move, I could hear what was going on in my surroundings. I heard the same man’s voice who came to my rescue, so I assumed that it might be him to admit me to the hospital. I was really thankful to him.
Man: Dr. Malhotra, how is she now? Why is she still unconscious?
Dr. Malhotra: She had suffered a severe head injury and there is a hairline fracture on her right arm. Luckily, she was wearing her seatbelt or else she could have broken her ribcage as well.
Man: Anything else?
Dr. Malhotra: Nothing serious for now but your wife has to be in observation here for a week.
Ragini: WHAT? WIFE?!
Man: Sure. Thank you, doctor.
Dr. Malhotra: We have given a high dose anesthetic so it would take a few more hours.
Man: Thank you.

I heard the door closing and a chair was dragged I could feel someone sitting beside me. Before I could realize anything, darkness surrounded me again.
Finally, I was able to open my eyes and the first person I saw was a man resting on his arms, beside me. I tried to move my right hand but it hurts, really bad. Due, to my movements, the man wakes up. He looked into my eyes. His green eyes were mesmerizing.
Man: Are you okay?

I could not speak up so I just nodded. I tried to get up but I wasn’t able to. So, he helped me by placing a pillow on my back and carefully making me get up.
Man: Do you need anything?
Ragini: Can I get some water?
Finally, I could speak. The man walked out of the room to call the nurse. In a few minutes, he came back. Behind him, a young nurse came with a glass of water.
Nurse: Hello there. How are you feeling?
Ragini: Dry and thirsty.
Nurse: Small sips, okay?

The nurse helped me to hold the glass while I took small sips as instructed by the nurse. In a while, a doctor, in his 40s entered the ward.
Dr. Malhotra: Good morning?
Ragini: Morning? What day is this?
Dr. Malhotra: its Thursday. 19th August.
Ragini: Have I been unconscious for three days?

I looked at the three of them standing in front of me. They nodded simultaneously while I looked down sadly.
Ragini: I was to attend an interview. Ouch! I can’t really move.
Dr. Malhotra: That’s alright and please don’t strain yourself too much. You really made your husband worried extremely.
Ragini: Was he?
Dr. Malhotra: yes, really worried. I’ll leave you both alone and come back to check on you in the evening.
Man: Thank you, doctor.

I looked at the man, who was standing behind the doctor, arms crossed. Once the doctor left with the nurse, he walked towards me.
Ragini: Thank you so much for saving my life. I’m really grateful to you, but care to explain what is going on?
Man: Actually, I had no choice but to lie to them of being your husband as the doctor did not want to start the operation before any of your relatives were here to sign the documents.
Ragini: Thank you once again.
Man: But you have already thanked me.
Ragini: It doesn’t matter. It’s still not enough.
Man: Anyway, I am Sanskar Maheswari.
Ragini: Wait…. Sanskar Maheswari? The CEO of Maheswari House of Enterprise. I was on my way from Portland to attend an interview at your office on Monday.
Sanskar? What’s your name? And for which position did you apply?
Ragini: I applied for your Personal Secretary position.
Sanskar: Ohhh… I am sorry because the position is already been filled.
Ragini: That’s alright…. It’s my bad.

Suddenly, Sanskar’s mobile rang and his face turned serious once answering the call. He cuts the call and turns the television on. He changed the channel to the news.
Reporter: Is Mr. Maheswari married? It is rumored that his wife was admitted to the Portland City Hospital and he was seen visiting her for the past three days. Are these rumors true? We have contacted the PR of Mr. Maheswari but they did not comment on this. What is the truth?

I looked at him and he turned towards me. Both of us were in complete shock because of the news. Suddenly, the door of the ward was pushed open and a group of reporters and cameramen entered in. they clicked the pictures of me on the bed and Sanskar who was standing a few feet away from me. The flashes from the camera blurred my eyesight. Soon, I start to feel dizzy and fall to the back. Before I fell, a pair of hands held me. In half-consciousness, I saw his face, worriedly looking at me.


To be continued……




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