KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 40

Since it’s been a really long time, I had last updated, I forgot how I had left, Hope you guys enjoy the continuation, as you all know I usually continue with respect to the original series, this time I’m not doing it for KKM, because at present the original series is just focusing on some unwanted KIDNAPS/ MISHAPS, which seems to be too subtle and indistinctive to be added on to my plot. Wish you guys are alright with this difference. And yeah, I just got to read Shweta Tiwari’s talk on doing BOLD INTIMATE SCENES on-screen in TELLYUPDATES news section, and her article gave me the confidence to add intimate scenes in my ff, because in my plot as you know ARHANA is gaining central focus as of now, which will be later shifted to Sunny-Kiara / Rakhi and Abhigya, there should be an intimate scene of Arhana quite later in my ff. Hope I don’t make any of my readers uncomfortable with its addition. If you want to speak out anything, I give you all the freedom to do that in the comments sections. Hope this episode is fine for all my dear, loyal and faithful readers after a LONG BREAK.


The episode starts with Aryan and Ranbir getting dressed to go to Prachi’s house as it is the last evening where they can help her with the FASHION EVENT. Ranbir is on the phone talking to Prachi, while Aryan is constantly checking on himself, in front of the mirror, Ranbir says, “Yeah, yeah Prachi, I’m leaving, me and Aryan will be there in a few minutes, and don’t worry, you are the one who is going to win the title this time for FASHION EVENT 2019 held in our college…..” he turns around and looks at Aryan and is puzzled to notice him constantly trying on each and every style quotient of his. On the other side Prachi asks, “Hello!!!! Ranbir are you there????” Ranbir turns his concentration back on the conversation and answers, “Yes, yes I’m listening, look haven’t you practiced the walking styles I showed you the other day.” Prachi affirms. Ranbir continues, “And us together with Aryan and Shahana have made you costume along with its accessories READY!!! Then why are you tensed Prachi???” Prachi breathes sadly and tells him, “It’s not about WINNING Ranbir, it’s about……” Ranbir senses Prachi’s anxieties and tells, “It’s about you competing with Rhea, right??” Prachi is surprised and asks him, “How did you know???” Ranbir answers, “Come on Prachi, I LOVE YOU, and when we are in LOVE with someone, we can FEEL EACH AND EVERY EMOTION OF OUR LOVED ONE!!!” Aryan turns towards Ranbir on hearing that. Ranbir continues, “You don’t have to worry about anything, I’m coming there right now with Aryan alright, bye!!!” He hangs the phone, and looks on sadly. Aryan comes and tells him, “I think it’s high time you reveal everything about you and Prachi to Rhea, and knowing well about her as my sister, I know she will not stay CALM, but it’s better to FACE THINGS THAN RUNNING AWAY FROM THEM!!!” Ranbir stares at Aryan on hearing that, just when Mishti comes in, asking them, “Bhai, are you both going out somewhere????”

Ranbir asks him, “What happened Mishti??? You want something, I’m already late because of this idiot Aryan!!!” Aryan is surprised and asks him, “What did I do, bro???” Ranbir asks him, “What did you do??? Aryan you used to GIVE half the IMPORTANCE to your LOOKS as you are giving now!!! You are trying on each and everything which I have in my cupboard, what is wrong with you man????” Ranbir then turns towards Mishti and says, “And Sir has even put on YOUR FAVORITE PERFUME, which most of the women in our COLLEGE LOVE, but to which he had been always allergic!!!” Mishti looks at Aryan curiously smiling. Aryan pulls Ranbir’s jacket and whispers, “Dude, why are you embarrassing me in front of your sister???” Ranbir shakes off Aryan’s hand and says, “Oh really, I’m embarrassing you??? Just look at yourself!!!” Ranbir continues to Mishti, “I’m sure Mishti, he is trying to impress some GIRL!!!” Mishti smiles. Aryan interrupts and tells, “I think we are getting late, so shall we move???” As they are about to leave, Mishti stops them and says, “But Bhai, I needed some help from you, as tomorrow is the FASHION EVENT!!!” Ranbir feels bad and hugs her saying, “Aww, why you didn’t tell me before??? Now I have made plans with someone else!!! Let’s do one thing, Aryan you stay here, help Mishti for a while, then join me!!!” Aryan feels a chill in his spine, he wants to deny Ranbir sternly but is unable to, he becomes dejected, while Mishti is on cloud nine, she hugs Ranbir more tightly saying, “Thank you so much Bhai, YOU ARE THE BEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD!!!!” Ranbir feels glad for making Mishti happy and slowly leaves, as Aryan looks on disappointedly.

Sunny brings Sanju to his lodge, Sanju says, “Bhai you have filled the empty space of BITTO in my heart and have become like my real brother!!! So, shall I give you a HUG now!!!!!” Sunny gets irritated, “Will you just get down as I need to go.” Sanju says, “Okay bhai, if you don’t want my hug, then leave it, but at least listen to me nah!!! I really feel that this LAKSHMI JI’s sister Priyanka is having some serious PROBLEMS in her HEAD!!!” Sunny stares at him angrily, Sanju nervously continues, “What Bhai, why are staring at me as if I have done something WRONG!!! You itself think Bhai, that Lakshmi ji is Priyanka’s sister who had been teaming with her in all her dirty plans and she is plotting such things against her now, while asking me to do such CHEAP THINGS to Shahana whom I’m not at all interested in, so Sunil Bhai, can you do THAT INSTEAD OF ME?????” Sunny gets exasperated and drives off fast, while spreading DUST on Sanju’s face. Sanju coughs and says, “Looks like even Sunil Bhai is not interested, now, I will have to find someone else!!!”

Sunny comes to his house and barges inside his room worriedly, Disha sees him in a bad mood and gets tensed. She comes to his room and comes beside him. As he had been lying on his bed, she brushes her hand on his hair and asks, “Sunny, what happened???” Sunny wipes off his tears while hiding from Disha, and says, “Nothing MA!!!!” Disha then sits beside him and says, “Don’t try to hide things from me Sunny, I’m YOUR MOTHER, I can sense you are worried, what is it??? Tell me!!!” Sunny slowly places his head on her lap and says, “Ma, I thought I will hide this from you, but I can’t anymore….” His voice breaks as he takes a long breath and says, “Ma, I’m the CHIEF COSTUME DESIGNER OF MR. PURAB KHANNA’S COMPANY FUSION BEATS!!!” Disha eyes grow big in bewilderment.


To be continued.

  1. Stevka

    And Aleyamma, about adding intimate scenes to your ff, Don’t know about other, But I’m totally comfortable about the Intimate moments and in fact glad that you as a Mallu, are making progress in your writing and feeling comfortable and becoming bolder. Moreover, that is what I’m struggling to do in my ff!! So I’m looking forward to learning more from your writings which will be implemented into mine

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks so much Steeva,
      And yeah I had already read and given in my comment yesterday itself when I was posting my episodes.

  2. Wow. I love reading your story. I love the way you imagine and write the love story of pranbir and true feeling of sunny. I eagerly wait for you to post as this has so much of romance between all the couples instead in the real one only boring drama . I hope you shine and keep writting. ❤

  3. Hey missed you alot

  4. Wow i love reading your story. You have a lot of creativity and i hope you keep writting like this .

  5. Finally u r back. Missed u. Hope everything’s fine. Loved the episode??

  6. Hey welcome back ?
    loved this episode
    and as for bold scenes is’t a bigg yess from me , cuz i’ve read that article about shweta tiwari’s bold scene and I totally agree with her
    i’m really glad that as a writer u are willing to push yourself into writing different contents even thou knowing that some of them might be criticized , but don’t worry even if it is criticized it’s gonna make u an even better writer so good luck ?

    1. Aleyamma

      Firstly, Thanks a million to all of you guys for reading my FF.
      I usually don’t like to give separate messages, so hopefully you guys don’t mind this address to all at once.
      Vyomika, I think it is the 1st time you are posting your comments, a heartfelt gratitude to you for appreciating my writing.
      Hajera, I know you are always desperate for my episodes but good to know you missed me, instead of my episodes.
      Shanaya, thanks for taking the time during exams for your comments, yeah everything is fine, just that I have not totally recovered from my VIRAL, so even though I have the episodes ready in my head, I am not able to put them online.
      Finally Sylvia, I should say you have a great understanding, thanks a million for your support regarding intimate scenes, and you are right as writers we are often subjected to criticisims but here I am not worried about that, I want to be extra careful not to give anything negative into my reader’s mind. That’s why I had to be cautious even while adding Rakhi’s rape. But thanks Sylvia, you have helped me to boost my confidence.

    2. Hello, are you feeling okay now? By the way you can’t blame me for not liking your writing it’s really great sometimes I wish I could make you the real cv, maker, scriptwriter of Kumkum bhagya. And also do you have an india forum account? There are a lot of kumkum bhagya, pranbir, arhana, sunny and kiara and abhigya fans in India forum iam sure they will appriciate if you can put your ff there because only some people visit telly updates and india forum is world wide, people from all around the world have discussions about the episode their thoughts, ideas and assumptions of what will happen next. There are some OS AND TS which like fanfics and people want more and they will 100% enjoy your ff, mark my word. Not just that they will support you, give you ideas and encourage you to write. I was going to recommend to they to visit/read your fanfic but my india forum account is having some problems and I can’t post or comment in there. And you don’t have to, I am suggesting that you should post in there the episodes you post here.

    3. You’re welcome dear, really glad that i am able to boost your confidence just by my comments.
      I think the reason why i can understand u so much is that at some point in my life even i wanted to be a writer, i often had a story in my mind but i could never find the exact words to put it on paper. and i have learn something really important in life is to always appreciate someone for doing something i couldn’t do myself. I really hope that someday i would be able to write something (not as an profession but just as an hobby)

    4. Aleyamma

      Dear Hajera,
      When did I ever blame you for not liking my WRITING, DEAR???? To be really FRANK, i can see there are three dislikes for this episode but I had no idea at all that you were one among them.
      Whatever I told about you in my earlier message, I had just been sarcastic regarding your ENDLESS DESPERATION FOR MY EPISODES, which I can clearly notice thro your messages in every episode, nothing else.
      Being a writer I do love receiving appreciation and kind gestures from my readers, but I would never like to force MY THOUGHTS which comes out into my writing onto my readers. I know you are a DIE HARD FAN of Pranbir and perhaps you may have disliked the INCREASING prominence of ARHANA in my ff. But I have no issues regarding yor choice for liking or disliking my ff, because I’m not going to change my plot and regive promincence to Pranbir for getting more readers or LIKES, neither do I DISRESPECT YOUR CHOICE.
      It’s completely your choice Hajera to like/love or dislike my episodes & my writing. So don’t worry, I’ve never BLAMED nor will ever BLAME YOU for that!!!
      Regarding your suggestions about forum, as you would have already read in my comments earlier, I never write for FAME OR FORTUNE, it’s more than enough if there is ONE like you who takes out his/ her time to read my ff.
      So I don’t want to gain porpularity by publishing my ffs on Indian forum, nor become a part of KKM production company, I’m already happy with my petty life and COMPLETELY ELATED to have made great friends like you, Shanaya, Sylvia, Jasmine, Akituster, Sara, Maddie and not to forget Steeva which is indeed a great achievement of my LIFE, because in real life I’m a very introvertive personality who keeps away from FRIENDSHIPS.
      So I really don’t expect more than what I’m getting here!!! It’s more than enough. Thanks for those wishes.
      And I’m doing better right now, should be uploading tomo and don’t worry about disliking my episodes or writing, because I never will BLAME you for that

    5. I have no idea what your talking about regarding disliking the episode, my laptop is having some technical issues and it’s doing weird stuff at the moment I am reading your episodes on my phone.

    6. Aleyamma

      I had told all that because you had said in your previous comment,
      [[“By the way you can’t blame me for not liking your writing”]].

  7. I just noticed that u even write an ff on Yehh jadu hai jinn ka
    Sinds jour ff on kkm is so good that it makes me want to read your other ff too ?
    I started binge-watching YJHJK sinds yesterday (from ep 1 ) so i’m gonna watch the show first and then start reading your ff on YJHJK just to avoid spoilers ??

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks again a million sylvia, and pardon me for this late reply!!!
      You have a superb attitude to “Appreciate someone’s else work which you wanted to do!!!”, because that is something which I always find very difficult to do.
      When some else does what we had always, it often results in dejection. But /i should say, you are a great positive person. Keep up this postive attitude always. And I’m sure you too will be writing great stories one day.
      And thanks in advance if you get to read my other ff on YJHJK. Infact I had started watching it myself, by reading another ff of the show. So you are a similar path like mine.

  8. Jasminerahul

    loved ranbir supporting prachi. loved ranbir saying that when we love someone we will understand that person’s each emotions.now Aryan will spend time with mishti n she thinks that Aryan is trying to impress her.oh. sanju doesn’t want anything to do to shahana.right?good that finally sunny revealed the truth to disha.how will she react?

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey Jasmine,
      Good to see that you still follow my ff and you are going to get your answers in the next episode!!!

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