A small middle class conjusted yet sweet home, Sudha simply made a look on it and knocked the door. As there was no response sudha opened the door with full force.


” Just say Get out to Anger  Image result for pic of reema lagoo   and place your shubh- kadam on home with a sweet smile” 

Sudha : Maa, Pls…..Don’t say that ladke waales

Mom : [interrupts] My little princess, don’t worry. They are not coming, come let’s dance together.

Sudha : What ?? Maa, is everything okay ?Image result for pic of juhi chawla

Mom : Sudha, I am sorry….

Sudha : But why ?

Mom : I spoiled your morning and I know you are gloomy. Beta, every mother wishes to see her daughter get married and I am not an exception. But I understand your views also and trust me I won’t force you any more. But beta I really want to see your marriage…

Sudha : I am also sorry, Mom. I won’t have talked like that.

Mom : Beta, I need a favor from you. Actually one of the customer have ordered Amala pickles and I promised to deliver it by evening. But I didn’t went as Ladke waale said they are coming here and I was doing all preparations for their welcome. But again they called and said they didn’t get taxi , so they are not coming today.

Sudha : That means they will come any day.

Mom : Beta, How can i say no ? But I don’t want to welcome any one by making you gloomy.

Sudha : Maa, It’s just that I really can’t accept some one all of a sudden. I need some time…..

Mom : Perhaps I am super fast , is it ?

Sudha : You felt bad, maa

Mom : Not at all…….Image result for pic of reema lagoo

Sudha : My lovely maa……Sudha hugged her. Maa, give me the address , I will deliver the pickle.

Mom : Yeah…..Customer’s name is Raj ….Here is the card and I have packed the pickle and kept it in the shelf.

Sudha : Okay, Maa……Bye……

Scene shifts to a textile shop.

Sudha : Excuse me, I am from Dombey walley, One Mr. Raj made an order ……Image result for yes boss hindi movie

” Keep it there Miss Beautiful”  Sudha kept the parcel on table.

” Miss Beautiful, why can’t you try light colors ? Light color midies will be best for you..”Image result for sharukh khan pic

Sudha : Look Mr. ….what’s the name

Image result for sharukh khan pic old Raj, That’s my good name.

Sudha : Too bad and better try some thing new for bringing customers to this shop.

Raj : So tell me what can I do for you as you are the customer.

Sudha : Pls stop this non sense and check your order.

Raj : No need of it. Jyothi aunty will never make a mistake. She told that she’s having a daughter but didn’t expected that she’s too much beautiful. Aah……What a face and lovely eyes….Image result for shahrukh khan juhi chawla The whole shop is for you, Madam……Select any dress , you will look like an angel


Sudha : Mr. Raj, Again I remind you I am not your customer. Image result for juhi chawla

Raj : Don’t get upset, Madam…..

Sudha : Will you pls give the money

Raj : Sure,  The wallet is yours…Image result for sharukh khan pic old

Sudha took the wallet from him and picked 100 Rs. from it..

Raj : Only 100 Rs. Take this with you and If you want take my credit card, my cheque book and me with you…….Image result for sharukh khan juhi chawla

Sudha : Stupid, any way thanks

Raj : Mmmh…Madam…Madam…

Sudha : Sudha, you can call me sudha

Raj : Wow, Miss Sudha, This shawl is for you…..Pls keep it and you don’t need to pay for it

Sudha : Why ?Image result for shahrukh khan juhi chawla

Raj : Just like that…….I love Jyothi aunty and you are her lovely daughter……So a gift from my side

Sudha : By the way Raj, you’re so sweet…….You just made my day…..

Raj : Is it ? Friends ??Related image

Sudha smiled and both of them made a simple shake hand for each other.

Scene shifts to Dev’s Music studio

Dev sat on the arm chair and started taking cigarattes one by one.


” You won’t stop it , dev ?”                               Related image

Dev : Madness can never be stopped , Rekha……

Rekha : I can’t see your lips burning , for me pls throw it…..

Dev looked Rekha with his intense eyes….Image result for ajay devgan photo

Rekha : What happened ?Related image

Dev : Pls don’t leave me, Rekha….Pls….

Rekha : Dev……

Dev : I am nothing with out you, Rekha…..

Rekha : Dev…..

Dev and Rekha hold each other’s hands……..Image result for yeh raaste hain pyaar ke ajay madhuri scene

Rekha : Dev, This time I am not going to make you free from my hands. You have to do it, Dev…..I need your name’s sindoor on my forehead.

Dev : Rekha…… Dev turned his face and picked a cigaratte. Rekha hold Dev close to her and sat beside him.

Related image

Rekha : Dev, no more cigarattes, pls..

Dev : Mmhh….[dev nodded his head and hugged Rekha] Don’t go from me, Rekha……Don’t go from me…….

“Sir, Dev sir”….. Dev slowly opened his eyes and realized that everything was a scattered past memory only…..He wiped the tears and wore the glasses..Image result for ajay devgan old pic

Dev : Oh Sudha……

Sudha : Sir, I have made the list of musicians, Here is the file….

Dev : But I asked you the whole report

Sudha : I know sir….Just you cross check the names and if you need to suggest any other names then pls say it, sir….I need to fix their call sheets.

Dev : I trust you, Sudha…..Related image

Sudha : Sir you still miss her ?

Dev : Focus on work, Sudha…..

Sudha : Why you are doing this , sir ? Whenever I tried to talk with genuinely always you starts scolding me, what’s my mistake ?

Dev : Sudha , You are one of the finest singer and I can never get any personal assistant than you for my career. Profession is important rather than keeping an eye on my personal life.

Sudha : I didn’t mean to hurt you, sir…..Image result for ajay devgan juhi chawla song tujhe pyaar karte karte

Dev : The heart which is already hurt and staying as alive just like any other organ of body, I don’t consider it as a special one for me. It some times burn my wounds just to remind that like any other man you’re also having a hell heart. I don’t mind it….. Complete the work…..Image result for ajay devgan old pic






  1. Jasminerahul

    sudha n her mom scene was a sweet.reema was so good as the mother.raj flirting with sudha was cute.finally sudha telling him that he is sweet n he made her day was sweet.they becoming friends with a handshake was sweet.raj giving her a shawl as a gift n his dialogue was lovely.rekha asking dev not to smoke…asking him to fill her maang. telling rekha not to leave him ..he cant live without her was emotional.shocking that it was all a past memory.did rekha die?dev sudha conversation was emotional. dev’s dialogues were were mind blowing.I wonder whether it’s ajay juhi or srk juhi the end game in this ff
    please update your other ffs

    1. Renimarenju

      I am glad that u are liking the flow of ff…What life has planned for them ? U need to wait for it….. About my pending ff’s…..I am really sorry at least for now I am not able to update them and this one which I am doing all are shorter episodes as the story is framed in that way and in short duration it’s more convenient for me. ….But I will try to update if I gets time on X-mas , New Year Leave ….Thanks a lot for commenting…..

    2. Jasminerahul

      your ishkara n rumya stories just need one or two episodes to end I please do complete them

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