My Crush! My Love! (TwiNj) SS Part – 2

In between lines are Twinkle’s pov.

Twinkle’s pov:

I didn’t get sleep in night. His smiling face didn’t let me to sleep at all. Somehow, i controlled my heart and slept. Now i am feeling better. Hope i will get rid of this feeling soon. I get ready in my favourite black colour dress and went down for breakfast. Madhu aunty was there already. She is my neighbour also my good friend. I love her a lot. I went down and hugged her by holding her neck.

Twinkle: hi aunty. What’s up

Madhu: Aditi went to pick up my friend’s son. I told you na, My friend, she helped me a lot when Aditi’s dad died. He has some classes here. He stayed in P.G. that’s why i told him to stay here itself.

Twinkle: okay ok aunty. I am getting late for class. I have to go, bye.

Madhu: Twinkle, breakfast.

Twinkle: Your friend not yet prepare.

Suddenly Mom come and hold my ears. I screamed

Leela: don’t act drama queen. I didn’t hold it tightly.

I smirked at her.

Leela: come and have your breakfast. It’s ready.

Twinkle: Your wish my order

Leela: it’s not my wish, it’s my order.

Twinkle: whatever, Come on Aunty, we will have together.

Madhu: i had, you go and have.

I had my breakfast hurriedly and bid bye to my mom and aunty. Then i left home in car. When leaving home my heart beat is paka normal. When i reached almost half of the way to class, my heart beat starts increasing. The thinking of meeting him itself make me nervous. Somehow, i reached my class and parked my car and went to my friends. His gang also sit little near to my friends. I went to my friends without looking at that gang. I sit in one chair. Then, through the corner of my eyes, i look at his gang. But he is not there. Somewhat i relieved but i am started thinking, where he is? Whether he came or not? My eyes fixed in entrance. Then only our sir came and told us to get inside class. We entered the class. I look at entrance one last time but there is no sign of him.

Sir: Good morning guys, don’t sit in the place where you all sat yesterday. Shuffle your places.

Then only my Kunj’s friend Pooja Spoke. Am i, mention him as My Kunj? Just leave this thought.

Pooja: Sir, then Me and Noor will exchange our place, then Arjun and Gauri di will exchange place.

Sir glare at them: I told you to shuffle not exchange. I will separate your gang. Pooja, you come and sit near her.

What? Near me. She came and sit near me and smiled at me.

She: hi. I am Pooja.

She is married so i decided to call her di.

Twinkle: hi di, i am Twinkle.

Sir: Noor

Noor: no Sir, please.

Sir: no no, get up. Come and sit with Pooja.

Noor smiled widely: Pooja di means, ok.

Sir: oh, see guys she is telling you guys are animals that you might bite her if she sat with you.

Noor: sir, when did i say like that? See guys, he is creating rift between us.

Everyone laughed.

Sir: where is Kunj?

Even me too thinking the same, sir. Where is he?

Voice: i am here sir.

I look in the direction of voice eagerly. My heart is bouncing. Same mischievous smile, are you planning to kill my heart? Please God he should forget about yesterday’s incident.

Sir: why are you late?

Kunj: Sir, my sister drove the car slowly .

Sir: What reason is this Kunj? You deserve punishment.

What punishment? Nooo

Kunj: Sirrrr

Sir: sing a song for us.

What? Yesss

Adi: What? Noooo. Sir any other

Sir firmly: no. You have to sing a song.

Kunj: Sir, if i sing, then you will teach only dead bodies.

Everyone laughed at his statement.

Sir: no problem.

Kunj: Sir, i will sing afternoon. Now they are all fresh.

Sir: promise.

Kunj: paka promise.

Once sir grant permission, he entered the class and sit near Arjun. Thank God, he didn’t sit near Pooja di or else my heart will beat like anything, bcz he will be near to me. Then Sir started class. I felt like sleepy. Not only me so many. But Kunj’s gang answered to him briskly except Noor. She too seems like sleepy. Then, i hissed to my friend, how they are answering like ghost? Then she replied, they completed M.B.A. and running company.

They are not students. Yeah, this conference not only for students. But i didn’t expect this.

Sir: ok, let’s go for lunch. Kunj, remember you have to sing.

Yeah, Kunj remember. We went for lunch. As yesterday we sat in same place. I felt like, he is looking at me. I hesitate to see him. What if he noticed me? We had lunch and chit chat for some time. After to that we went to class. After to half an hour only, everyone came. Pooja di and Noor went to their old place

Sir: Kunj come on.

He came in front hesitatingly.

His friends clapped to tease him: Kunj… Kunj…

He stand there with smiling face and do action like his throat is not well.

Kunj: sir, my throat

Before he complete Sir: no issues, sing.

Then after lot of drama, he started singing. Already his smile is killing me, now his singing voice and song.

Baatein kuch ankahee si

Kuch ansuni si hone lagi

Kaabu dil pe raha na

Hasti hamari khone lagi

Woh … woh o o o

Woh … woh o o o

Woh … woh o o o

His friends chorously: Shayad yahi hai pyar

Everyone gave big round of applause. I felt goose bumps when his friends chorously shout Shayad yahi hai pyar.

Sir: seriously, you sang well.

Kunj smiled: thank you, sir.

Sir informed us after half an hour a business personality will come and give us lecture. Then, we can leave. Until class got over, his voice only echo in my heart and mind. After to class as usual i look at my smiling face one last time for today and bid bye to my friends; then reached my home.

After few hours i went to Madhu Aunt’s home to see Aditi without knowing the shock waiting for me.

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Hope i didn’t bored you.

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