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Hey everyone.. how r u all?.. it has been much na. i was totally into other world nd i forgot this one. so the reason that bought me back to here is, im bringing u a new love story of a cute pair frm YHM…. nd that is KARAN nd RUHI. They attracted me nd my ideas into a new bond of a love story. Nd i hope u may like this.. nd give me all ur support nd love. 

The episode starts with a lady waiting near the domestic arrivals in Indira Gandhi International airport, New Delhi..  then there comes a man frm behind nd scares her.. she screams nd turned back… to see her husband laughing at her.

ishu: RAMAN… is this the way to behave? i was so scared.. u do this everytym..

raman: nd everytym u get scared?!! (he laughs)

ishu: hehe stop making fun of me okay… by the way how was ur journey? she didnt cry again na.. like she always used to do? speak something na?

raman: arey if u let me to do then i’ll speak madrasan… but u r asking question like my clients used to do. (he laughs again)

ishu: that wasn’t funny.

raman: yeah the journey was good.. nd she is absolutely fyn there. nd yeah she didn’t cry… my girl is so brave okay.

ishu: hmm,, papa ki beti haina is liye?

raman: ha toh aur kya? (they both smile) okay now let’s leave.. im so much tired.. wanna have the dinner u serve me… come come let’s go. (they leave frm the airport)

the scene nxt shifts to pune… in a small mansion…  a girl came running to her mom.. in a school uniform..with kavya written on her badge attached to the uniform..

kavya: maa.. look at bhai.. hes so rude.. he ate all my ice cream.. he didnt left anything.. not even a spoon !!!!

sudha: so do u thing im gonna believe u ?

kavya: yeah coz im saying u.

sudha: but i know him.. he cant do that..because he isnt there at home since morning…!!!

kavya (turns back): ohh okay..

sudha: but wait.. where is the ice cream?

kavya(blabbering): what do i know maa ?

sudha: i know where it is? (pointing towards kavya’s tummy) i know that u ate it… nd blaming on karan so that u could get another?

kavya: woh.. (smiles) a kind of …?!

sudha laughs: but u r not getting any ice cream? go nd freshen up… i’ll serve u dinner.

later aftr a while.. near at the dining table..

kavya: vaise where did he go? y isn’t he home till now?

sudha: well u know him.. he goes around the ground.. keeps on playing football.. bas vahi.. he’ll be soon.. u eat nd study okay.. u r going to have ur board xams soon na.

kavya: yeah mom i know.

kavya eats nd goes to her room. sudha waits for her son..

sudha: its been too late.. what is he doing till now? (she worries for him)

meanwhile in the football ground.. the match was at its final stage… most of boys shouts only one name KARAN.

aveer: come bhai… goal karde…!!!!!

everyone keeps on encouraging him… karan’s face is shown.. he runs nd kicks the ball… the keeper tries stopping the ball… but fails… nd its a GOAL !!!!!

the boys lift karan nd cheers him.

aveer comes nd hugs him: mera bhai.. tu champion hai yaar…!!! impossible wala game ko possible kardi…!!!

karan smiles.. nd goes frm there. the other team members collect the prize money nd distributes among themselves… aveer goes back of karan.

aveer: yaar where r u going? ( he didnt speak) u dont want the money u won?

karan washes his face nd drinks some water: ok yaar aveer.. i need to go.. bye.

aveer: oye im talking to u , r u listening?

karan: what? i dont play for that money.. i jst play for myself.. to forget whatever i had suffered.. so i think i have ansered my question.. i’m leaving.

aveer: what do u mean by that.. suffer? u mean that girl?

karan: no.. not that girl.. its abt me.. nd my life.. nd my family.. no one else.

aveer: yaar i know.. but

karan: its ok yaar… i’ll leave now. mom must be waiting.

he went home.. sudha came to him…

karan: mom.. i’m not hungry.. i’ll sleep.

sudha: arey u jst eat some na.

karan: no mom.. i was so much tired.. nd sleepy.. did u eat?

sudha: no.. i was waiting for u .

karan: mom y dont u eat? u need to take tablets right… u dont listen to me.. nd where is this kavya.. i asked her to make u eat.. didnt she ?

sudha: she’s sleeping… she asked me to eat but i said i’ll wait for u.

karan: okay come.. u eat.

he serves her mom nd makes her eat the food nd tablets. sudha asks him to eat..

karan: i’ll do it first u go nd sleep okay.

sudha went. karan went to his room.. stands near tha window looking at the sky… he gets some flashes.. sooner the stars he’s looking at becomes blur in his vison… he closes his eyes nd a drop of tear falls on his cheek.


karan looks at his phone… he dailed one number… nd clears it.. nd thowrs his phone on the bed.. jst then he gets a call.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    happy to see you back.happy that you are writing on karhi.i was longing to read a ff on them. ishra scene was cute.are they talking about ruhi?sudha kavya scene was cute.which actress is kavya?karan’s introduction was superb.loved him saying that he is not playing for money but for himself to forget everything.are they talking about ruhi?did he have any past with ruhi?

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