Vish 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aditya saves Alia from fatal spider attack

Vish 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Abhi hands the blood sample to Sabrina. Sabrina thinks he won’t be worth telling anything to anyone now and stings the Dr. He fell on the floor with darkened eyes. Sabrina pulls his heart out and says her Vishaila needed a new heart, she is thankful to Dr. Abhi. A car stops outside. Sabrina watches Alia comes out of the car. Sabrina boasts that her schedule is extremely tight, Alia is also here to die.

Alia walks out of the car. Aditya was annoyed that she didn’t thank him. Alia turns around at the door and shouts at thankyou to Aditya. Aditya finally smiles.

Sabrina held a spider in hand. She sends the spider to go and kill Alia.

Alia comes into the lab and was at once tensed to see the turmoil. She looks around the lab and finds Dr. Abhay’s body hanging from the ceiling, wrapped in spider web. She was terrified of Dr. Abhi’s blackened eyes. She calls Shekhar and calls him to Citi Lab at once. Shekhar hurries ot the lab.

Alia turns around to leave the room. A gigantic spider crawled on the floor outside. She runs towards the opposite direction and hides herself in a corridor.

On the way back, Aditya notices Alia had forgotten her purse in the car. He takes a reverse. Alia spots the spider crawling towards her, sniffing for her.

Shekhar tries Alia’s number but it couldn’t connect. Alia watches the spider leave the corridor and was relieved. To her shock, the spider approached her from the opposite side. She runs towards the outer door but all doors were locked. The spider had entrapped Alia in the corridor.

There, Sabrina thinks she must take the heart to Vishaila before it gets useless. A bald man brings photos to Sabrina and holds the heart box for her. Sabrina tears the photos and shouts that he is useless, none of these photos have the symbol. The man insists he isn’t useless. Sabrina asks if he wants some other work, then throw all the useless furniture of the house outside. He abides by and gather all the servants.

Alia cries and prays for help. She was locked into the room while the spider attempts to enter. Aditya had reached the lab and enters the building. He senses something was wrong in here watching all the chaos. He looks around for Alia.
The spider now hit the door to break it. Alia screams and hides herself behind a couch. Aditya follows her scream. The spider was about to attack Alia. Aditya was terrified of the gigantic spider, then thinks Alia must remain safe. He decides to take the attention of the spider. Alia requests Aditya to save her. he throws the purse over the spider but to no use. Aditya throws something else over the spider, then runs across the corridor with a cylinder. The spider followed Aditya. He rolls the cylinder to the spider and throws a lit lighter. The cylinder bursts, the spider shattered to pieces while Aditya fells backward due to explosion. Alia runs to hug Aditya. Both share intimate moment with each other. Alia was crying. Aditya assures they are fine and alive. Aditya and Alia sit together, Aditya was convinced that something is supernatural. Alia says she caught a similar spider earlier as well, it’s some black magic must powerful. It’s the source of that powerful mysterious poison. Aditya says this isn’t normal.

Sabrina brings the heart to Vishaila and says it’s the heart of another doctor. She gives him the news about Vishera’s capture. Alia will soon be end. She will now find the man.

The furniture of the house had been loaded in a truck. The bald man scolds the service man that mirrors are prohibited here. He sends it away. Vishera thinks he is out of Vishaili’s house, and will soon be out of the captured mirror as well.

PRECAP: The bald man tells Sabrina about sending away the mirror in her wardrobe as well. Sabrina slaps him and tells him to find that mirror now. In the car, Alia was afraid that Abhi must have faced the same what Mohit and Siddhartha did.

Update Credit to: Sona

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