My Best Memories With You (Kaanchi) Chapter 6

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The Mehendi ceremony was also celebrated with great pomp . Isha and Pragya were also present as they got a special leave for attending the ceremony . They were dancing like the people affected by dancing plague .
Pragya started singing .Pragya stopped and Isha started Singing .Isha Pragya and Kusum force Sanchi and Kabir and they finally dance passionately . They were very close to each other .The end the dance with a passionate pose . Kabir had lifted Sanchi in his arms at the end of the dance .
The Mehendi function ended and Sanchi and Kabir went to their respective rooms . Sanchi went to her room with red eyes . One can say that she had been crying vigorously for hours . She sat down on bed and looked at her hands filled with Mehendi designs . A single drop of tear skipped her eyes and fell on her palm .

**I wonder things would have been different Kabir ! I did not expect it to happen this way . **

” I think I should go to the terrace ! I guess I’ll feel better ..” wondered Sanchi and went to the terrace . She stood at a corner and was staring at the moon .

*How Golden were those days !! How I used come to terrace and lie down there for hours for star watching .. I didn’t even know how I sleep while watching the stars . In the morning I would find myself on the bed . I miss you Maa and Papa ! Why did you leave me so soon ? My life is really complicated now * Sanchi was reminiscing her childhood moments when she was disturbed from her chain of thoughts .

” You should have slept, right ? Tomorrow you have duties . ” adviced Kabir

” Just came here for star watching ! You know it was my favourite passtime in my childhood ” said Sanchi

” I sometimes tried to watch the stars . I always had a neck pain in return ” said Kabir in a complaining manner

” That’s because you don’t know the right way to watch the stars . Let me show you ” said Sanchi

Sanchi picked some clothes which were to dry and spread the cloth on the floor . She evenly spread the cloth on the floor .

” Lay down here ! ” Sanchi ordered

Both of them layed down side to side . Both of them gazing at the star filled sky .

” You know I never gazed at the stars this way ” said Kabir

” The perspective of viewing different things always varies from person to person . Once you get the right perspective, you feel the thing is right ” said Sanchi

” You must have had a lot of fun during your childhood, right ? ” asked Kabir diverting the topic

” Yes ! A lot of fun .. I miss eating ice cream which Papa never forgets to bring for me . I miss playing hide and seek with kids of our neighborhood . I miss the fights over a small packet of chocolate I and Sunny have . I miss sitting on Papa’s shoulder and then asking Sunny to pass me different things only to annoy me . I miss my college days where I , Pragya and Isha hanged out in coffee shops and movie threatres . I miss eating golgappa . I miss having Bhel puri and Sev puri with Maa . I’m missing everything . Those were the golden moments of my life ” replied Sanchi teary eyed

” Everyone’s childhood are golden ” said Kabir

” But mine was a special one . Anyways, would you mind if I ask you for something with you ” said Sanchi

” Ya Sure ! No offence ” replied Kabir

” These days have been so uncomfortable and complicated for me . I just want a little vacation . Somewhere far away from this place ” said Sanchi hesitantly .

” You don’t need to ask me for it ! I mean you tell me the place and I’ll book tickets for you , Isha and Pragya ” said Kabir supportively .

Sanchi looked at him amazed . She was waiting for him to reply her unasked question.

” What ? Obviously you would not like to go with me .. you want to stay away from complications right ?” said Kabir explaining her .

” No ! We can go together, if you really want to go with me .” said Sanchi clearing his doubt

” What about Odisha ? We can enjoy a lot there . We will be getting a lot of new things and all . New culture and new customs .” Asked Kabir

“Hmm ! Good idea ” exclaimed Sanchi

” So we’ll do the duty tomorrow ! And then one week in paris and then back here … Two days before our wedding ..Is it ok ? ” asked Kabir

” Yes ! Its perfectly fine ” replied Sanchi

” It’s already late now ..I think I should go to sleep ” said Kabir .

” Ya ! I’m also coming .. Tomorrow we have duties ” said Sanchi .

The next day it was a bright day for both Kabir and Sanchi . It was a day like no other . The birds were chirping happily . The trees were swaying in anticipation to the wind and why not ? Afterall It was the season of love . Sanchi’s very first step towards Kabir . Let’s hope they end up as a happy couple .

Sanchi woke up early in the morning . She was feeling good today . She didn’t what is the reason of the unknown smile that curved her lips today . She had a new energy and a lot of new hopes . Maybe it’s because she’s going to Odisha and she is excited .She was humming a sweet tune and got ready to go to hospital .

Kabir in the same way was also feeling very good and cheerful . For the first time , he was feeling eternally peaceful . He could not express it in words. He quickly got ready and went downstairs . There he saw Sanchi sitting and having her breakfast .

” Good Morning Kabir ! C’mon ! It’s Ham and Cheese Sandwich ; your fav !! ” Squeaked Kusum

” Yes ! and Maa makes it really tasty . I’m delighted ” said Sanchi as she was munching a piece of sandwich hungrily .

“Hmm ! Maa, you have magic in your hands … I love you ” appreciated Kabir

” Aww ! You say that everytime you eat Ham and Cheese sandwich ” said Kusum with a smile .

“Maa ! We’re leaving for the hospital .. ” informed Sanchi

” Sure ! Come home soon ” yelled Kusum from the kitchen.

Both of them carried on and went to the car . They sat in the car and drove to SDCH . Both of them entered into the hospital . Everyone turned around and looked at them with a smile . Kabir gave a cold glare to all of them and they continued their work .

After an hour or two of hectic working, Sanchi went to the cafeteria area to get a coffee when Isha and Pragya came rushing to her.

” Miss Fernandez is stuck in the store room and bleeding badly . Go and rescue her ” said Pragya to Sanchi

” What ? Pragya, keep the stretcher and other necessary things ready .” screamed Sanchi .

After Sanchi goes to the record room . Isha and Pragya highfive rush to the other side of the corridor to Dr.Kabir’s cabin .

” Dr.Kabir !! Miss Fernandez is stuck in the store room and bleeding badly . Go and rescue her” said Isha huffing falsely .

” Okay ! I’m going ..just make sure everything is ready when I come back for treatment ” said Kabir and hurried to the record .

Isha and Pragya giggled at his back and went after him secretly . Once Kabir entered into the room ,they both locked the door and did a high five .Kabir entered into the store room

“Miss Fernandez ! Where are you? ” Shouted Kabir

“Miss Fernandez ! Where are you? “Shouted Sanchi which echoed in Kabir’s ears

” Sanchi ! Is that you ? ” shouted Kabir

“Kabir !! Where are you ? I’m near cupboard 45 I guess…. it’s so dark here ” replied Sanchi

“Wait there ! I’m coming .. Somebody closed the door … we’re stuck here ” said Kabir

Kabir somehow managed to go to Sanchi . Now, both of them were together.

” We need to find a way out ” said Sanchi

” Hmm ! Do you have your mobile ? ” asked Kabir

” Obviously ! I have my mobile ” said Sanchi confidently

” Then why are you stuck here, stupid !! Call someone for help ” shouted Kabir

” Hey ! I’m not stupid .. You are stupid should have asked first ” counterbacked Sanchi

” Okay ! Now, stop quarelling with me and call someone ” said Kabir

” There is no network ” replied a disappointed Sanchi ..

Sanchi stepped a few paces forward in search of net work . She was walking in the dark . She hit with the stand of a steel almirah and started bleeding .

” Ouch ! My foot ” winced Sanchi

” Why are you doing stupid things like this ? Did you hurt your foot ? ” said a concerned Kabir

” I was not doing stupid things . I was just searching for the phones network. ” said Sanchi angrily

Kabir made Sanchi sit on a drum nearby . He examined her foot which was bleeding . He quickly went to the cupboard nearby and took out bandages . He perfectly bandaged her wounds . She was looking at him in a confused manner . Just when a ward boy opened the store room . Kabir and Sanchi got very happy as if they got any treasure . They went out of the room .

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