You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-5)

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Ritik stopped the car in front of shivanya’s  house . shivanya stepped out . she kept on going . she wanted him to say something . she waited as she walked


Shivanya turned back excitedly

Ritik : take care

Shivanya smiled at him

and turned to go

Ritik : shivanya

Shivanya : what ?

Ritik : tomorrow is my birthday ,i usually dont do anything  grand

, this time too its the same , i mean , just me , my brother my sister and my parents , if you dont have anything important to do tomorrow will you be able to join us ?

Shivanya thought for a second . she had a recording tomorrow , but she could of course pre-pone it to morning .

Shivanya : of course i can ritik , but…i mean i dont know where your house is

Ritik : i will text you that

Shivanya : but how ?

Ritik : by…oh , take my number

and he gave her his number

Ritik : will await your presence

Shivanya smiled and went inside . she tried to sleep but could not . she kept thinking about ritik , she knew , she had fallen totally for ritik . unknowingly she smiled

Suddenly abhi entered the room

Shivanya was still smiling

Abhi waved his hand in front of her . she did not move , he went on and took her favourite teddy bear from her bed , she would have screamed by now but no , she did not do that .

Abhi : shivanyaaa!!! he screamed in her ears

Shivanya finally realised abhi was sitting there .

Abhi : i am here for the past 5 minutes

Shivanya : oh i did not realise  that…

Abhi : what were you thinking so intently

Shivanya : nothing…

And she went away .weird , abhi thought and he too went to bed

The next day….

Mrs.bhalla was doing arti . ritik came and hugged her.

Ritik : all this is for me ?

Mrs.bhalla : ofcourse its for you my handsome son

Raman came there, “ happy birthday ritik” he told and hugged him .

Pragya came smiling

. she hugged ritik : happiest birthday bhai , keep smiling


Abhi was about to leave to hospital when his dadi stopped him : you are not going anywhere today ok ?

Abhi : but why?

Dadi : i got a marriage proposal for you

Abhi: so?

Ishita : dadi wants you to meet that girl today in a coffee shop

Abhi : but my appointments for today…

Ishita : they are all cancelled

Abhi : but how , until i say they dont get cancelled

Ishita : but if your sister says  that you  wanted to cancel all the appointments then its possible

Abhi : why are you so keen in troubling me every time ishita ?

Ishita : because…i like doing that….

And laughed

dadi : now stop your fight and abhi please for me you see that girl once , just for me , once

abhi : ok dadi , just for you

After some time

Abhi : i dont want to get married

Shivanya : but dadi wants you to get married na ?

Abhi : so ? she cares for me ,  but i care for myself too , i dont want to get married

Shivanya : what are you going to do now , its 9:30 , you told dadi you will be at the coffee shop by 10 to meet the girl

Abhi : ishita did whatever dadi told now she will do what i say..

to be continued…


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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow ritik invited shivanya 4 his b’day party n shivanya thinking of him.cant wait 4 the b’day party.though simple i found abhi shivanya scene all want abhi to go n meet the it pragya?exciting.cute pics

  2. superb update

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