Are you really PREGNANT ? ( Kanchi OS )

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I thought to repost and continue all those stories I wrote months ago .


“Mr.Kabir Kapoor, do it now ” Saanchi literally screamed her lungs out to him ..
For the first time in his 5 years of married life , kabir was scared , he was actually trembling. Saanchi used his full name with the prefix only when she was so angry that she could kill him. Trying to gulp a bit of his fear , he tried to plead “Saanchi.. we can’t do it ”
“What the hell do you mean , we can’t ? I want it right now ” Before she could complete , he interjected , “Please Saanch , try to understand , I can’t do this ”
Saanchi’s eyes widened almost to saucer size and she asked “I can see you completely ready and I am more than ready ever in my entire life , what the heck do you want me to understand ?”
“Saanchi.. please , its not the right time ” he appealed.
“Ha Ha ” she let out the most sarcastic laugh he had ever heard “Right time , from when did you start thinking about time ?” she asked.
“Saanchi, see you are ” She beat him to complete his sentence “Yes I am pregnant , but for god sake I am just 1 month pregnant ” she shrieked.
“Ya , but it may not be safe , you know ” he wiggled his eyebrows.

She clutched the pillows on her sides to calm her nerves . She took a deep breath and looked straight in his eyes with all the intensity she had “Kill me now ”
“Saanchi don’t use such words ” came the immediate reply.
Saanchi could do nothing with her jaw hanging in air . She hit the back of her head on the bed headboard and closed her eyes for a moment.
“I so much want you inside me , right now “she spoke under her breath.
Here she is lying naked on the bed and her equally naked husband was just hovering over her a few minutes back. Both were totally turned on to an extent that she could almost feel the part of the bed between her thighs a bit wet and he goes on to say that he can’t do it.
Her eyes opened with so much fury and desire that , for a moment kabir felt he should just run.
“Frist of all , the baby is not yet developed the ears , baby is just a seed in me.”She tried controlling her breathing , but no use “Damit !! I am pregnant , not untouchable , wait I am not un-insertable ” Before Kabir could voice his reply , she continued “Don’t you argue that there is no such word ”
He looked at her for a long moment and “Seeing your violent streak , I seriously have my doubts on that pregnancy test strip. Are you really pregnant , Saanchi?” he asked innocently unaware of what he was doing to the woman waiting for him.
“Shut the hell up ” she barked. Not giving him a chance to even react , she put forward her hand around his neck ,pulled him with a new bound force and shoved him on the bed below her and straddled him hard ,caging his hands above his head and growled like a tigress in wild , while he winced at the sudden attack initially but let go as passion took them over the edge.

“Kabir , you are the biggest jerk , I have met. ” Saanchi shouted sitting on her bed .
In response to her anger ,she simply heard a groan , then a deep cough and then the sound of throwing up.
“Ewww ” she made a disgusted face hearing that. “I don’t understand why you can’t for once listen to me and agree.” she went on ranting.
Again she heard a heavy breathing and then there was a bit of silence for sometime,but it was momentary and the whole cycle began again.
“Serves you right Mr.Kabir Kapoor ” she said closing her ears to the horrible sounds coming from the washroom.
Finally after what seemed like ages , an exhausted and disoriented Kabir emerged from the washroom , wiping his face with a towel, he came and slumped on the bed next to Saanchi.
They had come from the party and since then , he had been puking. He had guzzled at least 10 bottles of drinks and Saanchi was not sure how many starters and sweets he had gobbled. A stupid reason he gave was that , since Saanchi couldn’t have them , he was just having it on behalf of her.
Saanchi gently brought his head on her lap, caressed his hair and his cheek “kabir, I just wanted to have a bit of drinks, maybe just to wet my throat ”
Even in that worn-out state , with his eyes closed , he could fight back “No Saanchi .. I have read it in that book , no alcohol during this time .. ”
She rolled her eyes .. “You and that stupid book of yours .. ” She couldn’t help but be amused at her husband. From the time he had known that she was pregnant , he had read almost anything and everything related to pregnancy enem though he was a doctor. He was literally the walking talking encyclopedia of do’s-don’ts of pregnancy. From what she ate , to what she wore , to what she read , to what she talked , he kept a watch on her. She couldn’t help feel that he even monitored her thoughts. Sometimes he was intolerable but he was cute . She smiled.
“Its not stupid .. its one of the most read and widely known book .. What to expect when expecting .. “he had prepared himself by reading all the books on pregnancy available so that he is aware of the whole process and he can help Saanchi anytime with anything ..

She couldn’t help but smirk .. “Oh yeah .. who is expecting here, me or you ? ”
“Of course you ” he slowly opened his eyes .. and looked in her eyes ..
“So even I know a bit about my body .. its just my 3 rd month , a bit of alcohol is ok .. your child won’t turn out to be a drunkard because of that .. ” she scowled a bit ..
“Ok ..Ok .. tomorrow you can have some .. ” he didn’t want to spoil her mood .. the party had been thrown by his friends for them .. and she had been really happy since evening .. of course he had spoiled everything now with his vomiting ..
“Here , have some lime water .. you will feel better ” she handed him the glass.
“No ways .. ” he twitched his nose .. “Nothing could go in that growling stomach of mine now. ”
“Just have it .. and then take a tablet ” she said sternly .. and of course he wouldn’t deny anything to her .. so he drank it meekly ..
She made herself comfortable with pillows behind her back and then very lightly patted his forehead trying to lull him to sleep ..
“Saanchi .. you know that book says that during this time , most of the pregnant ladies have nausea , vomiting , head ache and uneasiness .. ” he spoke as he suddenly remembered about these indications which he had never seen in Saanchi ..
“So ?” Saanchi questioned him ..
“No .. I was just wondering .. how come you didn’t have any of these symptoms .. ”
“Ya .. but its good for me na ?” she happily grinned and continued “Even Ma didn’t have such nausea etc neither did Dadi.. I am so happy ” she quipped smilingly ..
Seeing Kabir quiet she frowned and looked at him “What are you thinking ?”
” I was wondering .. ” he rubbed his chin ” are you really pregnant ?” he asked her thinking deeply about the situation ..

A shocked Saanchi’s eyes widened and then she smacked on kabir’s head and this time it was hard ..
“I am .. I am sorry .. you know I just had this little question ” Kabir made a puppy face and said ..
“Just keep these silly little questions of yours to yourself .. ” she spoke glaring at him .. “You embarrassed me in front of my Gyneac also by asking her if she was sure that I was pregnant .. ” She glowered at him “For god sake , she is a doc and you are too.. and you know what kabir .. you are mad ”
“Oh sorry Baby ” he again gave his cute pout to melt Saanchi ..
But , it had no effect .. “Stop babying me .. ” she shoved him a bit .. but not too hard ,which made him smile ..
“You were ,are and will always remain my baby ” he slowly came forward and gave a kiss on her tummy making her instantly smile ..
He came on her side and cupped her face and kissed her forehead and pulled back “I will be back in a minute ”
After a few minutes , he entered their room with a glass of fruit juice with a little hard drink .. “Here , as of now you can have this .. but this is the last time ,mind you .. ” he raised his eyebrow .. “You start having again only after you stop br*ast feeding the baby”
Saanchi didn’t know whether to mock at her suddenly Doctor husband or to blush at the mention of the sensitive topic or be just happy by sipping the deep red liquid ..
She simply shook her head and smiled heartily at her lovingly husband , as she sipped the few sips which were allowed to her by her over-protective husband “Hmm ” she sighed ” I love you , Kabir” She cooed ..
“I love you Saanchi .. ” he smiled seeing her beautiful smile. He could see a few subtle changes in Saanchi and he just loved it.
And then they both spoke at the same time .. “We love you , baby ” she keeping her hand over her belly and he covered her hand with his …

After completing his work early , a partly drenched Kabir walked into his mouth-watering aroma filled house .. he only needed to jog to his kitchen to catch the beautiful sight which he longed to see from morning ..
Today was the first rain of the season .. It was cloudy and had been drizzling the whole day .. From his office window he could only imagine his cute pregnant wife having the cravings for onion rings .. He knew pregnant ladies had this cravings during this time of stuff which they either loved or hated the most .. and Saanchi just loved onion rings on any rainy day ..
And seeing his wife frying the onion rings confirmed that the book which he referred for all the pregnancy related questions was true ..
He smiled and called her softly “Saanchi ” from the door ..
She turned instantly ,with a surprise and happy look on her face “Hey .. you are early .. ” she remarked ..
“Hmm .. I know ” he came and wrapped his hands gently around her rounded belly and kissed her lips as she half turned towards him and then buried himself kissing her neck . “Someone is carving for yummy finger licking food ” he asked huskily ..
“No .. ” came her pat reply .. which actually made him pull back with a jerk .. “What ?” he asked confused ..
“I mean , I made these for you .. ” she replied as she arranged the onion rings on the plate and turned and presented it to him .. “I will have just one .. ” she picked one and munched and smiled at him ” Its yum ”
kabir could never imagine his Kria to Saanchi her first love which was food .. yes she loved food more than him too .. he had a hard time but finally he had convinced himself that fact.
kabir was staring at her disbelievingly .. he knew she was eating perfectly as per her diet plan , neither too much nor too less . Just healthy food . But still every pregnant lady had cravings , the book said so , he debated in his mind.
He took the plate and kept it on the kitchen counter and gently took her to the living room and made her sit on the sofa ..

He sat on the floor .. “Saanchi .. don’t you really get this food pangs .. or sudden cravings to eat something ?” he asked her solemnly ..
She shook her head in negative “No”
“Saanchi .. are you alright .. I mean do you feel bad about it .. ”
Again “No ..” she replied calmly ..
He just couldn’t understand this woman in front of him .. she was the same woman who had once made him go out of the house at midnight to buy her favorite ice cream because he had by mistake eaten the last bit and forgotten to ask her if she wanted ..
“Saanchi .. are you going through depression ” he asked worriedly “You know the book says ”
But , before he could complete , she hit him with a cushion “Enough of your book gyan , I am fine . Doc has asked me to eat sweets and other things in limit . I am just following her diet. That’s it. I am completely happy and I feel great .” she cupped his face “Satisfied ?” she asked smilingly ..
“I seriously have some doubts about your being pregnant ” he blurted out without thinking , too occupied thinking how come whatever written in the book is not happening with Saanchi , not even realizing the angry glare coming his way ..
He came out of his thoughts only when she pulled his ears hard.. ” I feel like kicking you out of the house .. no no before that I will kick that stupid book of yours out ” she muttered angrily and left for her room ..
But, one thing he was sure and no book was required to tell him that, his Saanchi was seriously turning into a mother from a wife.

Kabir literally flew from the airport to home .. he had to be away from town for 4 weeks for some urgent business work which he just couldn’t postpone .. He had been missing her and the baby very badly .. she was approaching her 9th month and he knew that the due date was near .. he had decided he would cut down all his work and be at home with her by her side ..
As he walked up to his bedroom with apologies ready on his lips , he was stunned to see the most divine sight .. he couldn’t help as tears formed in the corner of his eyes ..
“Daddy .. come soon .. Baby and Mommy are missing you .. right Baby ? ” Saanchi was talking to the baby with his and Saanchi’s photo frame in one hand and the other hand caressing her bloated tummy ..
“Aah .. ” she winced .. but smiled .. “Baby .. I know you hear me .. you understand me .. ” she said gently placing her fingers on the part of the tummy where she felt the kick .. “Daddy loves you .. but he had some work .. so he was away .. ”

Again she felt another kick .. “Hmm .. I know you are angry , my little one .. but he will be soon here .. ” stroking the other part of her tummy …
“Saanchi .. ” Saanchi instantly looked up as she heard a choked up voice of kabir .. she smiled whole heartedly and gestured him to come close to her by her hand ..
He rushed to her side .. and she placed his hand on her tummy where she could feel the baby’s movements ..
Tears fell from Kabir’s eyes .. he had felt the kicks before too .. but he felt very guilty for not being with Saanchi and the baby for the last 4 weeks .. every time he felt the tiny kick , it was like getting closer to the baby .. everything felt so magical ..
Then he looked at the relaxed but a little tired face of Saanchi .. he gently touched her cheek with the back of his hand .. she had this gorgeous glow on her face .. her hair looked shinier .. her skin looked pink and healthy ..
He slowly cupped her face into his hands and kissed her passionately ..
Saanchi immediately responded as she too had been yearning for this moment .. she brought him closer to herself by pulling him by his hair ..
They nibbled on each other’s lips hungrily .. desperate to show the other how much they had missed this touch .. he moved his hand soothingly on Saanchi’s back .. his other hand holding her close to him but not pressing her too hard on to him so as not to hurt her or the baby .. They relished each other’s tastes as their tongues happily danced to their own tune ..

He made sure not to make Saanchi breathless and continued kissing her giving her gaps to take in air but at the same time making sure that he was pleasuring and exciting her ..
Finally when he heard her sigh , he gently pecked her slightly swollen lips ..
Seeing her smile , he kissed her nose .. “ are not angry with me na ?” he asked nervously ..
“No .. why should I be ?” she asked him confused ..
“I mean .. I left you and the baby alone .. ”
She didn’t let him complete his sentence .. “We were not alone , kabir .. my mom was with me .. ”
“You know , I was supposed to come last week , but my work got extended by one more week , so I thought you would have this massive mood swings and would throw a fit ” he again said fearfully ..
“Kabir , we talked every day on phone , I loved it. Kabir, in fact I was very happy .. Mom was with me all the time. ” she adjusted herself to place her head on his shoulders .. “You know every girl wishes that her delivery is done where her Mom is present .. but since doc has advised me not to travel , she had come to spend time with me. ”
“Ya .. I feel really good that both our moms were there to take care of you at this time ..” he smiled contently cuddling her more into him .. his one hand playing over her tummy ..
“You know Saanchi .. whatever I read in the book .. almost nothing is coming true regarding you ”
She looked up at him questioningly ..

“I thought you would be so angry with me for leaving you and the baby alone .. you might not talk to me for days or something .. you might cry buckets or you might ignore me ” he ran his fingers in his hair ” I also thought you would have these mood swings where in you might go in depression on some days or you would be elated on some days .. but nothing seems to be happening .. ” he spoke loosing into his own thoughts ..
“So now come on , ask what you are dying to ask me ?” Saanchi spoke sternly ..
He looked at her with a confused look ..
“I am sure you would ask .. Saanchi are you really pregnant ?” she imitated him the way he had previously asked her ..
He bit his tongue in embarrassment.. “Of course not , I wouldn’t ask that after seeing your tummy which looks like a football ” and then his eyes widened in realization of what he just spoke .. “Oops .. Saanchi ..I am sorry .. I really am .. I really didn’t mean to say that ..I mean your tummy is big .. no … its huge .. but not like a football .. no no ” he stammered and flustered with words nervously , only to stop when he saw his Saanchi laughingly whole heartedly at him ..
“Why are you laughing .. ?” he asked sheepishly ..

She stopped and took a deep breath .. “You know Kabir .. sometimes you are such an idiot .. ” Kabir frowned at her comment and then she added ” but a cute one” she pecked his lips and smiled ..
“But seriously Saanchi.. don’t you feel bothered about your weight or maybe feel insecure ? I remember when you were not pregnant , you would keep asking me while trying any new dress .. Kabir am I looking fat ?” he asked in astonishment .. he really couldn’t understand his wife and her thoughts .. she had changed so much in these 9 months.
“kabir , you are right , I have come a long way from what I was to what I am now. I used to freak out so much if I thought I looked fat in a dress or something .. but now I am proud of myself .. I know I have put on weight , but it’s appropriate for the weeks of the pregnancy I am in .I do yoga or go for walks to remain as much active as possible so I have a normal delivery. I know my body is already taking the physical stress of bearing a new life , I get tired easily , I can’t walk for long or run up the stairs , with all this I seriously can’t afford to take mental tension of how many inches are increasing on my waist or my hips. I know I will try to come back to my previous self after delivery but there is time for that. As of now I want my baby to be happy , content and secure inside me. I love myself , I know for all these years I used to look good for you but for once I want it for my baby .Doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.” She smiled lovingly and caressed his cheek .

“Saanchi , you were right , I am an idiot . You have matured so much and look at me , I am still as stupid as can be.” He couldn’t help but admit it aloud.

“No you are not. I felt these feelings grow inside me as the baby grew in me. Otherwise who else knows the previous me, other than you ?” she winked and he nodded. “I am sure when you will hold the baby in yours arms you will feel this too.” She assured him.

“I am so proud of you Saanchi .. I love you , I love you so much.” He pecked her cheeks.

“I love you too” closing her eyes blissfully.

“And baby ” He huskily said burying his face in her hair to inhale her scent and then chuckle as she replied “Please not again ” she rolled her eyes.

“I love my curvy baby ” he smirked as his one hand travelled to her round fleshy bottom , squeezing it softly , the other hand fondling her mounds and his rough lips capturing her soft ones into a passionate kiss.

After an hour of holding her sweaty hand constantly , consoling her , encouraging her to push , pouring out all the strength he could provide in a few words like “Love you baby” , “Baby you can do it” ,”Baby I am with you” and of course not to forget hearing her screams and grunts and groans , in the labor room , Kabir thanked god for making him a man as he was absolutely sure he can never go through something like this ever, ever in his life.

But within a minute everything changed when their bundle of joy , wrapped in a pink towel was placed in his arms. He could simply look at his baby in awe with tears forming in his eyes. He kissed her forehead gently and then looked at Saanchi
He blinked and nodded to Saanchi
He came forward and kissed Saanchis lips softly .. ” Love you, baby ” overwhelmed with emotion .

At that instant she knew he felt everything what she had been going through for the past 9 months .

Oops !!! Maybe she was a bit too eager to state that ,he had matured because when he opened his mouth , Saanchi could only let her jaw fall and eyes going wide “Saanchi , can we make another baby ?” He asked with utmost innocence and pleading looks. ..

“Shut up ” she rolled her eyes and then lay on the bed with her head relaxed buried in the soft pillows ,as her lips curled into a sweet smile imagining Kabir reading books on what to expect when raising a child and making another one too.

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