My Best Memories With You (Kaanchi) Chapter 4

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Kabir : By the way, you don’t need to call me Dr.Kabir ! Call me just Kabir like you were calling me last night . Are you fine with that ?

Sanchi : Umm..Dr.Kabir ! Today is a important surgery , you know..So, get ready.. I’m going for now and we’ll meet in the hospital  (she said changing the topic )

Kabir : You still didn’t answer my question Sanchi !

Sanchi : Get ready KABIR!! (She said emphasizing her last word)

Kabir : No need to go , You can get ready here !

Sanchi : There are no clothes here

Kabir :You can borrow something from Maa …whatever it is you get ready here …I don’t wanna get late

Sanchi : Ok fine !
Sanchi unwillingly stayed at Kabir’s house . She went to Kusum to ask her for something to wear after freshening up .

” Maa ! ” She called hesitating

“Yes Sanchi ! What happened dear ?” Kusum replied lovingly keeping her hand on her shoulder

“Maa, actually I needed something to wear to go to hospital .So, do you have anything ” she said looking at her doubtfully

” Ok ! There’s a new salwar suit with me can wear it ” she said while she opened the cupboard .

“Thank you Maa ! ” Sanchi said while receiving the suit

Sanchi went to the washroom to freshen up and came out wearing the suit given to her by Kusum. Kabir at the same time came out from his room

“Maa ! I’m hungry, where’s the breakfast ?’ asked Kabir

“Just wait for five minutes ” yelled Kusum from the kitchen

Soon they were sitting in the dining room and having breakfast . There was only the sound of spoons clanking with the plate .

” Kabir ! I have thought something ” told Kusum .

” Yes ! Whatever you want, we’ll do ” assured Kabir

” Our relatives including me want your marriage to be done in two weeks from now and no excuses . This wedding should be done after two weeks afterall you both look happy with each other . ” ordered Kusum

“Maa ! We’re getting late for the hospital, we will discuss about it in detail when we come back ” said Kabir while getting up from the chair .

” As you wish but the wedding is final and we cannot postpone it ” reminded Kusum

Kabir and Sanchi went to sit in the car . Sanchi was still in shock about the wedding thing . There was a pindrop silence . Kabir decided to break the ice .

“Umm … I’m sorry about that ,I don’t know what made Maa say all about this ? ” said Kabir in a soft tone

Sanchi gave no reply . She was still staring out of the window . After some time of silence, they reached the hospital continued their duties in awkwardness . Finally after four hectic and complicated surgeries, their day ended . Kabir thought to talk to Sanchi in private . So they went to a coffee shop . They were sitting there . Kabir decided to break the ice

” Sanchi ! I will do something about this thing I promise , Trust me ” said Kabir in a reassuring tone

” Trust you ? The last time I trusted you , I remember I heard Kusum aunty speaking to us about our marriage . Now, you want me to trust you again ? For what ? If I trust you this time , I’m sure we’ll end being a husband and wife . Didn’t we discuss that if we ever be together it will be after I be successful in my career as I became a senior doctor just a couple days back ? And what you were saying last night, friends ? Do you know what is the meaning of friend ? Friend my foot !! This Wedding must be also because of you . The whole hospital don’t know about our engagement and now suddenly we are married and I become SANCHI KABIR KAPOOR, the wife of great Kabir Kapoor ” Sanchi lashed out at Kabir .

” Sanchi ! I know you are stressed with all these ..calm down ” Kabir said while calming Sanchi down .

” I don’t want to talk about it .I want to go from here ” shouted Sanchi and stormed out of the coffee shop .

All the people kept staring Kabir while he passed a nervous smile and went out of the shop . He sat in the car and drove home . Sanchi went to the hostel and rushed into Isha and Pragya’s room . She had tears in her eyes . She pushed the door open .

Isha : Sanchi ! How come you are here ?

Pragya : What a surprise yaar ?

Sanchi broke down there . She was crying on vigorously . Pragya and Isha rushed to her . They tried to know the matter but all in vain .They closed the door and made her sit on the bed . Finally Sanchi spoke about all the nuisance she has faced . They try to console her and finally manage to put her to sleep .The next day, Isha and Pragya had gone to their duties while Sanchi was sleeping .

Sanchi woke up and found no one in the room . She found a note beside her . She quickly sat up on the bed and picked up the note .

” Good Morning Sanchi ! We have applied three daysleave for you and Don’t you dare come to duty . The breakfast is on the table . Get ready with the dress I kept beside you . Wait for us and when we come back we will have lots of fun
Isha?Pragya? ”

This constituted the note . Sanchi noticed the dress lying beside her . She quickly went to freshen up .

When Isha and Pragya came back from duty, they went to watch a fun did every possible thing to lighten Sanchi’s mood .Three days passed on like this . Kabir was also worried for Sanchi but did not show it . Sanchi was now calm and quite . The next day she went to resume her duties . As she entered into the everyone congratulated her and Nurse Fernandez informed her that Dr.Malholtra has called her . She hesitantly entered to into his cabin

Dr.Malholtra : Come Sanchi !

Sanchi : Yes Sir !

Dr.Malholtra: You have got a job offer from london

Sanchi : What ??

Sanchi’s happiness knew no bounds . She was literally jumping but composed herself .

Sanchi : Sir ! This is a great opportunity but I will let you know my decision later ..

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