Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein- chapter-38

The episoed starts at RATHORE MANSION..

Boys are bussy in the arrangements while ladies are into their makeup things..

Payal : Maya woh.. red dress is beautiful..

Naira : O ho badimom that’s so old fashion..

Maya : Di try these ( she shows an another dress)

Falguni : No.. thats not good..

Lucky and Yuvi were watching them..

Yuvi : Why do you girls take so much time…

Naira : Oh.. hello bhai.. you can’t just blame us on like that..

Maya : Haa.. Yuvi you boys only have to choose between casuals and formals but us..

Naira : We have to choose brtween salwar , Saree , lehenga and lot more..

Yuvi gives Naira a pitty look

Lucky smiles hearing Naira’s words and seeing yuvi face

Just then Vikram calls Yuvi and Lucky and they goes..

vikram : Lucky did you check arrangements for the haldi

Lucky : No..bade papa were..

Abhi : I have checked all..

Vikram : I didn’t ask you to do anything..

Abhi : But Maya is also..

Vikram also leaves from there without saying anything..


Anita : Anshuman have you checked all

Anshuman : Yes.. maa.. i have now don’t take tension..

Ayaan is shown running here and there and pakhi is following her..

Pakhi : Stop Ayaan you are making things difficult for me..

Anita : what happened why you two are running here and there..

Ayaan goes and sits with his dadi..

Pakhi : I am running behind him since morning.. tomarrow is gitu’s haldi and he haven’t even choose a dress..

Just then Twinkle and Sakshi enters..

Sakshi : Oh.. ayaan you haven’t choose one.. then how will you look handsome..

Twinkle and Pakhi huggs eachother..

Sakshi : What are the plannings for tomarrow..

Anita :Gitu’s and Arjun’s haldi will happen at  Hotel imperor

Anshuman : Abhi and Maya’s at Ratjore mansion..

Twinkle : But gitu di..

pakhi : She is upstairs..

Twinkle : Comeon ayaan ..

Twinkle and ayaan goes upstairs..

Gitu’s room..

Gitu is shown crying

Gitu (to herself) : I have thought of many ideas i had many dreams about my wedding but .. everything is not like i have expected.. God why are you doing this to me..

Just then she hears a knock on her door. Sje wipes the tears and opens the door..

Gitu : When did you come..

Twinkle : Just now..

They both enters her room..Ayaan directly jumps into Gitu’s bed..

Gitu : Ayaan get down from my bed..

Ayaan : No.. bua..

He starts jumping..

Gitu : Ayaan!!!

Ayaan(immitates Gitu) : Ayaan!!!

Twinkle and gitu and last smiles seeing Ayaan’s antics

  1. Please Post long episodes

  2. Superb as alwayz..cute scenes b/w lucky-yuvi-naira and maya..ohh felt bad for abhi he is still being ignored
    Gitu dear u dk abhi will give u all the happiness princess.
    Ayaan is such asweetheart.
    Post next part soon

  3. Jasminerahul

    naira yuvi laksh scene was funny.naira is right.we girls have lots of options.so choosing one is difficult while boys have only 2 options.ayaan pakhi scene was nice.poor geetu is so upset about her wedding.nice to see ayaan’s naughtiness making her smile.perfect pics.loved geetu’s pics a lot.but why ragini’s pic instead of twinkle’s pic at the end?

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