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Kunj stared at Twinkle. She was blaming herself for his mistake. He didn’t understand.

Kunj- You are absolutely right. It was all your fault. If you would have decided a little earlier that you were ready to sleep with me, you could have saved us both a lot. Dammit Twinkle, you are the worst wife ever. He said angrily.

Twinkle started to cry harder. She knew she deserved this. Everything Kunj said was true. She turned away feeling awkward crying so badly in front of Kunj.

Twinkle- Kunj said more gently- I am not as bad as what you think. I don’t believe all this. First of all, this is not your fault at all. I brought another woman at home, slept with her. It’s all my mistake. I am at fault. Second of all, I shouldn’t have pushed you so hard to sleeping with me. You needed time, I should have understood that and given you time. Third, that’s the most important fact, you are a great wife and I am really lucky to have you as my wife.

Twinkle turned around to face Kunj. If this is how he felt, then why had he exploded at her? Kunj took a step closer to her.

Kunj- You should not blame yourself for this. I didn’t mean to get angry at you. I just wanted to show you how foolish it all sounded. He said while wiping tears from her cheeks.

Twinkle- But, if I had given you what you wanted, then all this would have not happened.

Kunj- No Twinkle, don’t ever think that you are at fault. It was me who had committed such a big mistake. I am the only one who is at fault. He said and pulled Twinkle in his embrace. Twinkle tried to resist, but all she wanted at that moment was to feel better and being in Kunj’s arms she was feeling better.

Kunj said being in a same position-Let’s go home.

Twinkle agreed. The car ride was silent and Kunj didn’t know how to break that silence. Other side Twinkle was reluctant too. Once they were in the mansion Twinkle quickly made her to her room and Kunj was walking closely behind her. He grabbed her hand before she could go to her room. Twinkle stopped and looked at Kunj in confusion.

Kunj- My jacket. Kunj said while referring his coat of his tuxedo that was still wrapped around Twinkle.

Twinkle unwrapped the jacket and gave it back to Kunj. She turned again to go back in the direction where her room was when Kunj once again stopped her by grabbing her hand. She looked back at him, but this time he didn’t say anything. He merely looked at her.

Twinkle- Kunj.

Kunj- You look great in this dress. he said in his deep voice.

Kunj- Twinkle, you have no idea what you are doing to me right now. He was close enough to whisper into her ear.

Twinkle told herself that she was angry with Kunj and that she needed to stay mad at home, but he was making it so difficult.

Don’t- Twinkle tried to back away from him, but her legs refuse to budge.

Kunj- You look absolutely delicious, and I would love to have a taste of you. He whispered.

Kunj- Twinkle didn’t wanted this, or did she?

Kunj’s lips were on hers before she could get another word out. He backed her against the wall and slipped his arm around her waist, holding her close. His fingers caressed her lower back. Twinkle, overwhelmed with the passion, kissed him back even though she knew better. Kunj placed his other hand at the back of her dress, undoing the fastening that held Twinkle’s dress up. She felt the dress slipping and quickly pulled away from Kunj. She rushed to her bedroom before having a wardrobe malfunction in front of Kunj. Twinkle went in her closet with an intention to quickly change into something comfortable and reliable, but Kunj had followed her into her bedroom.

Twinkle- Kunj, please leave. She said as she saw him enter.

Kunj- You want this as much as I do. Admit it Twinkle. Kunj stepped closer.

Twinkle backed away, her hand firmly placed over her chest keeping her gown from slipping.

Twinkle- I… don’t.

Kunj- You can’t stay angry with me forever. He said sternly, then paused for a moment- Please don’t be mad at me forever. He said in a pleading tone.

Kunj walked up to Twinkle and kissed her again. His hands innocently rested on her waist. Twinkle pushed against his chest, trying to stop him, but she put little effort into her resistance. The feeling of his lips against hers was too much to bear. Kun turned her around and kissed her sensually down her back. It’s something he had been wanting to do all night. His lips lingered on her back before meeting her lips again. Just then Kunj’s phone rang. Kunj abruptly broke the kiss and pulled out his phone, irritated by the disruption. He took a look at the caller id and stepped away from twinkle.

Kunj- I have to take this call. He said before leaving the room.

What the hell do you want? Kunj said harshly once he reached his own bedroom.

Kunj! I need you tonight. Come to my house- Alisha slurred.

Kunj- Are you drunk?

Alisha- So drunk! Come to me. I need you.

Kunj- Shut the hell up and don’t call me again. I am not coming anywhere near you. Kunj screamed angrily.

Alisha- But… Kunj kept the phone before she could say anything more.

He went to Twinkle’s room back. She was shuffling her closet.

Kunj- Twinkle. She turned around with a surprised expression on her face as if Kunj had caught committing her crime.

Twinkle- Kunj, please go away. She knew she wouldn’t be able to control herself around him She didn’t want to slip up and do something that would lead Kunj to believe she had actually forgiven him.

Kunj- Will you please just give me a chance. You wore that for me, didn’t you? Obviously, you wanted my attention. Now I am giving it to you and you are resisting.

Twinkle- I didn’t want your attention. She said spitefully.

Kunj- Well, you didn’t dress like this for other men, or did you? Kunj asked in disbelief.

Twinkle stayed silent.

Kunj- Why the hell would you do that? Kunj said but was trying to control his anger.

Twinkle again remained silent.

Kunj- To get back at me? Was this your idea of getting revenge? Fine. Do whatever the hell you want. Kunj said before walking out of Twinkle’s room.

He was angry. Twinkle couldn’t believe it. She had only dressed provocatively and danced with one other man. What Kunj had done was far worse, yet he was angry on her. Kunj was angrily pacing in his room. What was Twinkle thinking? He wouldn’t be angry at her. She deserved to get revenge if that’s what she demanded a divorce of that’s what she wanted. Alisha’s call added to his anger, and he took it out all o Twinkle.

Twinkle changed into a comfortable night dress. She sat on the bed, thinking how angry Kunj was. She felt miserable. Maybe getting revenge was not the right way to go. She heard something ringing. She looked around and saw Kunj’s phone was there on her bed. He must have left it when he walked out of her room. She decided to answer it, thinking it might be of UV.

Twinkle- Hello?

Kunj! Please! Don’t you remember that beautiful night we spent together? Meet me at my place, and I promise tonight will be even better. Alisha said on the phone.

Tears kissed Twinkle’s cheek again. This was the woman Kunj had cheated on her with. He was still speaking to her, but he told her it was just one-time thing. Twinkle stood up and barged in Kunj’s room. She went in without knocking and threw his phone roughly at the wall. Kunj looked at her in surprise

Twinkle- Kunj said unsurely. She looked so angry at him.

Twinkle- YOU LIAR! You said it was only once. You said it was a mistake. She shouted at him.

Kunj- It was only once Twinkle. What is the matter?

Twinkle- SHE called. Tears were coming down on her face. She was angry and at the same time she was sad also.

Kunj- Twinkle, please calm down. I told her never to call me again. Whatever I had with her was over and done with that same night. Kunj tried explaining her.

Twinkle tried to contain her tears but the night had been too much for her.

Kunj- Twinkle, you have been crying all night. I am really sorry…. for everything. Kunj walked closer to her with an intention of taking her in her arms. He stood close to her, whether it was appropriate or not to comfort her.

Twinkle- Get away from me.

Kunj- Twinkle, please. He turned her so that she was facing him. He cupped her face and gently wiped away her tears with his thumb- I am so sorry.

Twinkle moved away from him and went back to her room without saying anything. Kunj sighed as he watched her leave. He looked at where his phone had fallen after Twinkle threw it. He picked up and dialed Alisha’s number with the intention of giving her a piece of mind.

Hello- Alisha’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

Kunj- Alisha, I never ever want to see you again. So, for God’s sake, don’t call me again. What happened that night was the biggest mistake of my life.

Alisha- Kunj, you are wrong. You enjoyed even more than me. We had s*x for God’s sake. And it was so much fun.

Kunj was about to answer her back when he heard a male voice.

What the hell did you just say? – The voice shouted- Who did you have s*x with?

Alisha- N… No one. I just…. I….

Kunj was on the other side of the phone. He knew it wasn’t appropriate to listen in on other’s conversation but he couldn’t put the phone down. It sounded like her husband Hiten had walked in on their conversation.

Don’t lie to me- The male voice shouted.

Alisha- I am not. We didn’t have s*x. I promise.

But you said…… Her husband countered.

Alisha- He thinks we did.

Hiten- And why would he think like that? Who is he? Her husband sounded calmer but still angry.

Alisha- No one he…. we hooked up one night.

Hooked up? Are you a college going girl that you hooked up with some one? What the hell happened? He asked his voice raising.

Alisha- Just fooled around when drunk. I told him we had s*x, so you could blackmail him later. He is a very rich businessman.

What? – Kunj said without thinking.

Hiten- What were you thinking? What if he comes around and blackmails me for having a sl*t as a wife? You should think before you act.

Kunj heard a loud sound followed by Alisha shouting. It seems like Alisha’s husband just hit her Kunj was shocked he just stood up at his place at what had just happened.

Kunj- Alisha, can you hear me? He said trying to talk to her but no answer came from the other side and before he could say another word the line was dead.

Kunj- Damn! Kunj cursed. He wondered if what she said was true or whether she was just trying to calm her husband down. He knew, as much as he hated her, he needed to meet her.

What happened last night. You both left early- Roshni asked Twinkle the next day.

Twinkle- I couldn’t do it.

Roshni- Couldn’t do what?

Twinkle- I couldn’t be s*xy. I can’t get revenge and all that I just can’t do it.

Roshni- Twinkle, you are s*xy. Don’t worry. Kunj will see one day.

Twinkle- It’s not about only being bold and s*xy, it’s about being a good wife.

Roshni- Twinkle, you are a good wife. Compared to that cheater, you are really a very good wife.

Twinkle- Roshni, she called last night.

Roshni- Who called?

Twinkle- The woman that Kunj…… you know that lady. Twinkle felt like crying as she was really sad that Kunj was still in touch with that woman with whom he cheated on her.

Roshni- What the hell? How do you know and how dare she call?

Twinkle- I answered the call.

Roshni- That bi**h.

Twinkle- Kunj had told me that it was only once but he has been still in taking terms with her.

Roshni- Twinkle, frankly speaking, I wouldn’t worry about it. You know, I can’ even digest the fact that Kunj can cheat on you. Once I understand can be a mistake but he is not the person who will keep on cheating on you again and again. He is not that bad person. Roshni didn’t know why she felt the need to defend Kunj. She was one who told Twinkle she needed to get revenge from Kunj, do something that will make Kunj jealous and realize his mistakes. She felt, however, that Twinkle would never forgive Kunj is she didn’t defend him in this moment.

Twinkle- You think so? She asked hopefully.

Roshni- Yes, I do so.

Kunj had left early that morning. He needed to go and checkup Alisha. He was sure her husband had hit her last night. He also needed to find out about that night as whatever she told her husband was the actual truth. He didn’t know where Alisha’s house was but he needed to find out. A part of him was worried that if her husband will find out him visiting her will create more problems. He called Alisha.

Hello- Alisha answered the call.

Kunj- I need to see you.

Alisha- Why now you want to see me?

Kunj- Are you at home?

Alisha- Yes.

Kunj- You husband is at home?

Alisha-No. She said and gave him her residential address and rushed to make herself more presentable.

Kunj rushed to her place went inside her house- Hey. He said when Alisha opened the door. She stepped aside to let Kunj inside her house.

Alisha- Hii. She said in her seductive voice, all ready to seduce Kunj.

Kunj ignored her and went inside her house- What happened last night? Are you ok? Kunj asked coming to the point.

Alisha- Of course why would I not be?

Kunj- you husband hit you. I heard on the phone.

Alisha was shocked- No he didn’t. You are mistaken.

Kunj- i heard. Kunj walked near her. He grabbed her forced her to come forward. She made a pout expecting Kunj will kiss her.

Kunj brushed his thumb o her cheek. Alisha shivered feeling his touch. She opened her eyes to see why he is taking so long to kiss her.

Kunj- I can see. Kun said angrily.

Alisha- It’s fine. I will live with that.

Kunj- Alisha, no one has the right to hit you.

Alisha- It doesn’t matter. Please come with me in my room. I will show you the best time you ever had.

Kunj- We are not doing anything. I am not going to betray my wife.

Alisha- But I need you Kunj.

Kunj who saw her with a stern expression- Alisha, whatever you said yesterday was that true?

Alisha- What I said?

Kunj- That we never had s*x that night?

Alisha- I…. no….. we had s*x Kunj, you remember right?

Kunj- Actually I don’t. It was true. Kunj never remembered doing anything with Alisha. He does remember kissing her and stripping her dress but he had no memory of having s*x with her.

Alisha- Kunj it was amazing. We were wild.

Kunj- Tell me in detail?

Alisha started explaining the details about that night. Some of the details didn’t make any sense for Kunj. She said few details that Kunj had never done in the bedroom. If they were wild Kunj would have remembered something about that night.

Kunj- We never had s*x, right? you lied to me?

Alisha- We had Kunj. I can’t believe you didn’t remembered anything.

Kunj- I never let any woman be on top. I like to be in control. Kunj said challenging some of the details she told him

Alisha- I like to be in control too.

Kunj- I passed out that night. That’s why I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember having s*x because we never had any.

Alisha- No, we did.

Kunj- Prove it.

Alisha- How?

Kunj- There is a birthmark I have that you can’t see right now. Where is it?

Alisha- I……. I don’t remember.

Kunj- You can’t miss it. It’s big.

Alisha- Oh, ya, now I remember., on your thigh.

Kunj- No.

Alisha- On you back yes, yes.

Kunj- No.

Alisha made few more guesses and she also guessed some intimate areas but couldn’t guess it right.

Alisha- C’mon Kunj, I can’t remember because we did it in dark. We did it under covers and i never saw you naked.

Kunj- Please Alisha, with your kind of woman I would show off rather than hiding. Kunj said with a smirk on his face. His mind started to wander to twinkle and how if they consummate their marriage, Kunj preferences in the bedroom would have to take a back burner as Twinkle was shy. He tried to focus on the current situation instead of twinkle at that time, but he as finding it difficult as his mind was continuously going on Twinkle.

Alisha- Kunj.

Kunj- Alisha, there is no such birthmark. Why the hell you let me believe that we had s*x that night. Just to trap me?

Alisha- No I didn’t know that you were so rich till you took me to your mansion. I just wanted to have fun. You were too drunk that night. I left after you passed out. I have been dying to get you on bed with me after that.

She was looking at Kunj with guilt on her face whereas Kunj was looking at her and was very angry.

Kunj- I told my wife that I had s*x with another woman. She hates me now. And what I actually did was a kiss and just took your dress off. This is so messed up.

Alisha- I am sorry. I just wanted to have some fun and a little affection. I thought I will be able to get that from you.

Kunj- Great! Thank you for ruining my marriage. Kunj said before walking out of Alisha’s house.

He hadn’t slept properly from the time this Alisha’s incident had happened. First, not telling Twinkle and the guilt was eating him and secondly after telling her, her anger and ignorance was eating him. But now, he was relaxed that he has not cheated Twinkle. He had not slept with another woman. He technically did cheat Twinkle, but not nearly to the extent that she believes and he was led to believe. Kunj was angry at Alisha for lying to him and also at himself for allowing things to go out of his hands. He thought that Twinkle will punish him not as severely as he thought so. He need to tell her as quickly as possible.

Twinkle- Kunj called her as soon as he reached his home and came out of the car- Twinkle, where are you?

Twinkle opened her door and came down. Kunj saw he and just wanted to grab her kiss her hard.

Kunj- I need to tell you something. You are going to be…… relieved, at least a little bit. He said after thinking and preferred not to say happy as no woman will be happy that her husband kissed another woman.

Kunj- I went to see Alisha, the woman I met that night. Remember yesterday you answered her call last night.

Twinkle with a hurt expression- You went to see her?

Kunj- Yeah, but it’s not what you are thinking. Her husband found out about that night. He hit her and I have to go and see her if she was ok or not. Twinkle, please don’t get angry. I had to, it was necessary. He waited to see her reaction to know if she was not angry.

When he saw that she was not angry he continued- She told he didn’t have s*x. I thought it was just to save herself from her husband but it’s true. I didn’t have s*x with her. I passed out before anything like that could happened. Twinkle……. I kissed her and took off her dress but did not sleep with her.

Twinkle- How can you be so sure, that she is not lying this time?

Kunj- Because she couldn’t describe how I am in the bedroom. Kunj said while smiling.

Twinkle looked down as when asked from her even she won’t be able to describe how Kunj is in the bedroom.

Twinkle- Ok. She said and turned to go back to her room.

Kunj grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. he placed both his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

Kunj- I know I still cheated on you. I made a mistake, but not that severe than what it was thought. Nothing happened between us Twinkle, please.

Twinkle paused for a second thinking what Kunj had just said and looked at Kunj and said- I don’t believe you Kunj. She said and left for her bedroom


What? What? What? Kunj didn’t sleep with Alisha?

I am so happy with that but why Twinkle didn’t believe to what Kunj told her? Will she believe him and will be ever able to forgive him?

I hope you like today’s episode and shower you love the same way you have showing.

Please share your views and hit like buttons.

Love you all.

Anusha, Kiya and Anaya Ali and Sia and for others who really wanted read the episode. 🙂

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