Muskaan 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan becomes a ragpicker

Muskaan 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum and Rakhi forcing Muskaan for work. Tabassum says work is like worship, did your mum not teach you, I will teach you. Suzaine asks her to pity Muskaan. Tabassum says she has to do the work if she has to stay here. Rakhi asks Muskaan to go now. Suzaine gets sad. Sujoy says I will go with Muskaan and help her, I will get beaten up by mum. Sapna helps him run. Rakhi catches him and takes him with her. Tabassum asks Ghosh to keep someone to spy on Muskaan, but she shouldn’t know about it. Ghosh agrees.

Muskaan picks the garbage. She feels sad. Aarti says I don’t care for myself, I just wish Muskaan stays fine. Muskaan gets a new dress and likes it. She says its a princess’ dress. Tabassum asks her to wear it and come. She smiles.

Muskaan gets ready and comes. She sees Aarti and runs to her. Tabassum stops her. Muskaan’s dream ends. Muskaan thinks I couldn’t meet mum even in dream because of Nani. Tabassum and Rakhi see Muskaan on video and get glad. Tabassum says I want to end Muskaan’s dreams and show her the bad reality. Rakhi shows the video to Suzaine, Lumi and Jaya. She says I don’t understand Aarti and Muskaan’s fate. She jokes on Muskaan and goes. Suzaine feels bad. The kids play there. They get some money in the dump yard. Muskaan plays with them. They give some junk to the man and ask for money. Muskaan asks why are you calling him old man, you can call him any good name, didn’t you mum teach you manners. The kid asks her to come and have food. Aarti says Muskaan is fighting for me, don’t know she is getting good or not. The lady asks her to worry for her food now. Muskaan eats at temple. She is about to get hit by a car. She gets saved.

She prays for getting a chance to study. She sees the newspaper and reads it. She reads about the exams. She goes with the kids. The lady says I will add poison in food after the dance. Aarti asks why. The lady says I mean sleeping pills, you can go and meet your daughter. Aarti says you are taking big risk for me Shweta, I don’t know what’s in my fate, I can meet Muskaan or not, but I will go there. Shweta says don’t do anything that you get caught, don’t try to run away. Aarti says no, I won’t. Muskaan comes home. Rakhi laughs. Tabassum says you got tired, you can have food at night. Muskaan asks is there any work left. Jaya cries and hugs her. Muskaan asks her not to cry. Tabassum scolds them.

Muskaan calls out moon. Aarti hears her and cries. Inspector runs after Aarti and catches her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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