Mayavi Maling 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali tricks Angad

Mayavi Maling 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad acting good in front of everyone. He asks them to have a celebration together. Pranali smiles. Eshwarya makes her ready. Pranali says I can’t tell you about the time spent with Angad. Arak comes to them and says Angad is waiting. Garima doesn’t trust Angad. Pranali stops Garima. Eshwarya asks do you really think Angad changed, he refused to be a demon even before. Pranali recalls the past. Madhumali stops Angad and says we are going to get our aim, you are wasting time here. He asks her to change into good. She asks him to be careful of his dad’s anger and change. Everyone hides and looks on. Angad says dad snatched my powers, but maybe this was right for me, I can’t help you now, I won’t let anyone hurt Maling.

Pranali smiles and says its good I have come here, I don’t doubt on him now. They all go. Madhumali laughs and says we should get our aim tonight, Pranali should become a demon tomorrow, don’t lose out. His eyes turn blue. Pranali and Angad rejoice the celebrations with the family members. They all laugh. Angad dances with Chegu. Chegu slips. Angad holds his hand. They hug. Eshwarya says I feel your heart didn’t agree yet. Pranali says no, he has really changed, I completely trust him. Eshwarya dances with Chegu. They smile. Angad asks Pranali for dance.

They dance. Madhumali smiles. Angad lifts Pranali in arms and takes her to their room. He tries to get close. He falls asleep. Eshwarya comes to Pranali. She asks did he sleep. Pranali nods. Eshwarya says sorry, this was necessary to do. Garima has added the medicine in the drink. Eshwarya says just wait till tomorrow, once you know his truth, we will be sure that there is no danger, I will go now. She goes. Its morning, Angad wakes up and sees Pranali’s clothes and jewelry beside him. Pranali shies seeing him. She asks why are you seeing me this way like…… He asks her to say. She says don’t tease me now, don’t ask as if you don’t remember anything. He holds her and smiles.

Madhumali asks Angad to get up. Angad sees his lookalike. Madhumali says he has made Pranali a Daanav vanshi. Angad gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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