Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shantanu to leave Sona Kachi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Beauty calls in everyone. She says to Thakur take this belt. You might need it. You gave someone punishment but they don’t listen. Thakur says what is it? She says chanda has also started flying. She is planning to get her kids adopted. Thakur says I know. Beauty is dazed. Thakur says she told me herself. This isn’t a sin. You better mind your own business. Beauty says why didn’t you tell me. Arpita says shantanu will leave me? Arpita says I want to give my arpita to be adopted as well. Thakur says she can’t leave. sHe is a girl. She is our future. Arpita says I don’t want her to be part of this dirty place. Thakur says better stop thinking about all this. Arputa says think about the first time and outside touched you. You have a daughter as well. Takur says I sell my daughter too. You and daughter belong to sona kachi. Your fault is that you have a daughter. Arpita says I beg you let her be adopted. I will work double. Thakur says enough. Chanda tries to console Arpita. Arpita says shut up. DOn’t fool me. You pretend me. You would have thought about Puchki too but you only thought about your son. Chanda says I am equally concerned about her too. Arputa says then ask that man to pay for her and adopt Puchki too. Or stop this drama. She leaves.

Scene 2
Everyone prepares for pooja. Murli asks everyone to prepare. Puchki says shantanu come out with me. They go out. She says I slept here God put me in there. He says see God also ate the biscuit you left here. Puchki says wow.
Shantanu says I can’t see he sad. Thats why I pretend like God and fulfill all her wishes.
Shantanu comes to Arpita. She doesn’t talk to him. He says choti ma please listen. You can be mad at me if I did a mistake but please don’t be silent like this. Don’t be mad at Puchki too. She is already sad. Arpita says she is my daughter. I know what to do with her and what not. He says please. She is very upset because you are. You know she loves you so much. I can’t see her sad. Please be like you used to be. See this letter. Read she only wants your love. Be nice to her please. She says I am here to worry about puchki you don’t have to. You will leave this place forever. He says I will live her with puchki. Why did you say I will leave? Where am I going? Chanda comes. Chanda takes Shantanu from there. He says ma where am I going? Why did choti ma say that? Wont puchki go with us? Chanda says there is pooja. I have to work. He says I wont leave ppuchki anywhere. Tell me where are we going? She is my friend.

Puchki looks for Arputa. She comes to room and its all decorated. Snow falls on her. Puchki is happy. Arpita dances and plays with her. They eat together.
Chanda gives shantanu new bag and books. She says you will go out and see the world. He says so will Puchki? She says not puchki. He says why? She says you will go to a new place. Shantanu says where? Choti ma said we are going. She says you are going. Puchki wont go. You are going forever. Santanu is dazed.
Precap-Shantanu says I dont’ wanna go anywhere. Chanda slaps him and says you have to go.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think Arpita is right in alleging that Chanda cares about her son only…when Arpita tried to escape with Puchki,she was not happy and said that it was too a dangerous a move…but what was she expecting from Arpita…just to keep quiet and allow Puchki to take up this terrible profession after growing up??? If she is so much worried about her son and looking for a better future for him,why did she ask Arpita not to try to escape again…Anyways ,the truth is Shantanu will be escaping from this hell very shortly because he is a boy and Puchki ‘s curse is that she s born a girl and so a precious commodity…..just disgusting …..who is to be blamed…the society or the destiny of theses unfortunate women…

    1. My goodness Lakshmi…what a beauty this little Puchki is!!! Now I’m head over heals in love with the adorable little girl. I must say I’m very impressed with the direction and locality where this serial is being set. I feel as if I’m there too…the vivid color and perfect acting by these two youngsters are a treat. You are right, the intellect, strong personality and decisive nature of Puchki is evident from such a tender age and writers did right to base this character on these qualities, it’s to prepare her for the life she’s destined into. When the leap of years takes place, I’ll miss both children but Puchki has pulled at my heartstrings and I’ll definitely miss that innocent looking face. Today’s episode that I saw, when the not so beautiful Beauty tore Shantanu books,his tears were so real, my heart broke for him….superb acting by both children and I’m enjoying the serial so far…


    Friends friends friends
    How are you all..

  3. I am fine Kudrat and hope it is the same with you.. …how do you feel about this serial….actually I am feeling a bit lonely on this forum…yes ,Our friend Naz makes her contribution but just by reading the update….because Zee Caribbeans is way behind us..As for Puchki and Shantanu ,.I am so much smitten with them that I wish they would never grow up… But time has come for Shantanu to leave Puchki and their adorable friendship…Hope he won’t change as a young man and remember this beautiful girl…

  4. Yes,Naz,they are indeed adorable children and and the girl who is acting as Puchki is a natural …..Friend ,I sometimes wonder how these young children ,at such a tender age ,understand their characters so well that the viewers take them for real….Ofcourse kudos to the director for perfect portrayal of this rather dead world ….the irony is inspite of the colour and noise that is visible to the outside world ,there is deep void in these women and nothing but silence in their world …in one of these episodes,Puchki’s mother voices her real feelings when she says that she is not bothered anymore about herself as she died from within long time back when she had to give her body to the first customer ..Naz,though I have never interacted with these women ,I get to see them frequently on the court premises when they are caught in police raids and brought to the court for bail etc…my god…they are plain emotionless and nothing but emptiness in their eyes……Hope to see the last of this dark world soon but only Shantanu will be leaving whereas Puchki stays here only…kudos to the director for daring to venture into this subject and selecting this as the backdrop to nurture a beautiful bond between two innocent children…
    Naz,I think we are just eight episodes ahead of you…so keep commenting as every episode is worth going back and exchanging views with you…in the upcoming episode you will see what a tomboy our Puchki is and how she keeps Shantanu on his toes…and Ofcourse the narrow mindless of adults who don’t spare even children..

    1. Loving this show…perfect execution beautiful story n talented actors together makes a perfect combination! !!

    2. You know what… I’m going to catch up on so that I’ll be able to see the same episode like you all on this forum, I believe it’s worth my time. I’ve not been watching kaleerein anymore so AKAJS, ISA and this serial would be my priority right now. I see something that I like here and reading you comment, I’ve gone into my mind and I can feel these women painful existence and the hallowness they are conditioned to feel. Lakshmi, I don’t know why I feel sad these days, some memories hit me now and then and I get all emotional, Time doesn’t heal all wounds I believe …So much on my mind these days and for no apparent reason. I’ve joined a gym BTW… ?….Nafeesa has started her classes at the University here, it’s her bachelor’s degree in Education ,so that would enhance her 8yrs in the teaching service…other than that….im still reading Needful Things by Stephen King, kinda stuck somewhere, it’s because of my wandering mind…although I’ve read it before but some book are just meant to be reread…my favorite books would always remain the ones by Eric Van Lustbader…they are Japanese samurai settings…and the Phantom of the Opera….ohh yes, when these children exit the serial, I’m gonna cry for them, they are a sight for sore eyes and those limpid, beguiling, soulful, innocent and beautiful eyes of little Puchki would remain with me and I also don’t know how these little children can understand the characters and portray them to its true capacity… it’s simply astounding. Endless congrats to the casting team…..

  5. Last comment …last but line …ty .po error …narrow minded ness …

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