Muskaan 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sir ji keeps a condition

Muskaan 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan asking the goons to leave her. The goons take her somewhere and stamp her hand to sell her abroad. She sees some kids crying. She gets shocked. The goons keep her with other kids. Everyone waits for Muskaan. Tabassum says we didn’t get Muskaan anywhere. Sir ji says Sapna doesn’t know the place well. Rakhi says Sapna never lies, trust me. Tabassum says I know we have made mistakes, but we will get her. Sir ji says we will fine her. Police checks the places for Muskaan. Aarti doesn’t get Muskaan and goes to other places. Muskaan wakes up and hears the goons talking.

VIP calls Tabassum and asks her to keep Muskaan ready. She says you can come tomorrow, she is unwell. He says she will be glad seeing the gifts, I m on the way. Tabassum gets worried. She tells Sir ji about VIP who comes any time to meet her. She asks him to do something. Sir ji calls inspector and asks is there any news. Inspector says we are trying our best. Aarti asks people about Muskaan. Goon sees Muskaan’s pic with police. He says I didn’t see her. He goes to others and asks them to take away kids fast. Muskaan and other kids are taken away. Aarti is also close. Muskaan sees her and cries. The car passes by Aarti. Aarti asks more people at the stalls and doesn’t see Muskaan.

VIP calls again. Tabassum says we are waiting for you. VIP says I don’t want to trouble Muskaan. She asks won’t you come then. He says I want Muskaan to take some rest, I will come in evening. She worries. The driver sees the truck coming and takes a turn. Kids scream. Sujoy prays for Muskaan. Inspector gets news about accident. He asks Aarti to come along to the hospital. Aarti says I can’t do this. Inspector asks her to be strong. She is taken to identify the body. She gets tensed and checks a body. She says this isn’t my Muskaan. The goon sees checkpost and drives away. Sir ji threatens his men and beats them. Aarti comes running and asks Sir ji to find Muskaan. Sir ji asks the men to go and find Muskaan. A goon gets news. Aarti says take me to her. Sir ji stops Aarti. Aarti says let me go there. Sir ji says they can’t take Muskaan anywhere, you won’t get a chance to meet Muskaan, if you want Muskaan, you have to agree to our condition. He threatens her. Aarti cries.

VIP comes to meet Muskaan. The man says the girl is nowhere. VIP asks who, is Muskaan missing? Tabassum worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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