Kaleerein 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera’s Plan to Expose Silky’s Lies

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Meera walks into Vivan’s room. Vivan says Silky told she spent night with him and he consummated with her under inebriation. Meera says Silky is lying as she spent night with Vivan. Vivan is shocked and says Silky is plainly lying and says he can expose Silky’s lie in front of Amar, but Meera will be insulted. Meera asks Vivan to do as she says and tells her plan.

Family knocks Silky’s door and plead to open it. Silky acts as trying to hang herself to ceiling and suicide. Bittoo chacha breaks open door and rescues her. Laali asks what happened. Silky says how can she tell that when she went to Vivan’s room last night, he spoilt her dignity. Laali and Sweety act. Silky says she tried to call Meera and her phone fell down and camera got activated and recorded whole act. She shows video where only she is seen pleading Vivan to spare her, not Vivan in video. Vivan says she is lying and planned all this. Amar starts his drama and holds Vivan’s collar. His friend stops him and says they can talk calmly.

Sweety praises Silky and Laali’s acting. Laali says this time she trapped Vivan well. Sweety reminds her promise to gift haveli. Laali says she dreaming of buying Buckingham palace with Vivan’s money, this haveli is nothing. She calls police and complains.

Meera informs Sunny that she was with Vivan last night and not Silky, Silky is lying to trap Vivan and Laali had tried already once and failed miserably. Amar decides to help them. In living room, Amar holds Vivan’s collar and shouts as usual. His friend stops him and says they can talk calmly. Police enters. Laali starts her drama and insists Vivan to marry Silky. Amar says let him go to jail. Laali says Silky’s life is spoilt, this is the only way. Vivan looks at Meera thinking he is following her plan and agrees. Silky asks inspector to note it down and not let Vivan back off.

Meera informs Vivan that Sunny is helping them. Sunny says Meera called him here to make Vivan realize his mistake, now the all should plan and get rid of Silky’s lies.

Amar calls pandit to fix Meera and Sunny’s wedding muhurath. Pandit says it is after 10 days or after 3 months. Amar says 3 months will be too late, is there any muhurath in between. Pandit suggests to get engagement tomorrow and marrriage after 7 days. Amar agrees. Laali asks to find Vivan and Silky’s muhurath also. Pandit says they can get engaged and married in same muhurath. Laali happily says it is double celebration then.

Vivan goes to comatosed Amaya’s room with rakhi and emotionally asks her to get up and tie him rakhi. Meera walks in and consoles him. Sunny walks in and informs they have fixed engagement tomorrow and wedding after 7 days, so Vivan should get engaged tomorrow to get a week’s time to get rid of Silky. Meera’s suggests him to accept and see what she does now.

Silky informs Laali that Meera knows that she was not with Vivan last night, then why she is quiet. Laali says leave it to her, she will not let Meera plan anything. Once she leaves, Meera walks in and asks what happened that night. Silky acts. Meera points knife at her and warns to tell truth. Silky holds her hand and makes a slight cut on her neck, runs out and pleads Amar to save her from Meera, Meera want s to kill her. Amar sees Meera in Silky’s room and shouts what is she doing there.

Precap: Vivan tells Silky was not with him that night. Laali asks who waas there then. Amar shouts he spoilt Meera’s life and will not let him spoil Silky’s life now.

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  1. The beautiful moments of the previous night seemed to be a dream now …Back to the same disgusting drama…and Amar is dumb enough to accept the fake video…Meera is not the one who takes the straight route..her plans are always complex ,,what if they back fire on her…..she wants to carry on with the engagement ceremony as if it is some kind of fun….what if Sunny changes his attitude later….why can’t she listen to Vivaan and tell the truth to the family …..I don’t understand why the writers are so much obsessed with negativity that they keep inventing one disaster after another for Vivaan and Meera…..I pity the pretty girl playing Amaya’s character….The writers certainly don’t know how to use their characters,,,High time for this Laali and Sweety to exit….and I wish to see Amaya playing an important role after coming out of coma….Amaya and Sunny will look lovely together…

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