Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Asks Devika To Meet Kanhaiya on Janmastami

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika calls Kunti and insists to meet Kanhaiya tonight. Kunti asks her to meet Kanhaiya on Krishna Janmasthami day and feels sad that her son will know the truth and may leave her. Bahus discuss they should know Kanhaiya’s childhood details. They walk to Kanhaiya who tells Pari he does not want to take selfie, tells Prarthana he does not want to know whom she will pray for him tonight, tells Panjiri he does not want to know what she will prepare for dinner, tells Prema he does not want to know her romantic plan, tells Pratibha he does not want to know what she learnt. They say he want to ask how did his childhood pass, if he remembers what he played, when is his birthday. Kanhaiya says he does not remember anything, but his birthday is on janmastami. Prarthana says janmastami’s date changes every year, what is his exact birth date. He says he does not know, only maiya/Kunti knows. Bahus say they will ask sasumaa then. Kanhaiya thinks he will also know whaat is his past and watches them hiding.

All bahus walk to Kunti’s room and see her sleeping. They see her sleeping and start their jokergiri. Pari says she will wake up Sausmaaa and loudly calls her name. Kunti wakes up shouting earth quake. Pari says it is her. Kunti scolds Akal ki mallika. Pari mimics her style. Kunti asks why did they wake her up at this time. They say they want to know something. She asks at 10 p.m. Pari says they will come at 11 p.m. then and starts her jokergiri again. They ask Kunti to tell what word Kanhaiya spoke first. Kunti says she does not remember, but Kusum said no no. Prathana asks which god he prayed first. Kunti says she does not remember, but Kusum prayed Kumbukaran. Prarthana says that is why Kusum sleep a lot. They continue questioning her and at last asks Kanhaiy’a exact birthdate. Kunti say she remembers Kusum’s but not Kanhaiya’s. Kanhaiya feels dejected hearing this and cries he is an orphan.

Kanhaiya sits sadly outside house. Pratap disguised as sadhu walks in and tells Kanhaiya that his main mystery is his maiya and his maiya is not his maiya, but Devaki is his maiya. Kunti walks out and scolds why he is brainwashing Kanhaiya. Prat ap says he is enacting his janmastami drama. Kanhaiya says let him enact. Pratap says Yashoda is not his mother but Devaki is and asks what if she is Yoshoda and if Devaki comes to take back Kanhaiya, will she return Kanhaiya. Kunti scolds and sends him. Kanhaiya asks what will she do. Kunti says foster mother also has right on son, but if biological mother comes, she will return Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya feels more sad.

Kanhaiya reaches his shop. Khatru introduces his orphan friend and requests Kanhaiya to give him a job. Kanhaiya speaks in puzzled language that he is orphan, which Khatru does not understand. Khatru asks to give him off for 2 hours to find a job for his orphan friend. Khaiya hears orphan and hires friend and says he will be his brother from hereon and hires him. He asks Khatru to get juice for his brother and asks friend if he has any biological relativeds. Friend says nobody informs who his real parents are. Kanhaiya thinks he will ask Kunti who is biological parents are.

Precap: No precap.

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