Muskaan 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sujoy exposes Rakhi’s truth

Muskaan 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan and Sujoy getting scolded and running out of the school. Sujoy says we should have not got caught. She says I just do work well, maybe Tabassum gives me a doll. Rakhi likes the necklace. Tabassum says all this is here because of Muskaan, we are lucky that we have Muskaan. Sapna gets jealous. Tabassum feeds sweets to Suzaine. Rakhi gets angry on Sapna. Aarti says I don’t want all this, my fate is bad. The man comes and asks Shweta to make Aarti ready, Aarti has to dance a lot today. Sapna runs on road and looks for Sujoy. Sujoy asks Lord to save Muskaan, she doesn’t get good food. Muskaan says Tabassum makes me pick rags, she doesn’t let me study, help me study. She cries. Pandit gives her prasad. Muskaan refuses to have it. She asks Lord to help her, she promised Aarti, she will study. He asks her to make idol wear garlands. She refuses and throws it. It falls on idol’s neck. Tabassum says Muskaan can’t have any friend, Muskaan is not here for friendship. Rakhi asks her not to worry for Sujoy.

Sujoy beats the boy and asks who told you to remove rags from Muskaan’s sack. The boy shows Rakhi and then everyone else. Jaya asks Tabassum if she will not scold Rakhi now. Lumi says its no use to tell them. Jaya says Muskaan has got this loss because of Rakhi. Sujoy gets scared of Rakhi and runs. Rakhi beats him. Muskaan asks Jaya to help Sujoy, its all happening because of her. She says ask Rakhi not to punish Sujoy. Suzaine says yes, you are right, sorry, I didn’t mean that, I mean Sujoy has become a good boy, you should be happy. She cries hearing Sujoy cry. Rakhi scolds Sujoy and goes. Muskaan comes and asks are you fine. He lies that he is fine, he was shouting to act. Sapna comes and asks him to come and play. He goes with Muskaan. Sapna gets angry. Aarti dances. She falls down. Everyone worries. The man sends her. The people ask for their money. Tabassum shows the gifts to Muskaan. She says your Devta came and got all this for you, go and sleep now. Sapna looks on and thinks to find Devta.

Sapna sees Muskaan at school, and takes Rakhi and Tabassum to complain about Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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