Happy marriage life — SHRENAL OS

proposal scene:

shrenu: i hope that you enjoy your life with krisha. i mean she is soon to be your fiance so…..bye.

she was crying and kunal felt tears rolling down his cheeks.

kunal: shrenu..

shrenu turns and starts to walk. till…..

kunal: STOP!

shrenu turns back.

shrenu: what?

kunal goes up to shrenu and hugs her tight.

then he breaks the hug and goes on his knees.

kunal: shrenu, February, often known as month of love, that month i met you. and cupid struck me with his arrow the first time i saw you. i look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes. we came together underneath the stars above. what started out as liking soon turned into love. i sensed a certain something in my heart that was true. i know i waited all my life to fall in love with you. look shrenu, i don’t have a wedding ring but i got this white lily. your favourite flower. will you marry me?

shrenu felt her heart skipping a beat every second.

shrenu: y….y….yes, kunal, i just want you. your jokes, flaws, mistakes, giggles, sarcasm, everything. i just need you! i love you!

kunal hugged shrenu tight who hugged him back. soon kunal kissed her lips.

kunal’s house:

shrenu’s parents were there too as kunal bought shrenu with him.

kunal: arre namaste aunty, uncle. hi dad, mum.

shrenu: mama….papa you both?

mrs parikh: we were just talking with sunil and shraddha (dunno kunal’s ma ka naam) and we have came across a decision.

shrenal: what?

shraddha stands up and gets laddoo. she goes to shrenu and puts it in her mouth.

shraddha: meri soon to be bahu.

shrenal: what?

as it was not making any sense to them.

sunil: arre forget krisha. all she wants kunal is your money and fame. we spoke to shrenu’s parents and we think that you two should get married.

shrenu’s dad: also you two are inseparable these days and we see a happily wedded couple in you two.

shrenal: thank you.

they hug their parents.


sanjay (kunal’s brother): arre bhai, stop trying to find bhabhi. she’s coming.

kunal: shut up!

shrenu comes:

shrenu comes:

kunal couldn’t stop staring at her.

sanjay: arre meri 22 years old ka older bro, stop staring.

kunal: you zip it. she is my soon to be wife, you understand?

sanjay: sure, not!

kunal: i’ll tell dad that you came home with shrenu’s sister, durga……

sanjay: bhai, sorry, i’ll be quiet.

kunal: good boy.

shrenu finds kunal and goes towards him.

shrenu: how am i looking?

sanjay: i’ll just leave you too alone.

he runs off.

kunal: this sanjay…duffer by birth.

shrenu: forget him and answer my question.

kunal: shrenu, you look so beautiful in that dress, it’s like a fairy bloomed from a flower.

shrenu: you are too sweet.

kunal no you are too sweet.

shrenu blushes by this and was about to run shyly till kunal held her wrist and pulled her close to him.

shrenu: shameless….not in public.

kunal: so? you are my soon to be wife and i want to romance with you.

shrenu: meri knight in shining armor, you are sooooo shameless.

kunal: chup!

he lets go of her wrist.

shrenu giggles.

soon shrenal got engaged.

every function went smoothly in time for the big time……..



sanjay: bhai, stop looking at bhabhi

sanjay: bhai, stop looking at bhabhi.

kunal: you zip it. ok?

sanjay: fine.

on the other hand:

durga: didi, stop looking at jiju before you faint.

shrenu: durga, when will you grow up?

durga: never.

they laugh.


shrenu’s parents brought shrenu to the mandap where kunal was waiting impatiently.

sanjay: bhai, your queen is here.

kunal: really?

he dreamily smiles at shrenu as she sat down next to him.

kunal whispering to shrenu: so beautiful shrenu.

shrenu: too cute like always.

soon they took the seven vows and after a few chants, they were officially married.


shrenal’s room:

shrenu was waiting patiently for kunal. kunal soon came.

kunal: arre what happened?

shrenu: nothing.

kunal: promise?

shrenu: i’m just missing meri mummy papa.

kunal hugs shrenu and says: don’t worry. meet them whenever.

shrenu smiles.

the next day:


shrenu woke up before kunal. she smiles seeing him peacefully sleeping. she was about to get up but kunal’s arms was hugging her.

shrenu: this kunal na… god, thank you for kunal.

she decides to sleep a bit more as she didn’t want to wake kunal up.

6 minutes later:

shrenal woke up.

kunal: good morning mrs shrenu kunal jaisingh.

shrenu blushes at that comment.

a few weeks later:

shrenal were in paris for their honeymoon.

a month later:

ib was going great. gul realized that she needed to give space to rikara.

that night:

dinner time:

sanjay: wow bhabhi. this is so good.

shrenu: thank you.

sanjay: by the way, when will you two give me good news?

shrenal: good news?

sanjay in mind: this is going to be fun (talking) you know more responsibilities. you know nakuul bhai has one so does surbhi di but you two.

kunal: look bro, kindly explain to me what you mean.

sanjay: you know a gift in which we have to wait for months to arrive and probably form.

shrenu knew what he meant but wanted kunal to realize.

sanjay: and that is a…..

kunal: child?

sanjay: correct. arre promote me from student to uncle. how long do i have to wait for? i want a little shrenu bhabhi or little kunal bhai running in these halls, what say mum dad?

shraddha: i say that sanjay is right. come on you two, i want to be a dadi.

sunil: and don’t tell sanjay to shut up on this matter. he is right!

kunal: but i don’t know if shrenu is up for it. i mean the track in the show right now is anika and bhavya pregnant. and they aren’t even pregnant!

sanjay: just give me a niece. please. see mum, i am being reasonable for once and this bhai, bhabhi….

shrenu: arre sanjay, we’ll see ok?

sanjay: thank you bhabhi.

shrenu: no problem meri devarji.

shrenal’s room:

kunal was on the bed whilst shrenu came back from shraddha’s room.

shrenu: arre kunal.

as he locked the door and pulled her very close to him.

kunal: you want a child?

shrenu: do you?

kunal: yes but i didn’t want sanjay to tell me.

shrenu: such a mean brother.

kunal didn’t listen to that bit and started to kiss her neck then the lights went off.

two weeks later:

sanjay: yes thank you bhabhi! i love you!

shrenu: but shh! don’t tell kunal. let’s make him guess a lot.

sanjay: you know i won’t.

kunal: won’t what?

shrenu and sanjay turned to see kunal.

kunal: sanjay, what did the doctor say about shrenu?

sanjay: that bhabhi had been taking too much stress lately.

kunal: ok….. get out!

sanjay: bye!

he goes out.

kunal: duffer by birth.

kunal sits on the bed and starts massaging shrenu’s feet.

shrenu: kunal…..

kunal: what kunal? chup and let me do it.

shrenu smiles.

two days later:

shraddha: this kunal!!!!!! he still hasn’t realized that meri bahu is pregnant.

shrenu: i think that we should tell him.

shraddha: good idea.

shrenu and shraddha were about to till kunal came and hugged shrenu tight.

shrenu: arre kunal….

kunal: thank you soo much shrenu!

shrenu and shraddha: meaning???

kunal: dad and sanjay told me. i am going to become a father. shrenu, tel me, is this true?

shrenu shyly nods.

kunal: i love you so much shrenu.

shrenu: i love you too kunal.

6 months later:


shrenu: kunal!

kunal sleepily: now what?

shrenu: ice cream.

kunal: look shrenu, we have no ice cream at home and i am not going out to get ice cream.

shrenu: please. i don’t want it but our baby wants it. please.

she pulls the puppy eyes and pout due to which kunal couldn’t resist.

kunal: fine, please no puppy eyes! and the pout, please no!

shrenu smiles and gets out of bed excited whilst kunal gets out tired.

ice cream stall:

kunal: quickly choose, then eat and then we can go.

shrenu: you just be quiet.

kunal: just please. gul mam is not gonna leave me if i am tired tomorrow.

shrenu: ok fine. ice cream bhaiya, white chocolate ice cream.

ice cream bhaiya: here.

shrenu: thank you. here is money.

ice cream bhaiya: thank you.

shrenu: want some kunal?

kunal: fine.

shrenu feeds him some and then kunal feeds her ice cream.

in car:

kunal: happy.

shrenu: yes.

3 months later:

shrenu was also shown pregnant in ib. the babies were on set now but shrenu has took her maternity leave.

shrenal’s room:

shrenu was on the bed caressing the beautiful drawing kunal drew of their ‘princess’. yes kunal wanted a girl but shrenu was hoping for a little kunal. kunal came in and laid on the bed.

shrneu; how was shooting?

kunal: exhausting but prakash (nakkul’s son) and raina (surbhi’s daughter) were making everyone laugh.

shrenu: must have been fun.

kunal: and everyone is missing you so much.

shrenu: aww!

she suddenly feels some pain in her stomach but ignores at first.

kunal: shrenu, what’s wrong?

shrenu: nothing.

kunal: you sure?

note: no one was at home but shrenal. they left as soon as kunal came.

shrenu: yes.

kunal noticed pain in her eyes. he stood up to get her medicine, just then shrenu screamed.

kunal: shrenu!

he lifts shrenu up in bridal style despite her now weight and rushes her to hospital.


kunal was waiting outsidethe ICU. his family and shrenu’s family were there too.

mrs parikh: beta, she’ll be fine.

kunal: i hope maaji.

doctor came out with a smile on her face.

doctor: congratulations mr jaisingh. you have been blessed with a healthy baby girl. both mother and daughter are absolutely fine.

kunal: thank you doctor.

he goes in the room to find his daughter in shrenu’s arms.

shrenu: it’s a girl. just like you said.

kunal: see i was right.

shrenu giggles and says: yes.

kunal: and see, she has inherited the pout and puppy eyes from you

kunal: and see, she has inherited the pout and puppy eyes from you.

shrenu: but most of her looks define you kunal.

their daughter smiles at them.

kunal: so what should we call her?

shrenu: shrena.

kunal: shrena kunal jaisingh. i like it but next child is rikara.

shrenu: next child?

kunal: now that i am a father, i have responsibilities to fulfill and giving shrena a sibling is one

shrenu laughs and says: shameless.

the scene ends at shrena in kunal’s arms and shrenal looking happily at their gift.

so this is 1630 words not including this note. hope you guys like it. do vote and comment.

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