Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya Gets Threatening Messages

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Some throws letter into Kanhaiya’s shop breaking window glass. Khatrupics it and says it looks like Arabic and mimics. Kanhaiya says he is holding letter reversely. Khatru reads warning letter to stop his raksha bandhan discount sale, else he will face dir consequences. Panjiri and Pari panic hearing that. Kanhaiya says it is a hoax letter and ignores it. Panjiri calls Kunti and informs her about threatening letter after a lot of jokergiri. Kunti decides to go to Kanhaiya’s shop personally and handle issue.

Pratap disguised as woman fools a man with his emotional drama and after tying rakhi to him loots 600 as shagun. Panjiri and Pari pass by in auto and call him. He tells man that his relatives are calling him. Man gets tensed that one woman looted 600 rs and these will loot more. Panjiri and Pari ask if he is selling rakhis in disguise. He says selling rakhi is not that lucrative than fooling people with rakhi, they should go and tell Buzurg lady that her damad is not a waste body and earns well.

Kunti reaches Kanhaiya’s shop and warns him to stop sale as he got threat letter. Khatruu tries to fix discount poster on wall, but Kunti stops him and Kanhaiya warns to fix it. Mobile shop owner calls Kanhaiya and asks if he should send boy. Kanhaiya says he does not give maths tuition. Owner says his sister Kusum is buying 1 lakhs worth mobile. Kanhaiya warns not to give mobile. Owner takes back mobile from Kusum. Kanhaiya tells Kunti he will budge for any warning.

Kusum returns home crying. Premaa tries to consoles her in French. Kunti asks if Pratap mixed black pepper in her tea, Sarla’s daughter in law called her parrot nose, etc. Kusum says no. Prarthana asks iff Kanhaiya informed her real age to area girls. Kusum says no and shows bangles and a letter warning Kanhaiya to stop his discount sale, else they will kidnap his sister. Kanhaiya reaches and after reading letter says he cannot risk family’s safety, so he will cancel discount sale. Kusum encourages him not to get afraid of threats as he is not doing anything wrong. Jokergiri continues. Kanhaiya calls Khatru and orders to get down 25% discount board and fixed 30% discount board.

Kanhaiya waits outside shop wearing mask on his face, calls Khatru and informs he is waiting to catch culprits when they come out of their den. Kusum waits nearby and does her jokergiri. A man asks her address. Kanhaiya thinks him as culprit, runs and holds him. Kusum informs he is asking address. Kanhaiya apologizes him and with his buttery talks sends him away.

At home, Kunti calls Sarla and informs her of problems. Sarla’s usual jokergiri starts, she says someone is looting outside in disguise, pointing at Pratap.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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