Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chachaji learns about Sameer-Naina’s relationship

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Taiji asks Tauji and Rakesh why they are quiet? They won’t be able to face anyone in society. Chachaji calls at Sharad’s place. He talks to Sharad’s mother and says Sharad-Naina’s wedding is not possible. Sharad’s mother says what happened? She is talking to priest for a good date and he’s talking about breaking marriage. Chachaji doesn’t say anything further and disconnects. He asks Naina and Preeti to go inside. He then thanks Rakesh for giving him a chance to do something for Naina.

Female narrator says back then it required a lot of courage to go against elders. But if elders make a mistake and you don’t correct, then that’s a mistake as well.

In room, Preeti is overjoyed. She says today it’s their independence day. Now Chachaji will find very good guys for them, just like Sameer. Naina says for her, Chachaji is her hero and everything. Chachaji and Chachiji come there. Naina thanks Chachaji. Chachaji says daughters don’t say thank you. Preeti plays a song “Ek Dusre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum” and they have a group hug / dance.

Sameer is dreaming about Naina. He’s running behind her on a street, trying to catch her. Naina comes to a home which says “Naina and Sameer Maheswari” outside. Sameer wakes up.

Male narrator says he used to question himself why he’s still seeing Naina’s dream when she’s about to become someone else’s. But who has control on dreams? Destiny was writing something else for them.

Taiji is upset as Tauji didn’t say anything to girls and Chachaji. She puts blame on Chachiji. Tauji asks her to calm down. There is no point discussing this now. Taiji says they won’t be able to face society now. She tells Rakesh when time comes, Chachaji will step back. She further says Chacha-Chachi were just jealous thinking they raised Naina, so how can Taiji bring a marriage proposal for her. Rakesh stays quiet. Tauji says he stayed quiet otherwise Chachaji might have raised his voice against him as well. Taiji asks so they will end this matter just like that? Tauji says, not this matter, but this relationship. They will break their relationship with Chachaji and his family. He tells this to Rakesh as well. Rakesh says he doesn’t want to hear Anand or Naina’s name. He’s done with both of them.

Next morning, Preeti asks her parents whether they can get cable TV in their house. Chachaji gives permission. Naina comes. Chachaji asks her if she’s okay. She says yes and hugs Chachaji. She has written a poem for Chachaji. She gives it to him. Chachaji reads it which basically says how Chachaji helped and supported her so much. Chachaji hugs her. Rakesh comes there. Chachaji tries to talk to him, but he refuses to talk and leaves.

Munna tells Pandit to make sure Sameer doesn’t find out about Naina’s breakup. Pandit wants to tell, but Munna stops him. Sameer asks what’s the matter. Munna says they had decided yesterday no more Naina or Sunaina. Swati tries to tell, but Munna stops her as well. In end, Pandit says it that Naina had break up. Sameer is shocked.

Chachaji surprises Chachiji by coming home early. He locks the door. Chachiji gets nervous. He asks her to close her eyes and takes out an envelope. It’s an FD on Naina’s name. Chachiji is relieved. He goes to Naina’s room and finds a place to put envelope in there to surprise her. He puts it in cupboard. When leaving, Naina’s bag falls down. He finds Sameer’s letter in which he wrote about giving miscalls to each other by disconnecting call after 2 rings. He’s shocked!

Precap: Chachaji comes to college and hears Preeti telling Swati that she purposely made Sameer sit with Naina, right?

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Good job simmy nice update with details, thank you keep up the good work very excited for the 22 aug 18 episode

  2. Hi guys!!
    So after a long time some happy moments of family…Chacha-chachi-Preeti-Naina??Chacha-chachi romance??
    The evil trio boycotted them…BUT on the other hand at least they will now not interfere unnecessarily into their lives…?…Taiji with a vicious mentality doing brainwash of that stupid Rakesh…And all blame goes on Bela Chachi..?…And it is the reality of Indian Society,that all blame always goes on the ‘bahu’ of family,whatever may be she is faulty or not?
    Sweet and emotional poem by Naina for Chachaji ? ?
    I can’t understand what’s wrong with Munna??…Has he forgot, it was only Sameer and Naina who helped him to patch up with Swati?…??..Such a selfish guy…
    Sameer gone reàctionless on hearing news of Naina’s broken alliance…?
    And finally Chachaji came to know about Samaina affair ?…He was like trustbroken…and angry too…??…
    Now the time has come for Samaina to confront Chachaji…
    This show is so real and connects viewers emotionally that Viewers start to feel the emotions of situations??… Seriously when Chachaji caught Sameer’s love letter I felt like my love letter has been caught ??
    Lets see how Samaina will confront Chachaji…
    Today I felt that it is just a normal episode after the big drama yesterday…But they added a big twist in the end giving the viewers goosebumps ???

  3. whole episode was alright. loved sameer dream of him and naina. but still he thinks about that champu sharad and naina being engaged and all that. munna is becoming so selfish. the way that sameer was shocked to learn about naina relationship with champu broken, i was a little confused but hoping for samaina reunion after all of this drama happening. pata nahi aab chacha ji kya karenge. precap was shocking. samaina reunion should happen soon. love samaina <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Nahi friends munna selfish nahi hai kyunki wo sameer se bahut jyada pyar karta hai aur naina ke karan sameer ko hue dard ko bhul nahi pa raha hai isliye wo naina se chidhne laga hai but don’t worry jaldi hi sab thik ho jayega

  5. Here i think evry1 frgt wat mundit did fr both samaina.dat tym evry1 praised him fr being gud frnd nd tevar
    bt wen he s doing like dis u ppl r accusing him fr being selfish wah
    It shows fr here ppl just likes naina to b happy other dan if any1 scold r being mean wid her den they r bad
    munna s being a true frnd doesnt want sameer to gt high hopes nd hurt himself again
    If u call it selfish den its nt its selfless
    If he would hav supported naina he wouldve been gud rit
    Guys dont frgt he was d one whomade sameer 2 understand nainas love n delhi nd helped naina wen sameer was going away
    nd evn preethi s being selfish fr sister den y nt munna
    So stop blaming him yaar
    Naina still didnt accept her love again so may b munna s scared fr sameer .as a bst frnd nd brother he doesnt want him to gt hurt

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