Muskaan 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti reaches Muskaan

Muskaan 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan studying by looking in side the window. She sees the class going on. Teacher sees her and scolds her. Muskaan runs away. Aarti runs and makes the gun fall. She lies to cover up the gun. Muskaan recites the tables and asks the kids to say along. The boy removes the junk from her sack. She checks and thinks why is her sack light, what happened. She gives the sack to the old man. He says its very light. She says don’t know how did this happen, I worked as every day.

Rakhi asks Sapna and Sujoy to have food. Tabassum stops Muskaan from having food. Muskaan asks what did I do. Tabassum says you didn’t do your work, you will be punished. Suzaine worries for Muskaan. Tabassum stops Muskaan from having food. Suzaine asks her not to stop Muskaan. Tabassum asks her to worry for herself. Shweta asks Aarti what did you think, don’t be scared, you have to smart and do this for Muskaan. Aarti says yes, I will go there tomorrow.

Muskaan thanks Tabassum. Rakhi laughs and asks what. Muskaan says I don’t like these dishes, can I have water. Tabassum thinks she has to be alive and fulfill my dreams. Rakhi speaks ill against Aarti. Muskaan gets angry and asks her not to say anything. Aarti and Shweta get a packet. Shweta says its my savings, I got this for you, you will need it. Aarti thanks them for their help. Shweta says I get happy to do something for you, take Muskaan away with you. Aarti nods.

Muskaan sits studying. Sujoy comes to her and gives her biscuits. He asks her to have it. She refuses. He asks why are you so honest. She says honesty is the best policy. She studies and asks him not to disturb her. Sujoy gets sound from her stomach and teases her. He feeds her the biscuits and asks her to study later. They smile. Aarti gets the gun. She hides it and sleeps.

Its morning, Aarti meets Shweta. Shweta gives her some costume and says nobody will recognize you. Aarti hugs her. Shweta asks her to take care. Aarti says pray for me. Shweta says sure, don’t think you are alone, Devi maa is with you. Aarti hides her face and goes. Muskaan comes to the class and looks on as the teacher addresses his students. Muskaan tells the table when nobody tells it. Everyone claps. Teacher scolds her again. She goes. Aarti takes a disguise and comes home. Muskaan comes home. Aarti cries seeing her.

Aarti meets Muskaan and tries to take her away. Tabassum stops them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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