Yeh Teri Galiyan 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shantanu accepted in the new family

Yeh Teri Galiyan 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki comes to temple and prays. She ties a cloth to a tree.
Anita says to Haru I wont let Shantanu go back. Our opinion doesn’t even matter here. Haru says you know he wont listen. They meet a guests with dad. Guest says your kids? dad says they don’t have any. Anita says wait a minute. Shantanu comes to the party. Dad is dazed.

Thaku ma sees Puchki. Kaka tells her she said she will stay here and wait for shantanu. Thaku ma says the place is so silent with her like this. She is so silent without shantanu.
The guest says he is such a smart child. He is just like Arindham. You adopted a 10 years old kid and set an example. That’s so nice of you.

Host says lets welcome the couple of the night. The bride and groom enter the party. Everyone takes their photos.
Dad says to Arindham I asked you not to bring this kid here. He says sir please look at this boy. He is very nice. Perfect for our family. Dad says I decide everything here. At the end of the party I will announce we have nothing to do with this party.

Dad asks a guy a history question. No one could answer it. Shantanu tells all the details. The guests says this child is so genius. Shantanu says I love studying. The guest says your dada ji is an encyclopedia. You will learn a lot from him. Shantanu says I would love to.

Scene 2
Chanda is crying. Arpita says please don’t cry. He would be better there. Why don’t you call him. Chanda says that will break him and me. We have to live without each other. We will take Puchki out of here too. Arpita says the world wont let her live.
Shantanu says if pucki was here we would have had fun together.

A woman faints. shantanu gives her water. The guest says to Ravindra your grandson is so nice and cultured. very well choice.
Ravindra comes on stage and says I have an announcement for all of you. My kids anita and ravindham please come on stage. This day is very lucky for us that we have a new family member in our family. Welcome on stage shantanu. everyone claps. Ravindra says I have another announcement.

Puchki is about to get burned. Kaka saves her. She says shantanu wont come? Kaka says he wont. Puchki cries and says he will.
Ravindra says welcome my grandson shantanu. Everyone is dazed. Shantanu comes on stage.

Ravindra says he is Shan from today.
Precap-Shantanu calls puchki. Anita comes and says shan who did you call? She says on call where are you talking from. Pucki says sona..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Thank you Naz,for those besutiful wishes..,To my disappointment we couldn’t even step out today as it has been raining incessantly for the last few days ….This time we had to get contented with watching the republic day programmes on the small screen …it was indeed a proud moment when the Prime Minister of India hoisted the National Flag and addressed the nation from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort… A few of my friends and colleagues joined us for lunch ….prepared some goodies like Butter chicken ,Hyderabad Dum Biryani and mawa cake….we had a good time playing some chess and later my favourite ‘Bridge’….Anyways the climate was really damp and we could n’t do much…
    Coming to our cutie pair ,I have to say that Shantanu has taken my breath away….this boy is so smart ,intelligent ,compassionate and Ofcourse so good looking that his grand pa could n’t resist anymore but bow down to his charms…Within a few hours ,he has won over everyone except for his just married ‘bua ‘…What is her problem with her brother going for adoption ,we don’t know yet but may be greed for property???? So Shantanu has done well in adjusting with his new family but Puchki …..she is simply broken…and seeing our little darling in distress,my heart broke…..They say time heals every wound ….Let us hope it heals Puchki’s as well….Chanda spoke something about bringing up Puchki in such a manner that she won’t even be touched by the dirt surrounding her…how she is going to do that will be interesting to watch…

  2. After watching BHOOTU’s (Another Zee TV Show) destruction, I had sworn not to watch another Hindi serial. Yeh Teri Galiyan seemed intriguing from its’ review so thought to follow it by reading WU. But I am really pissed off after today’s episode.

    That Dadaji of Shantanu seems like a complete freak to me. He seems like the Sheldon Cooper of ITV. It’s one thing to be brilliant & another thing to be sophisticated & courteous. In a party, he goes on asking people questions & suddenly accepts Shantanu as he knows the answer!!! Are you frigging kidding me!!!! Where is his lecture on mannerism vanished? The fact that he acts as a teacher shows how sophisticated/mannered he himself is. He is definitely a learned man but completely unsocial.

    I am respectful towards elders but I hate people who control their kids’ life & take decisions for them. Didn’t like how Arindam & Anita had to convince him. It’s their decision if they want to foster a kid or not. Who the hell he is to permit them & impose his decision on them? No wonder under his influence Shantanu would grow up to be another NAMUNA.

    Coming to Sonakachi, Arpita & Chanda seem to be the only real characters of this show. Arpita is a good friend who has finally accepted her daughter’s fate yet lent a shoulder to cry on. I am glad that at least Chanda is mourning for Shantanu. Shantanu seems just way too occupied with Puchki. ThaurMaa has suddenly taken a 180 degree turn & now empathizing with Puchki!!!! This has been the most shocking part for me.

    Coming to the overall story, I don’t think this show is something new. In Krishnadasi, they showed a similar story. There in place of pr*stitutes, the focus was on Devdasis who are treated with almost equal hatred & the FL was from Devdasi lineage.
    I have never seen any show of Vrushika Mehta but from others’ description, she seems like a very talented actress. The kids are also very good. But as a whole package, it’s quite disappointing.
    Childhood memories & friends are irreplaceable in our life. But from the beginning I feel they are trying way too hard to romanticize the whole situation. Showing the kids to pull stunt after stunt & now Puchki going through all sorts of misery – it’s the tried & tested formula – a FL who has to gone through hell. Unfortunately a little girl is going through this phase & somehow it’s destroying the innocence of her age. I dread to imagine the plight of the unfortunate kids who are born & raised in such areas. But instead of focusing on the social rejection they are showing high dose of ShanKi which is kind of irritating.
    As far the future story, Puchi is very young but Shantanu has spent the major forming years of his life in Sonakachi. If he begins to hate this place & Puchki that would be complete character assassination for him.
    Overall this whole story feels like forced. Apart from the actors, nothing seems good.

    This was just my opinion. I had no intention to hurt any fan’s feeling. If anyone is hurt by my statement I am genuinely sorry. It’s just, I like to express & read others’ opinion. Today I was really pissed off so had to vent my anger.

  3. This little shan is already a heartthrob I must say!! Ni wonder grown up shan gonna have a charming personality… glad chanda is v hopefull that she will never let her puchki become a victim of lusty creatures!!!

  4. I don’t really like today’s episode, only a bit. I think the events which were played out were too rushed, I don’t know where this bride and groom suddenly came from, they were somewhat cut and spliced to make up the episode. The only real human interactions were with Chanda and Arpita, Shantanu’s new family seems to be lacking warmth and love. I like the name Arindham , sounds a bit strange but its nice. I think that Shantanu was lauded as if he was a commodity, he was only sold to Arindham’s father acceptance because he proved to the old man that he isn’t not smart. Good for Shantanu, he proved he’s an intelligent boy and is worth something after all, with the old man refusing to accept him, what’s it going to be like when it’s known that he’s a child from a brothel…although Arindham looks like a spineless man, wow, he’s been very busy in the past, having a child as we are presuming, with a woman in a brothel, wonder why he’s had to leave his wife’s bed to seek comfort in a pr*stitute’s arms!!! I’m betting this bua would be the one to know Shantanu’s birth details, she looks like trouble…and goodness me, the couple are behaving like clowns… one more thing, although at first Arindham’s father was coming across as an authoritarian, he really looked today like an empty vessel, much noise but not of much effects. Coming to Puchki…I don’t think that the scene with her by the tree was effective for its cause, she’s hurting we know but to perform such a penance and to be left outside for so long, her mother not being there and concerned about her daughter’s plight, didn’t cut it for me. The scene would have been more effective if Arpita was sitting on the steps or next to her daughter because she’s concerned for her…but she’s nowhere in the scene, at least not in the episode I saw on desitvflix…other than that, i love Puchki and Shantanu, they’ve melted my heart and ill miss both of them … ohhh…..i think Shantanu will become a doctor when he’s grown up….his concern for the guest who fainted could be an indication…

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