Kaleerein 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bittu Joins In Laali And Silky’s Evil Plans

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Amar expresses his concern in front of his friend. Friend suggests him to get Meera remarried. Bitto chacha returns home and meets Amar. Amar tells him he has to talk a lot, first go and have some food and calls Sweety. Bitto asks Sweety why did she call him so urgently. She asks him to come into room first. On the other side, Vivan tries to fix ceiling fan. Meera walks in. He falls down. Meera gets concerned. Vivan confronts. Their argument starts. Meera angrily leaves.

In room, Sweety and Laali fight alleging each other. Bittu and Silky stop them and say they cannot reach their goal alone, so they need to be united, Silky will get Vivan and Bitto/Sweety will get Vivan’s mansion.

Dolly shows stitched dress to Meera and asks to tell if she likes them. Amar walks in. Dolly tries to leave. Meera asks to end their fight. Dolly says they have ended their relationship already. Amar tells Meera that she used to hate milk in childhood, but he used to console and feed her milk, now she has strong bones and is a kabbadi player because of that, parents always think children’s betterment, so she should accept his decisions. Meera nods yes. Amar says he wants to get her remarried. Meera stands in shock. Dolly confronts and asks if he has gone mad, she will not let him spoil her daughter’s life. Amar shouts Vivan has spoilt his daughter’s wife, he will get away Meera from Vivan at any cost. Meera says she will not marry and runs away.

Meera sits in his room reminiscing his and Meera’s happier days, their marriage, etc. He thinks he can convince Meera with Bhangra dance and watches videos. Silky walks in. Vivan thinks its Meera and asks if she came, then sees Silky and asks what is she doing here. Silky after a bit of emotional dialogues informs him that Amar is getting Meera remarried. Vivan is shocked and says he will not let this happen.

Vivan walks to Amar and warns him that he can do whatever he wants to him, but dare not to think of getting Meera remarried, Meera is angry on him now, that does not mean she does not love him. Amar’s shouting starts, Vivan continues confronting him and leaves. Yaa rabba…song…plays in the background.

Vivan is busy cutting grass when Laali’s aide calls him and informs if he wants to know who stole idol, he should meet him with 2 lakhs. Vivan leaves. Silky smirks standing behind. Vivan meets aide and giving him money asks who stole idol. Aide says Vivan himself stole idol and easily blamed Amar. Vivan warns to stop lying and tell truth. Meera and Amar reach there. Aide runs away. Meera runs behind him and catches him. Amar asks who sent him to steal idol. Aide says Vivan.

Precap: Amar points gun on his forehead and warns Meera he will die than accepting Vivan as Meera’s husband and asks Meer to decide before he counts 3, shoots bullet

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  1. man this gets more ridiculous. the whole lot of dhingras are crooks with the exception of dolly and meera.its like the whole universe is conspiring to keep meera and vivaan apart. amar is too much to force meera like that.and these idiots fixed vivaan. I hope meera won’t believe it man. haizzzzz

  2. What the hell the show lost it charm..Anyways
    Happy independent to u all jai Hindi

  3. Happy Independence day to u all….Amar is getting on my nerves now….Atleast Meera took her stand & disagree with her father’s decision of her 2nd merriage….but precap is pathetic…

  4. DannyComments

    Oaff! Too much Dramatic people

  5. This Amar is getting on my nerves with his emotional blackmails! Anger has clouded his common sense.

  6. Amar needs to butt out and let Meera and Vivan sort out their differences. Recap he wants to killed himself if you stayed with Vivan. I say let him if he so stupid!! Now it’s getting boring with Laali and her daughter always in some kind of conspiracy. Anyways like to wish everyone from India Happy Independence Day!!!

  7. Yes,the precap is pathetic and I have never seen a more pathetic father than Amar who is getting on our nerves day by day,,,,what he is doing is plain emotional blackmail…The writers really lack imagination to have come up with this stupid track where most of the Dhingra family have turned into antagonists …..Zee should really do some homework in selecting its writers….This track is so disheartening that I don’t feel like watching even for Arjit…

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