Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 9

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Hi guys Rithika here
I know u all r eagerly waiting for my ff’s so I’m here with my di’s one as it’s going to get over in 1 episode. It’s not my wish it’s what my di want’s because even she is busy as she is in 10th. So enjoy


Next day in the office the boss gives Sona and Dev a project

Boss : Look Dev and Sonakshi I can only trust u both for this project u both know how important this deal I want u both to work on this project and submit it to me

Dev started smiling like an idiot while Sona felt like banging her head on the table. Soon they both started working on the project. In this week they both became close to each other. Sona started falling for Dev but didn’t realize until one day…Sona got a call from Asha

Asha : Beta u come fast to India
Sona : Ki holo ma everything’s alright na
Asha : Haan haan baba just come we have fixed ur marriage with Arjun remember his mother Anu my best friend ….and haan Ishwari ji also said Dev is in London with u so if u can contact him bring him in the wedding (Forgot to tell u that the Bose’s and Dixit’s are close friends)
Sona : Ok ma

Sona unknowingly felt bad knowing about her wedding. She went to Dev’s flat to inform him

Dev : Haan tell Sona..
Sona : Woh ma’s phone came..
Dev : Hmm so…
Sona : She fixed my wedding with Arjun my ma’s friends son

As Sona said this Dev felt as if someone pierced his heart but he composed his self

Dev : Arey wah…..Congrats
Sona : (mind) Huh! Congrats seriously!! He loves me na so this congrats and stuff
Sona : Ya so Ishwari auntie told ma and she told me to bring u too. I told ma we only will be able to go for some days and she agreed because after marriage even Arjun will settle here
Dev : (mind) Ugh!! For heaven’s sake y is this happening with me….my Sona with someone else no it can’t be
Dev : Hmm fine I’ll tell ma even I’m coming

Soon Sona left to her flat and Dev called some of his spies

Dev : Ya so I want u to find out about Arjun…full name Arjun Mehra
OS :…..
Dev : Fine. I want the information by tomorrow or it will be too late
OS :…..
Dev : Hmm bye

He kept the phone. Next day his spies came t his flat

Dev : So found it
Spy : Yes sir. Arjun in London and India has a great successful business.
Dev : And all clear right
Spy : Yes sir. But a dreadful incident has happened with him over the past few years
Dev : What’s that
Spy : He was married 1 year back with Amrita Singhania, but once when they were going out his rival business people wanted him to die for a 500 crore deal, so they shot the fuel tank of the car fortunately he wasn’t there but his wife was….but her body wasn’t found…and ya his wife was pregnant also
Dev : Oh that’s sad…so y is he remarrying

Spy : Actually his mother Anu Mehra wanted him to forget this incident and get a new life….since Mrs. Amrita was his first love he couldn’t forget her…so after a lot of insistence he agreed to this marriage
Dev : Oh! I know how he must be feeling…anyway thanks u can leave now

He leaves from there. Just then Sona comes with her packed bag

Sona : We’ll leave?
Dev : Hmm let’s go

Soon they both left from there.


How’s it please give ur views.
Sorry for short epi I’m very busy due to lot of projects and stay backs for completing left over portion but promise last epi will be long (I guess????)

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  2. Awesome

  3. Awesome rj….. And eeshi as well…..bcoz it’s her idea…. And I have the feeling that what’s gonna happen in next episode ??

  4. Priya12

    Rithu, ur gonna end ths ff…let eeshita di can cm N write after xams…. we will wait..but don’t end ths ff..pls. .

    1. Rj12

      Sorry Priyu, but this is what my di wants sorry

  5. Manya

    Post soon

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