Absolute Darkness (ch 8)

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Swara: ur eyes urge for answers, but am i or u ready to hear?

(they didn’t get it whom she is talking to till she look to Sanskar) when death triangle leader question about the history of raj malotra….. secretary? he would definitely know, but it has to pass through me, so I knew u search about me but I didn’t tell raj.

Laksh: why?

Swara: raj ll take as dangerous sign and wont b easy to u people.

Sanskar: do I hear that from a girl who challenge raj in every chance she get.

Swara: but he won’t kill me or hurt people I care for (looking at laksh and ragini)

Sanskar: he won’t dare look at them?

Swara: I don’t promise u that?. Back to our topic. What u want from me? Secretary or…… something else?

Sanskar got the hint in her tune: neither. U confuses me, which is something I hate.

Laksh: hw u end with raj if I may ask?

Swara kept silent, ragini knock lucky elbow

Swara: leave this topic out of sight. I don’t think u may get the pain.

Swara didn’t know that she was pressing their wounds very hard. So all kept silent. Lost again in their memories.

Sanskar POV

Was I even eating? I don’t know! I felt like machine put food without taste. I don’t know what it means. U r wrong swara, I know it exactly and worst.

It seems swara situation brought up memories we try bury from 4 years, but worst of these was ‘ destruction night’
‘destruction night’, where our life changed. This is what we get when filthy sick wealth men and women gather for s*x and pleasure, they pay hell money and all pr*stitutes were gather virgin or no, they choose about 10 including me and laksh.

it was normal we r likely chosen, they usually shows our chests. Me and laksh were always different, however dirty its, it still clean and sculpted, gold and shinny were names fits us, it’s something u find only with born wealth children.

We always look down to floor so till this far we can’t see who else was picked. We got pale faces when one of the wealth chooses to add extra one……

Flash back

Man: I want this girl!!

Rqndeep: Ji sir

(They took us to another room, where men and women sit and started their filthy sounds, I was dizzied off due to drug, but I was aware and i swore if any come near me it won’t b without fight, laksh as usual silent and emotionless just till the last girl came in)

Laksh shouted: RAGINI!!!!

I looked to her, dressed badly and broken eyes, it was her first time, but no, not ragini, not swara last piece. First time laksh fight, he hit whoever com to his way and took ragini behind him.

Laksh: any one come near this girl must be on my dead body.

Randeep: lucky have u gone mad?

Laksh: no!!! I have always did what u people tell me!! Today I ask in return, whatever u want now I ll do, I ll take all her job, im ready to take the whole night alone, whatever u want, but spear this girl, I ll buy her even, but spear her.

I was happy seeing laksh move, but I’m really dizzied, they gather upon him snapping ragini and the night begin. Some buster snap me from behind, I resist but vain, laksh keep scream ragini name and ragini was only shouting as someone try to rip her so called cloth, then I hear glass break and all went silent

Flash back over

Sanskar POV over

Laksh POV

Ragini food is usually delicious then y it taste so bitter in my mouth. That night…………

The moment I enter that house if someone told me that I would break a bottle and put its sharp breaks at the nick of wealthy man, I would say he is nuts.

But ragini scream and imagining that happen to her, never, indeed on my dead body. Silent was master of the place.

Flash back

I shouted: Ragini come here… come…. Sanskar…. Sanskaaaaar

Ragini ran behind me clutching my shirt, they tried to move but I make one cut in man arm make and his shout make them silent. I was shivering and scare like hell

I shouted: Whr is Sanskar???

Sanskar came to me struggling little but fine, randeep try catch him but he also got bottle and broke it on his head, screams filled the place, Sanskar caught randeep

I ordered ragini: Ragini open door. Com on

We steep out 5 of us and close door from outside, we knew this house more than our palm. We head to the place of less guard, randeep kept say shit like u won’t get way with that b*t*hes, but each time Sanskar give him wound with the shattered glass.

When we reached guards they knew from the dark in our eyes that we reach our limit and that means f we die we ll take u with us so just let us run. We head to first car I throw that wealth man away and we ran with randeep.

I drove the car while Sanskar kept eye on randeep, i struggle since i never drive before… but i guess whn ur in dangerous ur mind work alone and keep u safe.

Randeep was my and sanskar demon… we waited that moment looooong ago. They chase for awhile but we lost them, and after much driving we reached unknown place and half build cottage.

Four of us head to that cottage, I had shirt on me but I give to ragini coz she needed it more, I order her to hide away and whenever happen, never come till I call for her. She did immediately leaving me and Sanskar with randeep.

Randeep: now what busters?

Sanskar: now Ur end.

Randeep: f**k u, do u both think u really have chances against me.

Laksh: we shall see…… master!!!

Flash back over

Laksh POV over

Ragini POV

What along night, more than we can bare, but its ok, food is being served na??!

I wonder if laksh is ok, I look at him, just a peak, huuuuh no he is not, tat tear from his eye, definitely not ok.

We hided in that cottage and I sit far from them as laksh said, I couldn’t see them, but after mints I hear screaming out load, I wanted to see but laksh order………, and the terrifying of scream make me not look. My ears still hurt from these sounds of randeep,
He scream with hell pain,, and begged for merci in each second, but shout never stopped.

There was glass breaking and bad mouthing but the screams didn’t stop for one second. Till the final sound, a gun shoot, then full silence.

I heard footsteps ….

Laksh: all is set now ragini, but don’t come out! Sanskar went to get any cloth for u. I’m sitting right here but u don’t come out.

I listen to him sitting, I feel him, my love, crying, I stand up and walk to him he was on floor, I got taken of hw he was.

Flash back

What a veiw… Angel Full of blood… face, arms, body, blood stains all over, he wanted to shout at me but he just keep look angrily, I sit on floor and take of his shirt and weeps his face from blood. We are fully silent but our eye speaks a lot. The more I weep the more cries he shades. I am not afraid of him, instead I fear on him. I was controlled by the moment, I come close to him and softly match his lips with mine, it was more like put stamp on paper, he didn’t respond to it, I looked to him he was closing eyes

I murmured: I’m sorry; it’s no right time and maybe u,

Laksh: d u know that this is my actual first kiss? (I gone breathless when he said that) I wished I would give it to u long time ago, but I couldn’t coz I wasn’t free, but now I can. I am free ragini….

Would u accept me ragini? Shattered scam like me, would u accept it?

I reply: shshshs, my love is no scam. (I wore that shirt again not caring the blood in it) tunnel my fingers in his hair push his head to put on my lap. He lay there and closes his eyes. I sing in low voice for him, I don’t know where I know this song but I just sing it to him to ease his tension…………

Flash back over

Now I think he is same sad and tension back again, no harm to do it again also Na…..

Ragini POV over

Ragini start to sing in quit sweet voice ( Jyot Jala De, Moh Mitaa De,

Kar kaya nihaal ji

Heli sun le ram ji…

Rangrasiya tu, man basiya tu

Simru thaaro naam ji

Heli mhari sun le raam…
Heli mhari sun le raam ji…

Mann me thai ho, Kann mei thai ho

Shrishti raa bhartaar ji

Heli sun le ram ji…

In the middle swara started to sing with her and finished together…?????

Ragini: do u now that song? (swara node yes in tension), HW??

Swara look confused: what HW??

Ragini: I never remember where I hear that song?, but since u knows it u may tell me!!?

Swara got to worry spreading her eyes everywhere? but finally said: it’s…its… praying…… usually sing by people from jepour and its round places.

Ragini: it’s quit far from here?; I wonder how I know it.?

Swara give her strange look ?then look to laksh: thank u for what u did

Laksh: it’s ok

Swara: but I still say stop Ur work with raj.?

Sanskar: y??

Swara: for Ur sakes.? It’s dangerous.

Ragini: we r triangle of death….?

Swara: but still able to quit. ?With raj its play or die?

Sanskar: good for us?

Swara: laksh, u said u know about raj, stop them.?

Laksh kept silent?. So swara continuous to eat?

Ragini: swara I hope u not……..?

Swara: its ok ragini never mind?

The night pass on quit, next morning swara wore kurti from ragini cloth then head to bar together.

While driving….

Swara: Ragini y u stopped me wear dress from those in Sanskar room. Why Sanskar have dress there any way? I mean…

Ragini: Its complicated swara

Swara: Bolo ragini ( actually swara was having feeling what if Sanskar is married or having gf, she is not simply comfort with that)

Ragini: Well, how to say, Sanskar is not committed to single woman, he can have any girl, and spent his night, these dresses just in case they need one at the leave.

Swara: any girl??????? But y….?

Ragini: Sorry swara that’s my limit. Com on. We reached.

They entered bar, empty but from workers; ragini showed swara her office.

Ragini: Actually Sanskar hate secretary, and doubt them so he never have one, it me who settle all his work. So that ll b ut office and that room is sanskar office.

She showed swara what to do briefly and left her. It was 2 pm and bar starts work at 5, Sanskar not here yet.

Time pass and night began, ragini brought swara nigh cloth to b ready setting in bar and watch Sanskar whenever he need noticing something or any.

She changed and down to club, Sanskar was standing with some man and woman and she hear hint from Sanskar.

Sanskar: don’t wry, job ll be done, I don’t need noting.

Swara: noting what sir?

Sanskar eyes widen.



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