Swasan: I love u only u (epi-10)

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********episdoe 10********

One week later

1week have been passed so many changes in this one week prathap was unable to stay away from sumi so he shifted to same apartment where sumi was there
If he asks Sanskar to stay in their mansion he won’t Accept it bcoz its his self-respect so prathap decided to come near them So all are started stay together in the same apartment

Sumi used to stay at night with prathap And lakshmi and spend sometime with her bhai and bhabi

With the effect of prathap Ayush is becoming naughty day by day and irritating Sanskar alot but he never scold Ayush for his naughty pranks

One day
It day to tender the file for a project which prathap and Sanskar where eagerly waiting Sanskar was going through the project once again
Sanskar was so indulged in that bcoz he want this project at any cost presentation starts at 3:00

On other hand
Swara was preparing lunch for Sanskar she wants to have lunch with Sanskar today so she prepared everything to give surprise
Soon she started and left to office

Swara entered into office she went to reception
Swara: excuse
Reception: yes mam
Swara: I want to meet Mr Sanskar Where is his cabin
Rec: do u have any appointment
Swara: no and I don’t need any appointment too call him and say my name Swara he will allow me
Rec: ? okie mam
She called to Sanskar

Sanskar: yes
Rec: sir a lady came to meet u Without an oppointment (she didn’t mention swara name)
Sanskar: I’m busy now don’t send her
Swara listened receptionist didn’t mentioned her name swara asks her mention her name
Rec: (but she didn’t mention her even after reminding her) sir is busy u may leave now
In mean time Sanskar PA came near them

PA : wt going on ? towards reception
Recp: mam she wants to meet sir but she don’t have oppointment
Swara sees Sanskar PA she didnt like her the way she dressed up with one piece and more she was trying to expose
Pa: (attitude) hey u without oppoinment no can’t meet sir now leave and get the oppoinment
Swara: ? don’t u dare to talk me like that who r u to stop me saying this she pushed PA and searched Sanskar cabin she asks their staff and they showed the room
She banged and open the door Sanskar was startled At sudden action he saw swara at the door side and smiles seeing her he walked near her before she reach near her

Security guards came near her and trying to drag her his blood boiled seeing this
PA came running sir sorry sir and commanded guards to remove her from here

Sanskar anger reached peek level he shouted loudly
Sanskar: how dare u to touch her saying he went near swara and asks is she fine or not
Sanskar: u r fine na ntg happen to na saying this he started beating the guards without listening her reply
Swara was shocked to see this she was trying to stop him but he was in so angry mood that she was unable to stop him

With no option she slapped him to get him senses
All are shocked 1st Sanskar was beating guards like hell after the slap they more shocked (guys they don’t know swara is his wife They even don’t know he was married )
Sanskar saw her with shocking face but still he can’t digest the fat that In his office she was dragging out of the Office again he started beating them

Swara Again tried to stop but again all went vain but no staff was even dare to stop him bcoz it was 1st time all are seeing this shade of Sanskar

Swara held his Face in her hands tightly she started kissing him on lips to get him to senses but he was Trying breaking The kids but swara was not leaving him swara signaled his PA to get out of the cabin soon all left the cabin by closing the door
Swara was still kissing him but soon she was lack of breath now she Removed her lips on him both are breathing heavily in no again Sanskar took into a kiss he was kissing her and feeling her taste of her lips he was sucking her lips Hard He pressed his tongue on her lips asking her to let him in with no time he parted her lips he started exploring all her mouth with his tongue soon both break the kiss

Both are staring each other one with Love and anger and other guilty soon Sanskar hugged her and say sorry to his princess
Sanskar: sry princess I’m really sry
Swara: it’s okie Sanskar but wt was that u r doing u would killed them if I would not stop u
Sanskar: ha then how dare they to touch my wife Saying this he dragged her and came out

Sanskar: hello everyone attention plzzzz
All staff looked at them and guards are also present there
Sanskar: I’m here to announce u all that meet my wife swara Sanskar saying This he hugged Her side wise
He called receptionist pointing towards her

Rec: y..yes sir (in fear)
Sanskar: u called me right to ask to send a lady or not but y u didn’t tell her name
Rec: sir vo vo
Sanskar: (shouted) I asked y u didn’t tell her name
Rec: (she startled for his sudden act) So…so…sorry sir
Swara: Sanskar I didn’t tell her my name now leave her
Sanskar: if u didn’t said she should ask u the name na
Swara: it’s okie now listen they won’t know me na that’s y they behaved like that now leave come with me saying this she took Lucy box which is out and left from there

Both had their lunch but Sanskar was in same mood swara smiles seeing his face it made pink in anger
Swara: Sanskar u looking so cute say this she kissed on his ? tip
Swara: awww wt happen to my hubby today not in mood to romance with me (dramtic way) saying this she sat on his lap
Sanskar: (hugs her through waist) Sry swara I re….
Swara: (interpreted by swara) shhhh I said its okie they don’t me na that y they behaved like that even it’s my fault right I only pushed them and came inside ur cabin
Sanskar: but swara they have to ask u na but that bl**** bur*** not even think it’s necessary
Swara: bas bad now prepare ur presentation u have only 2hrs Now get into work I will leave now
Sanskar: smiles and pecked her lips thank u princes for coming to office

Swara: acha say wt sweet u want to eat
Sanskar: y
Swara:snaksar I know u will bang the project we have to celebrate na okie u don’t say I will prepare and surprise u
Sanska smiles
Swara: okie now bye she stood from his lap was about to go but again he pulled her and kissed her lip passionately to remove all his nervousness Soon it’s broke due to lack of oxygen Swara blushes and hugs him

Swara: (whispers) all the best my prince
Sanskar: thank u my princess
Soon swara left the cabin with box she was stopped by receptionist
Rec: thank u mam u saved me Today or else don’t wt would have happen today U saved my job
Swara: it’s okie saying this she left the office

After sometime she called Sanskar and ask him to ask sorry from ten guards
@On call
Swara: Sanskar say sorry to guards and give money for medical purposes
Sanskar: okie swara as u say
Swara: sanskarrrrr.
Sanskar: swaraaaaa
Swara: okie chodo now concentrate on the presentation bye
Sanskar: smiles and says bye

Screen freezes on swasan Smiling face

Precap: Sanskar and laksh face off

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