Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai………(Part 1)

This is where we will see Shivaay, in the rehabilitation center, now. He is going back home today. He was given the hope that Annika wouldn’t like him dying like this, he will have to live for Annika, for their love.

Shivaay was not the same in the past 2 years. After Annika went missing, Shivaay immediately confessed his crimes on that day itself. Knowing the story of Veer’s drugs trial on Annika, they tested Shivaay’s blood, the same day itself and understood he was innocent.

There was traces of drug in his blood and it was found out that this drug can make the person do anything as instructed by any other person, which Veer did. Shivaay was set free after all the case procedures, but he was not free from the guilt of a mistake which he has done.

He tried to attempt suicide a lot of times, but he was saved by someone or the other. At last, when they saw him into depression, they took him rehabilitation center, where he was taken back to the pace of life. But little did they know that Annika was, is and will be his life!

No wonder, they had to give hopes to him saying that Annika will be back as for their luck, Annika’s body was never found. So, this gave him hopes which he had already within as his heart was shouting at him to live for Annika but his sight of love was blinded by his guilt.

Now Shivaay was the old SSO, the one who was stoic. Annika’s Shivaay was in coma, waiting for miracle to wake him up from his deep sleep.

The house is dull without Annika. Even if anyone of the member is not there, then the house will be dull as if there is no light. The smile which came from the heart of Oberoi family was missing. They all moved on, so that Shivaay would move on, but do you think Shivaay will?

Shivaay can never move on, but after coming from the rehabilitation center, he made himself engrossed in his business. He started his own business which was a dream of his Annika. His Annika was a wedding planner. He even decided to make sure that Annika resumes her work after Veer-Roop fiasco. But all his dreams sank down on that day. That dreaded day.

He wished that day, disappeared from his life. He hoped that day never occurred in his life. His Annika left him, that day.

During these two years, it was Tej, Shakti, Om and Rudra who maintained the business. Gauri is working as fashion designer and Bhavya is still a police officer. What about him?

Everyone was equally broken, but not as Shivaay. They tried to convince him to move on, even though they knew he never will. If you enter his room now, you can see that no one stayed in the room. It was kept exactly as it was kept two years before except that it was cleaned.

Her clothes was his solace. Her special smell. Her shampoos, body lotion, dresses, accessories,  were kept as it was as it literally reminded him of her. Each day of his passed by writing a letter to Annika, but none of them were posted.

He made videos for her, but none of them were seen by her.

Their room was filled with her photos and everything kept there was of her taste, but she is not there to see it.

His feelings for her was expressed every day, but she never heard them.

His dreams were hers, but she never got a chance to listen to him telling it to her.

He didn’t get her shoulder to lie his head on.

He missed her embrace, as each day passed.

The thought that she was not there is killing him everyday.

His dreams of living a life with their daughter and her, where he will pamper her and she will be strict.

Sahil was broken after knowing his sister left him. Not his sister, she was his mother. He tried to be strong for his father SSO.

Rudy and Om too lost their Bhabhi and Bhaiyya that day. Annika was not Bhabhi for them, she was mother for them.

Gauri lost her sister and Bade Bhaiyya that day.

Bhavya lost her sister-like bhabhi and her bade bhaiyya, whom she looked on, even though she was a police officer.

Jhanvi lost her mentor cum daughter, Annika. Annika is the one who is responsible for her good relationship with her husband.

Tej  lost the Annika who mended him. He wished his daughter-in-law back.

Shakti lost both his son and daughter. His daughter who was the one who brought back his sweet Pinky back and his son who made him proud in anyway, that sometimes he used to feel that his son is his inspiration

Pinky lost her Heera beta and Heera bahu that day. Her bahu whom she regretted for separating from his son. She wished she didn’t do it. Maybe, if she didn’t do it, then maybe, they could have a life together.

Dadi has lost her Billu and her Annika. Her Annika, who was the light of the house. Her Annika who always was by her side any time. She, who thought to close her eyes, when she sees her Billu’s and Annika’s child, didn’t have that chance too.

Svetlana, Tia and Soumya who were the enemies feel guilty for troubling this family after knowing the truth. They wished they knew the truth earlier itself. Maybe if that was the case, then this wouldn’t have occurred.

Abhay too was back in the house, with his wife Tanya. They too wished that the truth were out in front of them before itself. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have lost their Annika Bhabhi.

Mahi, who came as Shivaay’s duplicate was really his brother. He too was sad by the demise of his bhabhi Annika. Maybe, she irritated him by her question, but he admired her by her character.

The light of the house has left them forever. Will it be back?

Did Veer and Roop succeed in their mission? 

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    This is the continuous part of “Our Love will sink….?”

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      Thank you so much!!! Will try to update if I can! I have written some updates already, so I will post them daily, after that I may take a break!

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    Omg! Lovely episode….. ts like the whole ib treat it’s really nice each and every one r feeling bad for Anika even their enemies it’s quite different really emotional and feeling bad for shivay? looking forward to the next chapter plzz post soon tc ❤

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    what a brilliant update..really so good to read about everyone’s feelings towards anudi..and the condition of billu is explained so well..feeling sad for everyone..will be waiting fot the next..till then take care,,Love you..

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