Karn Sangini 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Stands By Karn

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Kasturi asks Karn if he is still angry on his wife and not forgive her. Uruvi shatters hearing that and walks away. Kasturi’s father says Karn is Angdesh’s king and is very busy in administrative work. Kasturi says when did he become king, as far as she knows he was going to ashram to learn archery, what happened to her and collapses. Vaidya asks everyone to go out and let her rest. Kasturi’s father shows concern that he does not know what happened to his daughter and when will she get ready. Karn asks him not to worry as rajvaidya is treating Kasturi. Kasturi’s father asks Karn does he really want Kasturi to get well, he sees Karn getting tensed seeing his second princess wife and does not like his childhood wife Kasturi now. Vaidya returns and says he is unable to identify Kasturi’s illness and needs psychiatrist’s help. Karn assures Kasturi’s father that Kasturi will be fine soon.

Karn’s aunts laugh that Uruvi is jealous now seeing Karn’s concern for his first wife. Radha walks towards kitchen and sees maids coming out and telling queen Uruvi sent them out and locked door from inside. Radha worried for Uruvi’s safety knocks door. Uruvi opens door. Radha asks why she is sweating, if she has fever, sees her preparing medicine for Kasturi and asks why she has such a kind heart. Uruvi says she is happy that Karn is safe and she will not let Karn to fail in his promise made to Kasturi’s father.

Vaidya informs Karn that psychiatrist has gone into jungle to get herbs, so he may take time to come. Kasturi’s father starts his tantrums and shouts Karn is failing in his promise to save my daughter, each passing second is pushing her towards danger. Uruvi enters with medicine and asks vaidya to feed it to Kasturi. Kasturi’s father yells she is Kasturi’s sautan and must have mixed something to harm it. Karn warns him to mind his tongue and says Uruvi cannot think of harming anyone and herself is a trusted vaidya. He himself tries medicine and says if medicine had poison, it would haves shown up by now. Vaidya says Uruvi is psychiatrist they were searching. Karn feels guilty seeing uruvi’s burnt hands while preparing medicine.

Uruvi walks to her room and sees aunts stealing sindhoor, asks what are they hiding. They boast they are dividing thing between Karn’s 2 wives. Uruvi stands sadly. Karn enters and warns aunts to shut their mouth. They walk away. Karn applies sandalwood paste to Uruvi’s Maids get Kasturi ready. Aunts walk to her and ask if she does not want to apply sindhoor via Karn. She says yes. They ask her to go to Karn’s room then. Karn is about to apply sindhoor to Uruvi when Kasturi enters and asks what is he doing. Karn stops and applies sindhoor to Kasturi instead. Kasturi asks if it is Karn’s room, it is so pretty and asks to remove flowers. Uruvi picks flowers, Karn reminisces they are Uruvi’s favorite flowers. Kasturi asks Uruvi who is she and why she entered a married man’s room at this time. Uruvi says she is vaidya’s daughter and will treat her. Kasturi asks why she is wearing queen’s clothes. Uruvi says Radha gave her to wear during pooja. Kasturi says Radha is very kind hearted and treats even maids like relatives. Karn feels bad while aunts smirk enjoying drama.

Precap: Karn hugs Uruvi. Urugi asks what will people say seeing kinng hugging a maid. Karn says he can be servant of this maid forever. Kasturi enters and stands shocked. They get tensed seeing her.

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  1. This is another strange serial.. So far I have heard that, Ang raj Karn had two wives, Vrushali and Shubhangi.. here many other women are being portrayed..

  2. Shiv

    Very much addicted to this serial! Binge watched 50 episodes from hotstar for catch up and finished it … luv the cast Karn and Sangini thanks to crew to chose them as leads lovely pair they are ! ?

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