Mere Sai 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Describes Greedy Stanta’s Story

Mere Sai 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Shanta if money is everything and not relationships and humanity. Shanta says money can buy anything, even relationships. Her son Prahlad enters with his wife Meenakshi and says he hates Shanta’s greedy nature. Shanta gets happy seeing her son Prahlad. Sai welcomes him. Prahlad greets Sai and he heard a lot about Sai and heard how he saved his sister from old man and made his bullocks take Shirdi’s route and Mridul/labor boy brought him here. Shanta walks to Prahlad. Prahlad scolds her that her greedy nature made him stay away from her. Sumitra confronts Shanta why did she lie that her son stays with her.

Sai asks Shanta if she has any reply now and asks her to return money to get back her son. He describes how Shanta bought up Prahlad with great difficulty, but then started controlling him, Prahlad wanted to marry the girl he loves, but greedy Shanta forcefully got him married to a girl who brought highest dowry, she troubled her bahu repeatedly to get more dowry, so Prahlad took away his wife to save her from Shanta’s greed. Prahlad says seeing Shanta trying to get his sister Jhipri married to an old man for money, she will sell even his child for money. Shanta cries not to say that. Sai says she forced him to think that.

Parsahuram shouts in pain, puts his hand in cold water, even then his burning pain does not calm down. Anta and Panta walk to him and say his wouund will worsen and may rotten and he may have to amputate his hand if he does not get treatment on time, so he can meet vaidya Kulkarni who can treat his hand and even get him justice from Jhipri’s family.

Sai confronts Prahlad that instead of leaving his mother’s house, he snatched his mother’s house and everything she had, so helplessly Shanta wandered and instead of correcting her mistake she made one more mistake by meeting old rich man Parashuram who lost 3 wives and wanted to marry 4th time, so he promised Shanta to reward her with 1000 rs if she finds a bride for him. Greedy Shanta reached Shirdi to her relative Sumitra’s house and seeing young Jhipri planned to get her married to Parashuram to get 1000 rs. He describes rest of story in detail till now. Prahlad confronts Shanta that she got so greedy to think of spoiling her niece’s life.

Precap: Sai asks Kulkarni to keep Appa’s property papers safely, Appa will pay his debt and take back his property papers. Kulkarni shouts if he is challenging him. Sai says he is reminding him.

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