RadhaKrishn 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Gopadevi Advices Radha

RadhaKrishn 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gopadevi/Krishna says in their community, a woman is in love if she has curly stress like Radha. Radha says she does not love anyone and asks she has 2 tresses, does that mean she loves 2 men. Gopadevi/Krishna says no and thinks Radha is one, but has 2 avatars in Golok and Barsana, so these 2 tresses are for her. Gopadevi says there is one more saying that if one’s lover braids hair, they will look more beautiful. Radha scolds her to stop her blabbering and braid her hair now. Gopadevi braids Radha’s hair reminiscing braiding Radha’s hair in Golok. Radha says her tress is tied, does that mean she is her love. Gopadevi/Krishna thinks he is her lover since ages. She decorates Radha with jewelry reminiscing doing same in Golok. Radha smiles looking herself in mirror and gets shocked seeing Golok’s Radha and Krishna and thinks whose image did she see now. Gopadevi/Krishna thinks she saw the truth.

Vyomesh’s baraath enters Radha’s house. Kirtida enters Radha to check and gets mesmerized with her beauty. She praises Gopadevi for her talent and asks her to bring Radha out soon as baraath has come. Once she leaves, Radha asks Gopadevi/Krishna how did she learn doing such a good makeup, on whom she practiced. Gopadevi/Krishna says she. Radha is surprised hearing that and asks what does she mean. Gopadevi/Krishna says a friend like her and asks her to smile for her mother. Radha smiles. Gopadevi/Krishna says she is showing fake smile and not smiling by heart. Radha asks how can she say that. Gopadevi/Krishna says looks like her boyfriend betrayed her and she got angry on him. Radha asks how does she know. Gopadevi/Krishna says doing people’s makeup, she learnt to read their face and asks if she is wrong. Radha says she is right. Gopadevi/Krishna continues her gyaan. Radha angrily says she speaks like Krishna. Gopadevi/Krishna says that means her boyfriend’s name is Krishna, nice name and he must be handsome also. Radha scolds her to mind her business.

Kirtida takes Baldevi to kitchen and says she must be knowing many dishes. Baldevi excitedly says a lot, thinking she would offer to eat. Kirtida asks her to prepare vegetable dish. Baldevi gets tensed thinking she does not know to cook. Kirtida says whole Barsana will come for feast, so if she needs more vegetable. Baldevi nervously says this much is enough.

Vyomasur/Vyomesh, Jatila, and Ayan speak to Kans’ aide via black magic where aide says they have to kidnap Radha today and get her to Mathura. Jatila says Vyomeshh will be busy in function, how can he get Radha there. Aide says Ayan should kidnap Radha and bring her to Mathura. They agree and turn back and are shocked to see Gopadevi standing. Gopadevi says she came here searching Vyomesh. Jatila asks if this is the only reason she came here. Gopadevi says yes. Vyomesh feels unique energy around him. Gopadevi thinks Vyomesh is feeling Narayan’s energy.

Krishna gives moral gyaan. He shows needle and sword and asks which one is more powerful, they may say sword as it is strong and gets them victory in war, but they cannot stitch from sword and they have to use needle, so after getting sword they should not lose needle, similarly they should not lose less unfortunate friends after getting fortunate friends as unfortunate friends were helpful in need.

Precap: Mahadev asks Krishna when will he Krishna and Radha’s Raas/dance. Gopadev tells Vyomesh that Radha is a best dancer. Vyomesh says he will convince Radha to dance and insists Radha.
Radha says she stopped dancing. Krishna thinks Radha has to dance.

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