Muh Boli Shaadi 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nikhil going to bring the mangalsutra. The goon hold the mangalsutra and says he will enjoy today with the girl. Anmol slaps him for beating her husband. The goons hear police jeep siren and escapes. Ratan Singh comes and sees them holding hands. He says very good Nikhil. I am really impressed. You are taking good care of Anmol. He says you can’t offer a tea to me, but assured Anmol to keep happy. He says I have a solution. He gives blank cheque to Nikhil with divorce papers. He asks Nikhil to sign quietly and then don’t dare to meet Anmol. Anmol asks him to keep quiet. Nikhil laughs and says you understood me lately. Ratan Singh asks Anmol to come with her. Nikhil asks for the pen and signs. Anmol is shocked. He throws the pen back to Ratan Singh. He asks him to have tea. Ratan Singh says to Anmol that this is Nikhil’s true face. Nikhil burns the papers and mixes ashes in the tea. Ratan Singh is shocked. Nikhil tastes it and says he didn’t get the good taste in 1 crore tea. He forwards his hand towards Anmol. Anmol holds his hand and goes to him. Nikhil tells him that you shouldn’t have named her Anmol. She might not be precious for you, but she is precious for me like her name. Anmol smiles. Ratan Singh leaves.

Ashok searches for something in the house and goes to Seema’s room. Seema hides seeing him searching her cupboard, She goes to the temple and hides the money in the box. Ashok comes to in house temple and says he was searching money in Seema’s room. He asks why you are punishing me. I am searching for money like a thief. He gets the money kept in the box by Seema. He says he has to take the money. Seema looks on sadly. Ashok says I prayed you to send rich bahu to our home, but not of our enemy. He says he had high hopes from Nikhil, but he splashed all his dreams.

Ratan Singh couldn’t sleep and thinks he is feeling helpless until he gets solution for this. He says he doesn’t have option rather than asking his help. Ashok comes and sits on sofa. He asks what do you want from me. Ratan Singh reminds him that they are in the same boat. He says our kids insulted us. Ashok says he will accept death, but will never accept his son. Ratan Singh says you are a father and you can’t push your son towards death. We have to take out a solution. Ashok says our kids are stubborn. Ratan Singh says we have to use mind. He asks him to send Anmol back to his house, and says he will give him 1 crore rupee. Ashok accepts the deal and says your daughter will reach your home. Ratan Singh smiles.

Next morning Ashok tells his family that he took money from the box and apologizes. He says he is a father from inside and misses Nikhil. He says he can’t be happy without Nikhil, and can’t see them sad. Seema gets happy. Ashok says he did a mistake by not letting Nikhil and Anmol come home. Bua ji asks what do you want to do? Ashok says he will apologize and bring them home. Seema hugs Bua ji.

Bua ji asks Anmol to push the kalash and enter home. Anmol does the rituals happily. Bua ji says you are welcome in the family. Anmol smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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