Swaragini 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dadi blames Dida and says Shobha is also with Sumi in this conspiracy. Ragini is shocked. Shekhar says I thought you are doing this for some reasons. Sumi accepts to had acting for some reason. Shekhar asks her to stop and blames her for snatching Ragini’s happiness. Dadi tells Ragini that this world is bad. She says this woman acted to be fainted, to stop your engagement. Ragini says mum was very happy with my engagement. Dadi says she didn’t know about the truth then. She says Laksh lied to you. Swara asks Dadi to stop. Ragini asks her to say. Dadi tells that Laksh doesn’t love you, but bengalan’s grand daughter Swara. Ragini is shocked. She says Laksh accepted you for Sanskar. Sumi is shocked too. Dadi says I am saying truth. We both, Shekhar and I have seen them together. She says Swara is coming after meeting Laksh. Ragini gets teary eyes. Swaragini music plays……….Swara cries too.

Adarsh asks Sanskar to drink juice. Sanskar refuses. Sujata comes. Utara asks where did you go? Sujata says she went for some work. She signs Sanskar. Sanskar asks for Ragini. Ram says she can’t come today. Laksh comes home. Sanskar asks him to call Ragini. Sujata asks him to calm down. Annapurna tells Sanskar that ragini will never come again. Sanskar looks on. Annapurna asks him to accept that Ragini can’t come here. She asks him to drink juice. Sanskar acts madly. Sujata says your brother lied to us. He loves Swara instead of Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Sumi asks Swara, is this true? Dadi says I know that you knows everything. Swara says maa doesn’t know about this. She says this is true that Laksh proposed me.

Shekhar asks Sumi, why did you hide this big thing from me. Sumi says she didn’t know. Sujata says truth has come out. Sujata apologizes to Sanskar. Laksh asks how did you know it. Sujata looks shocked. Dadi blames Sumi and says you are wrong. Sumi goes to Ragini and tells that she didn’t know it. She says she acted as Laksh said that he doesn’t love her. She says Laksh said that he loves someone else. Ragini says he loves Swara. Dadi asks Sumi to stay away from Ragini. Dida asks them to give chance to Swara to speak. Swara tells that she went to meet Laksh. She says she hates Laksh. She says Laksh is always yours.

Ragini says Swara………..you said that he loves me. Swara says I misunderstood him. Ragini says you lied to me. Swara says I hates him. Dadi asks why did you meet him. She asks why he was holding your hand and bends down on his knees. She says I knew everything. Your mum have broken Ragini’s alliance as you loves him. Annapurna asks Sujata to tell. Sanskar gets tensed. Sujata says she heard Laksh talking to Swara. He told Swara that he loves her. Annapurna says she don’t want to hurt Ragini more. Laksh says he wants to apologize to Ragini and his mum. Sanskar and Sujata looks on. Sanskar starts acting. She asks them to call Ragini.

Swara says maa didn’t know anything about this. Ragini doesn’t believe her. She doubts everyone. Dadi’s words echoes in her ears and she runs outside. Swara and Shekhar follow her. She starts walking blindly on the road, recalling Laksh and Swara moments. She recalls seeing Laksh and Swara closer. Shekhar and Swara come insearch of Ragini. She cries and runs on the road recalling Swara and Laksh’s words. She gets hit by the car. Shekhar and Swara get shocked.

No Precap.

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  1. what is going on
    the revelation turned pitiful for ragini but dadi is really bad and ragini and shekhar are fools not to trust swara and sumi
    I hate dadi and ‘sujata and sanskar

  2. what is going on
    the revelation turned pitiful for ragini but dadi is really bad and ragini and shekhar are fools not to trust swara and sumi
    I hate dadi and sujata and sanskar

    1. i think they wil but it wont be soon enouggh they are shocked nn angry to see clearly…….sumi is innocent .i just wish swara wld have told the truth sooner because now dadi wil get to separate the family,poor sumi

  3. sry it was posted two times

  4. Anu if you are the one you wn’t trust because it was the second time.c’mon all this happen 4 real.

  5. Jst kill swra lksh sujata dadi and dada

  6. this family is soo going to burn in flames and separate

  7. all this would have been avoided if some one just told the truth in public and not sideways.all that work to unite the family is going to waste because of a guy??

  8. Im watching this since last 1month. Is both the girls swara & Ragini are the daughters of same parents. Im asking this bcaus dadi love & cares Ragini only.

    1. No they r step sisters swara is daughter of shekhar and sumi and ragini is of his first wife shekhar and sumi were love wid each other but dada threaten to kill himself if he accepts the truth so before 20 years shekhar was helpess to accept sumi but then swara ragini and laksh reunited them so dadi hate swara dida and sumi As they r Bengali

    2. Thank u anonymous

    3. Thank u.. 🙂

  9. I want to kno what happened in sanskaar past.

    1. SaNskaar will love a girl but is seperated by durga prasad. So he want to seperate his son laksh from his love, swara….

      I read it in india forums pradhishma

    2. Sanskaar jis ladki se pyaar kartha tha woh Swara hai.

    3. @ria how did u kno its swara??

    4. Thanks sruthi

    5. Ria it is not swara.its some other girl. See in india forums

  10. Precap: laksh asks shekhar Where is
    Ragini as I want to meet her shekhar grabs his hand and takes him to the hospital

  11. Shekhar also not believing sumi nd swara.he is still a mamma’s boy.feeling sad 4 ragini but i want swalak’s jodi..always.

    1. I also want swalak but some days ago some1 tolf

    2. Told that marriage will happen of ragini and laksh then swara will come to Stop then suddenly sanskaar will lift her and will drag her to

    3. To mandir and apply sindoor then swara will become pregnant wid sanskaar child some1 told this before

    4. Aiyoo…. pradishma,i wont watch that.ragini can marry sanskaar na.v want swalak…they rocks together.

    5. Ya right
      And its not necessary to laksh to marry ragini for his brother if sanskaar wants ragini he should marry her

    6. U r ri8 pradishma.

    7. raglak pair is not good. Laksh is gud wid swara. And swara wid tat sanskaar cheee… i want swalak….

    8. after all the tantrums her mom played to keep shekhar n sumi apart… that dumb head is still beleivin his mother…. THIS IS DUMB…..n for heavens sake lest pair up the rite couples together…. swara+lakshya… thuis girl has already done alot for raguini… now its her turn…. agreed..?

    9. Agreed swara should see of herself also and have u all saw that when swara tells ragini that laksh was urs
      And will be urs I jus hate that line cuz how can she decide that whom laksh will marry

  12. Friends keep some name for sanskaar+ragini=

  13. Raglak don’t suit a good couple
    Swalak do and ragsan should aswell

  14. I heard that raglak will get married but swara stops before the 7 rounds and tells everyone truth and then sanskaar say I love ragini and they get married…

  15. Is it true anu?thnx 4 the info..nd yeah sruti, swalak is always better than raglak.

    1. Right swalak is better

    2. Yes liya. I love swalak… laksh should be wid swara.

  16. Liya u watch dis serial???

  17. No reads updates…no time 2 watch serials so whenever i gets time,i reads the updates.wbu pradishma?

    1. I watch it

  18. I want to know does it all happen in one day…. so many things? Still the Sun is so bright when Raghini went out of the house and goes under a moving vehicle? All wear the same clothes for how many days? Cant stand the dress Swara wears for so many days and so do Sujata. Secondly, when the driver of the vehicle honks and the person does not move, will the driver not stop the vehicle instead of running over? Is the author running away from imagination? Same scene was shown for Laksh last week and now Ragini… and in many serials. Why the vehicles in the serial do not have brake pads? Come on, have some thoughtful reasons and do not make the viewers fools.

    1. Actually ur right !!!!!’

  19. Hii everyone

  20. It is very interesting and sometimes it is full of tear eyed so meet the swralaksh and bring the truth of sanskar infront
    of everyone

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