Qubool Hai 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shashi Kapoor goes inside wondering about her connection to Ahil’s house. Shaad follows her. He searches for her and then goes inside a room when he hears someone coming. Ahil and Sanam’s photo is hanging on the wall there and he just misses it. Sanam-2 catches Shaad and instantly remembers meeting him in Pakistan. She tells him she knows who he’s searching for and asks him to come. Shaad wonders whether Shashi Kapoor found out about him.

Sanam/Jannat hopes Shaad joins the function soon, so she doesn’t get bored. Just then Sanam-2 brings Shaad to her and she gets happily surprised. Sanam introduces Sanam-2 as Ahil’s second wife. After Sanam-2 leaves, Sanam tells Shaad that she didn’t think he would finish his work so soon. Shaad says he didn’t know his path to his goal passes from here. Sanam is confused.

Other hand, Saif introduces Shashi Kapoor as his sister to Ahil and Ahil gets shocked as he recalls Tanveer nightmare. He tells her that she feels like someone he knew. She tells him whether they look familiar or no, now they are relatives and she fulfills her relationship well whether it’s with friends or enemies. He says he believes in the same. Saif sees Sanam-2 alone and goes to her. He grabs her hand and says to meet his sister. Sanam-2 quickly releases her hand and goes with him. Sanam-2 also gets shocked seeing Shashi Kapoor as she recalls seeing her as an air hostess. Shashi Kapoor says she’s a politician so everyone must have seen her. Then come Shaad and Sanam and they meet Shashi Kapoor. Shaad recognizes her. Shashi Kapoor says there is different in recognizing someone and knowing someone and it seems Shaad really wants to bring someone’s face in front of everyone which won’t be easy. He says he doesn’t like doing things that are easy anyway. She wishes him the best.

In kitchen, Latif and Gazalla are confused about recent events in the house. Gazalla tells Latif to start preparing food else Sanam-2 will kill them.

The function begins. Nazia is brought down. She takes her place and all give her a gift. Sanam-2 comes first and says it’s from her and Ahil. Sanam comes then. She says she doesn’t know her choice, but she is sure she will like it. Nazia gets shocked. She hugs her and calls her bhabhijaan. All are shocked. Sanam-2 quickly interrupts and tells Sanam that Shaad is Ahil’s close friend and she is his wife, and in India they refer close friend’s wife as bhabhijaan. Ahil gets angry, but doesn’t do anything. Shashi Kapoor tells Ahil that there must be a celebration on this big occasion. Sanam-2 interrupts and says sure there will be. Episode ends.

Precap: Sanam, Sanam-2, Shashi Kapoor perform together on a song. Shashi asks a servant for salt. The servant says he came here to serve only, he doesn’t know where salt is. Before Ahil says anything, Sanam interrupts and gives precise location of salt. All are surprised.

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  1. come on sanan you and shad get to hell out of that house before you remember that dotish husband of yours ahil I do no like you all together anymore because he is way toooooooooooooo why on earth does he ahil not deal with that long toenail murdering b*t*h sanam 2 shake her up and throw her ass out of the house let her be on the streets again and for a person who suppose to be pregnant she sure is calm about the situation I would not be surprise if she is still telling lies about the pregnancy anyway it is about time ahil stands up and takes his place as the man of the house and stand firm and lay down the rules and stop taking abuse from that wicked witch sanam 2

  2. Sanam should regain her memory soon
    Am fed up of seeing her and Shaad together or at least let them have some sahil moments while she is in the house

    1. Agreed… Either I dnt lyk dem 2 c 2gethr.. I lyk sanam and ahil….but c ahil’s char is such a dumbest char… He’s juz taking taunts 4m dat wicked wit*h sanam…

  3. Sanam should regain her memory soon
    Am fed up of seeing her and Shaad together or at least let them have some sahil moments while she is in the house………and also I wish Aahil finds out that nayi sanam isn’t pregnant with his child but Saif

  4. Tanveer daughter and dat crow foot sanam r disgusting… Go2 hell… Ahil ka zubaan nahi hai kya… Ek lafz bi nahi boltha… Sirf sunraha hai vus witch ka Baath… Cvs made ahil char really dumb ? 😡

  5. Whem ahil 1st came on the scene,he was so confident,not afraid to speak his mind or js be a “man” now he’s like a mouse. His character is really stupid.

    1. Hmm CVs just spoiling his character… ???

  6. Hey people stop ganging up on ahil that’s the character he has to play. But ahil come on now get rid of yesterday witch we know u can do it for ur sanam

    1. ahil is just afraid for that sanam 2 has once almost had ruined his image in front of the media (the revolver act) … n firstly he is afraid of this… secondly ahil is a way to sensitive towards the child… he dosen’t knw its not his u see…

    2. @manya … Agreed may b he’s is bothering dat witch 4 dat child… Hope truth ll cumout soon…

    3. yeah…. i just hate that fool saif ….. so mad in love that he is just not speaking up…

  7. *that witch

  8. Comeon ahil prove ur luv 4 sanam.i wish after knowing the truth shaad ll sacrife his luv as sanam really luvs ahil.what about haya nd raahat?writers r jumping from 1 part 2 other without completing it.

  9. How many sons and daughters did tanveer have? if saif and shashi are siblings then rehaan is also tanveer son and that means ahil and shazia are saif and shashis step brother and sister so how can saif and shazia get married this is so ridiculous.plz writers be sensible

    1. dnt get confused… its just a sisiter for name sake… acc to shashi… she is not supposed to be muslim…so saif is just a brother of name sake…..

  10. Who’s… Misbah/shashi Kapoor…. Biological father… As I’m big fan of saahil… I dnt lyk ahil character 2 b dumb… Ahil must speak out… He must show d heroism…

    1. thats still a mystery… coz she was pregnant in jail… n it cannot be imran.. coz his son was rehan…

  11. like I said before leave sanam with her lost memory and shad because to tell the truth ahil is way toooooooooo dotish for her he ahil deserves that murdering witch long toe nail sanam 2 because he is not standing up as a man he use to act the same dotish way before too when coming to tanveer and he is doing the same thing with sanam long toenail he ahil is allowing her to rule him instead of throwing her ass out of the mansion he did it once do it again all long toe nail is doing is embarrassing him and pushing her mouth with all that set of crooked teeth in her mouth everytime he speaks she seriously needs to go to a dentist or keep her mouth shut always

  12. c’mon guys i understand u r frustrated about Ahil’s xter bt his playing his role after all writers wanted to create drama of which is really not entertaining…so writers bring back the drama similar to QH1 coz i was really enjoying it

  13. if i was ever shown a future vision of the current QH when QH1 was on air i would hv gt the shock of my life bt apparently am jus accustomed to the behuda drama av stopped having hopes on this show to ever be lively again

  14. BDW sanam remembers where salt is bt cnt remember Ahil as her husband…she surely loves food more than Ahil

  15. I’m very very disappointed with this track. I’m pretty sure that by the time Sanam regain her memory Aahil will lost his memory or something will happen to him, accident or go to coma. Can’t believe these writers don’t want to show anything positive or happy in this show,they just want to show crimes, regret, revange, sorrows, twists nonsense stuff. Surbhi/KV please quit this show….

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