Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 8th August 2013 Written Update

Pammi somehow manages to make Rahul agree to stay at Faujdar house. Rahul advises Pammi to go to Minty and ask her about her expectations from her future partner. Pammi is extremely nervous before going to Minty’s room and in a hurry bumps into Ranjeet. Ranjeet dreams of a dance sequence with Pammi while Pammi has a nightmarish vision of Ranjeet trying to rape him. Ranjeet gives Pammi his typical looks of a lover-boy while Pammi manages to escape to Minty’s room.

Pammi asks Minty about her idea of her dream man. Minty tells him that she wants somebody who is dashing, has charms of SRK, body of Salman Khan, is perfect like Aamir Khan, cute like Ranbir Kapoor and who can dance like Hrithik Roshan. Minty asks Pammi if she’s being too demanding. Pammi is heart-broken and leaves the room.

Pammi is crying and Rahul once again tells him to forget Minty and come with him. Pammi refuses and says that he now has a plan so that Minty ditches her idea of her perfect man. Rahul is confused.

Pammi creates a fake profile with name “Sunny Malhotra” and puts up a display pic of an extremely handsome guy (the hot Akshay Dogra) and sends a friend request to Minty. Minty is extremely impressed with Sunny’s pic and starts chatting with her. Pammi impersonating as Sunny asks Minty to meet him the next day at a coffee shop. Minty is now confident that she is in love with Sunny and is overjoyed.

Rahul asks Pammi how he will bring Sunny to the coffee shop. Pammi tells him that when Minty won’t find Sunny at the shop, she will be heart broken and would ask Sunny about it. Sunny will tell her that he isn’t interested in her. Minty will then turn to a common man (i.e. Param). Rahul is very impressed.

Precap: Minty is excited to meet Sunny and tells Gayatri to tell the entire family about him. Pammi and Rahul are already counting their chickens.

Update Credit to: Sayaani-Chidiya

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