Qubool Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 8th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Rashid, attends to a call from the inspector, saying that he doesnt need to search for her in morgue, and that she is somewhere near. After he cancels, he thinks that he has never spent an Eid without her, and tomorrow’s eid wont give any happiness to the family. rashid goes dejectedly. The imposter assures razia that he would definitely get rid of Badi bi today.

Nazma is very tensed thinking about imran, and wonders whats this new problem, as she thought she had forgotten him, but it wasnt, and still she cant say no to him, and nikhat’s marriage is called off, then why cant they be together. Nihat at the same time, prays and says that she cant forget despite, imran having left her, and is still in the hope that cn and they

shall be together. Nazma and Imran remember their past moments with him. Nazma calls him up, as imran is hopeful, but she dashes his hope saying that she cant talk to him, as she cant do this to nikhat. Imran says that she’s the past now. Nazma says that she too is in the past and cant do this now. imran asks if anything has changed still, and if they still dont feel for each other. Nazma is speechless and cancels the call. She is distraught and in tears.

Shirin gives nikhat, her dress for tomorrow, and she accepts half heartedly., as she is about to go, shirn asks if she’s okay. When she is upset, nikhat is asked why she idd this. Nikhat says that she cant bear her parents’ insults in front of her. shirin thinks that some people are like that, and that they shouldnt bother by this. nikhat asks if she was never bothered by this, or rashid didnt get insulted. she says that she has seen them bearing the insults. She says that now its her turn to reciprocate. shirin is suprised at her maturity, but tries to advise her saying that she senses her pain, and cant hide that. Nikhat breaks into tears. Shirin asks her not to cry as they shall celebrate eid tomorrow nicely.

Scene 2:
location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Asad asks from the event manager, on the phonefor 200 copies of a photograph, and CCTV on each entrance. Zoya is shocked to see him going to such lenghts. Asad says that he has hired an artist who can make a pic of what her Dad would like after 30 years, since she last saw him. Zoya is happy and overwhelmed at this suggestion. just then the pic is uploaded, on Asad’s laptop. They both look at it, and decide that they have seen the photo’s person earlier. zoya says that she feels that she would find her father very son. Asad hopes that its on the Jashne-e-eid.

Mamujaan, at the same time, gives his consent after much hesitation, to the same function that asad is organising. but he is sad that humaira wont be there to share this happiness with him. He eyes Rajni, and thinks that today his own daughter is a stranger, and he cant even shed tears for that, as he’s presumed to be strong. He thinks that none of his daughters would wish him eid this time. One has forgotten him and the other has been forgotten with time.

In their room, Rajni comes with clothes from outside, due to heavy rain. seeing her wet in the rain, he gets sensuous, and tries to get close to her. rajni tries to escape but he doesnt let her, by showing her the mangalsutra, that he wishes to tie now, in order to get physical with her. Rajni tries to get free, but he says that its his right as he’s her husband. When the imposter tries to forcibly get intimate with rajni, out of increasing discomfort, she slaps him tightly, shocking the wits out of him. She leaves, with imposter making sure that he would get her on her knees the next time, he catches hold of her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
comes running out and collides into ayan, who asks her if she’s okay, and how is she so wet. Rajni hurriedly asks ayan if he can do something for her. Ayan hurriedly says yes. Rajni asks him to hug her. He is shocked but yet complies. Rajni hugs him tightly. He remembers his past moments of intimacy with her, as rajni and as humaira, while she is happy and content in his arms. He too responds with the same passion, in acknowledgement of his feelings. He caresses and strokes her hair gently. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Zoya is about to break in to poetry, when asad stops her saying that today, he shall do the honours..
Chand raat wahi hai meri, jis raat mein tum ho,
eid usi din hai meri, jis din tum mere saamne ho…!!!
While zoya is shocked, asad asks how was he….?
Razia asks tanveer on the phone, what can she do. Tanveer says that what she didnt tell zoya, she would tell the entire Bhopal today, and bring out the infidel nature of her eminent and respectable husband. Raziz is shocked. She reaches the celebration, to find zoya talking to mamu. In the function, Zoya talks to Mamu himself, saying that she’s looking for her father, and he being a noted person, and member of the committee, can help him out, as he too is around is father’s age, and can have a clue about him. mamujaan agrees to help her. Razia is tensed as she hears from a distance. She is about to stop them, when she is stunned as Zoya produces the same picture that has Mamu in it, and for her, her clue to find her father. Mamu extends his hand to take a look at it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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