Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Noor Aapa coming in the balcony and reading Raghu’s message that apply ointment else I will come and apply it. Raghu acts as if he did not send any message. Antara tells her that her hand got burnt. Noor Aapa gets worried. Antara closes the door. Antara tells her about the incident. Noor Aapa says I knew it, whats the matter. Antara says relax and tells her the complete incident how she saved Aaji. Noor Aapa says search for any other job. Don’g go there from tomorrow. Antara says I cannot leave this job, its important for me. Antara does not lose courage and tells her what her dad used to say. Antara says I have to work for mum and Ishaan. Noor Aapa praises her and says will you apply the ointment or shall I apply it. Antara says Raghu is mad and jokes.

Aaji is caressing Raghu and asks about an ointment. Raghu asks where did it burn. Aaji says my heart is burnt. He says I gave the ointment to Antara. Aaji says did you apply it too. He says no, I just gave her. Aaji says I asked you to apply it. Raghu says I have put her hand in water and then she fell, and I have hold her, then I sent a message in her balcony. Aaji says ok, you should not shout on her again. Raghu leaves. Aaji smiles. Antara comes to Aaji’s house the next morning. She faces Raghu and they stare ate each other. Antara stops his way and thanks him and gives him the ointment. He asks did you apply it, she says yes. He says then how is it full. She says I don’t need it. She says I don’t want to fight with you, I m not interested. She says why did you send the ointment, he says so that you don’t skip your work, she says I do my work faithfully with heart. read full updates daily only at She says your message was full of mistakes. They have an argument. The doctor comes and asks where is the patient. Raghu takes him to Aaji. The doctor checks up Aaji and says her BP is high. Aaji jokes. The doctor says don’t make her tense and take care of her food. Antara comes and takes the prescription. The doctor leaves. Antara says you have to take these medicines on time. Aaji says I want good food. She says I will teach you how to cook. Antara says I m going you something, you promise me first. Aaji says it is necessary, Antara says yes. Aaji promises. Mami is going out in the market and asks Noor Aapa to take care of the house. Antara is teaching Aaji some meditation exercises. Raghu comes there and looks at them. Raghu laughs and goes.

MachMach is with Arshad Miyan. MachMach says the spongecake is tasty. Arshad Miyan asks is it fine to go to Ishaan’s house at this time. MachMach gets a call from his friend and he leaves. Arshad Miyan rings the doorbell and meets Noor Aapa. She thinks he is the electrician. He is puzzled. She asks him to start working. He says I m coming here to teach. She misunderstands and the scene turns hilarious. He tries to tell her but she does not listen to me. He follows her instructions and gets on to the table. The bell rings again and the man says I m the electrician. She asks Arshad who are you, he says I m the teacher to teach Ishaan. Arshad falls from the table. Noor Aapa is tensed.

Antara sees Aaji’s Ghungroo and asks her do you really dance. They have a talk about dance. Antara says she learnt Kathak. Aaji says lets continue dancing. Antara says now I can’t, my life has changed. Aaji says don’t you trust me, you don’t want to learn. Antara says yes. Aaji says I will teach you. Antara says the doctor asked you to rest. Aaji says I m fine, I love dancing. Antara says I know but.. Aaji says its my commitment. Antara says if Raghu knows about this, he will fire me. Aaji says leave everything on me.

Aaji asks Antara to start dancing. Rasika hears Aaji and Antara’s voices and thinks what are they doing. Rasika comes to them and is shocked to see Antara dancing Kathak. Antara is tensed seeing Rasika and stops dancing. Antara thinks now Raghu will surely know about this.

Aaji and Rasika bet on Antara’s dancing skills. Aaji says I bet for Rs 10000 for the one who wins in Kathak.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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