Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th August 2013 Written Update

Ruku finds Mohan and RJ’s picture and wonders who the picture is.Megha tells Ruku that RJ is unwell and cries. Ruku tells her that she would check on RJ and asks her to stay.

RF tells Vasu that RJ has fever and he will go get a Dr. Aai says the girl has to leave as she is MEgha’s daughter. Aai asks Bala to make sure RJ leaves. Vasu tells Aai that there would be no Dr. at this hour and says Aai’s medicine would work. Vasu asks Aai to let go of her ego and give the medicine. Aai says he has now become too big that he won’t even listen to her. Vasu says he is doing what she always says that someone can be big by helping an enemy. Vasu asks Bala and Ruku to get the stuff from the kitchen. Bala refuses but Ruku goes to get it.

RF tells Megha that RJ is going to be treated to medicine made by Vasu. MEgha asks him to get RJ out and that she will leave without ever coming back. RF asks Megha not to worry and let some things be.

Aai tells Vasu that he can do whatever pleases him and leaves.

Aai steps out with Uncle and notices MEgha. Aai asks Megha if she is still there. RF asks Megha to go.

Ruku tells Vasu that she needs to ask something from him. Ruku brings in the medicine for Vasu and tells him that he is doing wrong. Ruku and Bala leave. Vasu hears someone trying to open the window. Vasu gets up and opens up the door. It is Megha. Megha looks at the bottle of brandy and asks him what kind of medicine it is. Vasu doesn’t pay any heed to her. Vasu crushes something with a gun and then adds brandy to it. He mixes it and makes RJ drink it. Megha has FB of Vasu carrying RJ in the rain. Vasu asks Megha why she is tense and assures her that RJ would be fine. He asks her to breathe easy.
Uncle instigates Aai about how Vasu refused to listen to her. Uncle asks RF to make Aai understand. RF says to him Vasu has become a bigger person in his eyes. Uncle warns RF.

Ruku looks at MM picture and keeps wondering.

Megha is sitting outside the house and is worried. Vasu comes out and notices Megha. Vasu has a glass of tea when he notices Megha feeling cold. He walks to her with the tea and offers it to her. Megha doesn’t take it. Vasu is about to drink it when he notices Megha feeling cold. Vasu tells Megha that she has been through a lot and it is almost morning and asks her to drink the tea. Vasu tells her that there is no medicine left in case she falls sick hence she should drink the tea. Megha accepts the glass. Vasu sits next to her. Vasu has FB of RJ hugging him, and his sketch. Vasu asks Megha that he(Mohan) looks like me right. Megha is shocked.

Vasu tells Megha that he doesn’t have a brother who was lost in a circus. Vasu asks what she wants. Megha says she will take RJ and leave. Vasu asks her to leave then once RJ is better. Megha says once she finishes what she came for she will leave. Vasu says he knows what she came here to do. Vasu tells that this face must trouble her. Megha has FB of Mohan. Vasu tells Megha that he will end her problem by screwing up his face. He picks up a stone to do it . Megha snatches the stone away from him. Megha tells him that Mohan was the best man in the world and he used to help everyone. She says he lived for honesty and integrity. She says one he left her and went somewhere far. She says then she came here with her daughter and met him. Vasu says when people have the same destination they meet on the road. Megha is confused and looks at Vasu.

Precap: RJ is all well and comes out and hugs Megha. Vasu, Ruku and Bala are there. Rj tells Megha that now Papu will stay with them. She asks Vasu for his hand. Vasu holds his finger out. RJ grabs him and walks away. Megha asks her where she is off to. RJ says now Papu will stay with them. Everyone is shocked

Update Credit to: Neelimasj

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