Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 1st August 2013 Written Update

Rahul desperately takes out a fruit from the fridge. He tries to eat it but the fruit seems too hardLOL. Pammi tells him that the fruits are fake and will be used as props in Ranjeet’s short films. Rahul gets very annoyed and threatens to leave the house. Pammi requests him to stop, when Rahul tells him that he isn’t leaving the house for good but to eat something from a restaurant.LOL Pammi requests him to control his hunger till next morning and then he will come up with an idea. Rahul angrily throws something at the name plate of Faujdaar villa (house no.309), and accidently breaks down the number “9”. Pammi picks up the number 9 and hurriedly fixes it reverse, that is, the number of the house now becomes 306LOLLOL.
Next morning, Noodle Baba calls

Amrita and expresses his desire to eat noodlesLOL. Amrita happily offers her to come to her house. She then asks him about Rahul’s fast and Noodle Baba tells her to let Rahul break his fast with a bowl of noodles.
Rahul is hungrily looking at a picture of burgers and tears the pic so that he could eat itLOL. Gayatri comes to his room and speaks in Urdu. Rahul and Pammi are stumped, when Amrita comes in a bowl of noodles. Amrita and Gayatri tell them that Rahul’s fast is over and he can now eat anything starting with noodles. A hungry Rahul quickly grabs it but Amrits delays his eating by first putting the tilak of shagun on his forehead. After the shagun process is over, Rahul eats the the whole bowl of noodles. Gayatri tells them that the entire Faujdaar family will go to watch an SRK movie and requests Rahul and Pammi to join them. Pammi is excited and they agree.
Above in the heaven, Chitragupt’s wife is watching Pammi and Rahul on her TV while eating maggi.LOL Chitraguputa asks her where she got the maggi, and she replies that she requestes a Chinese chef, who just arrived in the heaven, to prepare a bowl for her. Chitragupta then tells her that due to Pammi’s mistake of making “house no. 309” into “house no. 306”, they will land into a troubleLOL
While the Faujdaar family is out to watch movie, two kidnappers sneak into the house, carrying an unconscious (perhaps dead) man into the villa, thinking that it’s house no. 306 which is actually supposed to be permanently empty. They hide themselves in Pammi’s room and hide the unconscious/dead man in the cupboard.
The Faujdaar family return from their movie trip and sit in the hall to relax. Pammi tells them that he wants to relax in his room. Rahul also wants to go but Jailer daadi denies him permissionLOL. Pammi goes upstairs and as he goes inside his room, and opens the cupboard to see the man. Pammi gets frightened, and he sprays perfume before running outsideLOL. The kidnappers get nervous and they hide the body under the bed before escaping. Pammi runs downstairs and jumps like a monkey at each step, thus giving a mini heart-attack to jailer daadi and the entire Faujdaar familyROFLROFL.
Pammi tells daadi that he saw somebody in his room. Daadi scolds Rahul for showing Pammi silly action and horror moviesLOL. She tells Rahul to accompany Pammi to upstairs and stay with her throughout. Rahul goes to his room and makes fun of Pammi for getting freaked out for no reason. He finds no one in the cupboard or anywhere else in the room. But when Rahul bend down to check below the bed, only to find the body there.LOL. Rahul and Pammi believe that Pammi has killed the man with his perfume spray attackROFL. Both of them are clueless as to what to do now.

Precap: Rahul and Pammi think of ways to escape this situation.LOL

Update Credit to: Sayaani-Chidiya

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