Anamika 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 1st August 2013 Written Update

Jeet is looking for Chhavi and she is running out of the palace crying. Anamika comes in her car from front and asks her what she was doing here at this time and Chhavi says that she has come to know that Jeet loves someone else. Jeet calls up both of them but no one picks up the phone. Anamika asks her to pick up the phone and let him know that she is with her and Chhavi does that shocking Jeet. She then goes on to say that Jeet should have not married in such a case and that had she been in her place, she would have got separated as she feels there is no meaning in living like a burden on anyone. Chhavi agrees and finally Anamika drops her at Saluja house. Jeet comes a lil’ later and asks Anamika where she has disappeared and has she told her everything, but Anamika says that she does not want her to know right now as she knows that if their truth comes out now, then they will be separated forever as her planetary position is not right these days and he may call her superstitious, but she wants him to wait till new moon night.

Bebe starts scolding Jeet and asks what’s wrong between him and Chhavi. Jeet keeps quiet, and Bebe finally asks if the girl whom Jeet had told about has returned? But he lies and Bebe asks him to come and patch up with Chhavi.

Chhavi is crying in her room and Anamika comes there and makes their wedding photo fall down. The frame cracks from middle and Chhavi feels that not just the circumstances, but even the air is hinting that she should get separated from Jeet.

Bebe comes and asks both of them to resolve their differences by talking. She then forces both of them to hold hands and tells that to fulfill the seven vows of wedding, they have to make efforts. She then leaves them alone to talk. Jeet starts talking to Chhavi, but she leaves. Jasleen is talking to Balraj on phone and is angry with him as he has not told her where he has gone. Chhavi asks her isn’t she upset with Balraj Bhaiya, but Jasleen says something about a good wife supporting her husband in bad times and trust between a husband and wife and Chhavi gets confused.

Chhavi then recalls everyone’s words including Rano’s and goes to Anamika’s room to tell her she has decided something. Anamika says that she knew she would never let her self-respect get compromised. But Chhavi tells her that she has decided that she would give another chance to their relationship and Anamika is shocked.

Precap: Anamika tells Patalika that Rani’s biggest strength was her family and she would play such a game with Chhavi that her family would go away from her.

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