Meri Bhabhi 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 1st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand leaving to meet the lawyer. Shraddha, Anand and Kittu have a talk and laugh. Shraddha thinks about Dhruv and Bobby. She gets sad seeing Dhruv T-shirt. She says Bobby was a hero for Dhruv, how will I tell Dhruv the reality of Bobby. Anand says what will be the effect. Dhruv hears this and gets upset. Shraddha calls him Anaath. Kamini has a talk with her husband. He asks what happened. Kamini says Shraddha is taking divorce and everyone got ready. Kamini says you should have explained them. She says will she stay in that house the whole life. He says what problem does you have. Kamini says I have seen the world, what will happen tomorrow, everyone will be busy, Shraddha will be left alone in her family.

Papa tells Mummy that Anand is going to meet the lawyer. jaya asks them to stop Anand else the society will speak against them. Mummy says we should worry about Shraddha, not the society or the world. Papa asks Mummy is Shraddha’s decision right. Mummy says yes, she decided it herself. We will think about Shraddha. Papa says your are right, I don’t care about the world. jaya says will she stay in our house. Papa looks at her. Mummy says no, she won’t stay in your house, she will stay in our house. Kittu comes and tells Papa that Anand is waiting for him. Kittu asks Mummy to rest. Mummy asks Kittu is Shraddha fine. Kittu says yes, but I m feeling bad. Mummy asks what do you mean. Kittu says I want Shraddha to get rid of Bobby, but think our hope died. Everyone were happy for her, but now what happened. jaya says yes, I had even planned to go to Mumbai. Kittu sends jaya outside. Kittu tells Mummy that she hated the word divorce, so I m worried. She asks Mummy are you not afraid of this word divorce.

Mummy says the relation is which there is no love and trust is waste and painful. We should be ourselves and fight. Kittu says what will happen to Shraddha. Mummy says the day when she gets the divorce, it would be painful for her. But in some months, Shraddha will start a new life. She will start living her life, if she was with Bobby, she would be in pain always. Its good to die once than daily. There is a new hope for her. Kittu asks Mummy did you went through this pain. Mummy says I don’t even remember, and thats why I was worried about Shraddha. Because I saw him in Bobby. Kittu says sorry for talking about him. Mummy says its fine, but pray for Shraddha that she gets a man like your Papa.

Ishaan is with Dhruv, who is much sad. Mummy asks him why are you crying. Ishaan says I saw him crying so I was trying to talk to him. Dhruv says is my mum annoyed with my dad. Mummy says Shraddha is much worried, so you don’t feel bad if she says anything. Dhruv says I will take good care of my mum, thats a promise. He runs to Shraddha.

Anand talks with lawyer. The lawyer asks him do you have any proof against Bobby, we will get him punished. Anand says I want to see Bobby getting punished, he has cheated my sister and my family. Shraddha is thinking what she saw in Bobby’s flat. Dhruv comes to her and asks why are playing Ludo again. She says because there is no fear of losing. Dhruv says you are angry because dad left us alone. He says Nani said that I will take good care of you. She hugs Dhruv and thinks about Bobby’s taunts. Dhruv asks whats Anaath. Mummy overhears them. Shraddha says the kids whose dad dies, they are called Anaath, like you. Mummy says Shraddha, what are you saying. Shraddha says I m saying right, she tells Dhruv that your dad is dead, you are now Anaath. Mummy and Shraddha have a talk. Papa comes there with Kittu and asks what happened. Shraddha says I was telling Dhruv that he is Anaath now. Kittu and Papa feel bad. Papa asks what. Shraddha says Dhruv should know now that his dad is dead. Kittu says don’t talk like this infront of Dhruv. She says I am answering him since one year, but till when. I have been lying to him, my life will not change now. Papa says why not, we are with you. Shraddha says till when Papa, the truth is what it is. I have to agree and Dhruv too have to agree to this.

Mummy says Shraddha whatever happened to with, Dhruv cannot understand it. Kittu says please go to your room. Papa says yes, you take rest, I will talk to Dhruv. Kittu takes Shraddha with her. Papa looks at her.

Anand gives Ashish few documents to give it to the lawyer. Ashish says don’t feel bad about jaya’s words. Anand says I don’t. They hug. Papa comes there and says he wants to talk with Anand. Anand sends Ashish. Anand has a talk about Shraddha with Papa. Papa says I m retired, and I can’t do any business now, will you manage everything. Anand says what do you mean. Papa says Bobby has cheated us. Shraddha made a big decision which was not easy. Anand says she will forget everything in few days, we are here for her. Papa says if I die, then, there is no guarantee, anything can happen. Anand says your responsibility is my duty. Papa says I know. Papa is about to fall and Anand holds him. Papa says I m weak when my children are in pain. Anand says you are not weak, we all are with you. Papa says yes.

Kamini calls Kittu and asks about the anniversary’s planning. Kittu asks Anand whats there after two days. She tells him about their anniversary and her plans…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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