Madhubala 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Cop comes and tells lunchtime! He asks for Madhu n they say..he has to eat with others..! RK says.. not hungry!

Joshi says.. its lunchtime.. RK screams on him .. he reminds him of Lawyers words of him trying to make a good impression at jail .. RK relents..!

Sultan fumes.. as he looks at a watch n says.. Tumhara waqt khatam aab mera shuru! Other prisoners .. taunt RK .. ask him to dance.. say dialogs..!

Someone gives RK a position ahead of others n plate.. but another person snatches it..n says. .he has murdered one person n standing ahead n they did 27 murders.. n are at back? They taunt him about how ..they used to stand in queue to watch movie. n says… this is prison world . .he has no value here!

They give him another plate n asks him to stand behind.. ! Other prisoner says.. not to glare.. or they will bash him up .. n his face.. which gives him ..! RK stops himself thinking of cops words.!

Paddo offers Radha tea but she refuses! Madhu insists to meet RK but Bittu says. .lawyer has said no..! Paddo asks the matter n Madhu says.. Sultan has warned he will harm RK …

Everyone keeps taunting RK about his bad days… n how he has a beautiful wife at home to cook n feed him .. here some fat Anna.. ! They ask wifes name n another says Madhubala..! They start talking of Madhus beauty.. ! RK fumes more n more..! Sultan self thot. .said..that when Sultan wants.. whole world .. helps him to achieve it.. now ..she will do what he wants!

RK starts beating other prisoners n they all fight! Madhu says. .Sultan is alive… he called..! Paddo reassures Madhu! Everyone is beating RK up BG – Zinda hun yaar kafi hai..! Sultan is shown smirking..!

BG of Rishbala happy times.. ! RK tries to get up .. but is beaten up again! Sultan stares at the article of RK and Madhu from Madhus engagement n crushes the paper!

Madhu tells Bittu .. she has to meet RK .. ! One inmate gets RK crushed plate and cuts him all over with it! Cop calls n informs Madhu ..!

Madhu runs n all follow..! She reaches the police station n sees RK being carried in a stretcher.. n RK saying Madhu … ! Madhu asks RK to open his eyes!

RK is wheeled to hosp . n is rushed to emergency..! Doc says a while later.. he is fine..n out of danger! He says.. if the cut had been closer ..could be danger..! Radha asks to see n Doc allows 2 members of family

Dips cell rings .. its Sultan .. n asks.. dying to meet RK? Dips chides him .for trying to hurt RK.. n he says be grateful ..he is breathing.. or if he wanted they did be cremating him ..! Dips says deal is to get RK n Madhu respectively .! Sultan says.. first be ready to lose. before winning! He says. history is proof . .that someones blood will be shed in wars.. cant shed Madhus blood nor mine.. so only RK! Dips says not seen a cheaper guy ..!

Part 2
Dips says..after today if he tries to hurt RK . .he n his plan can go to hell she will expose him! Sultan says. she? Then she will lose the most.. coz she is part of this plan.. n she wont think of leaving this comfort!

Dips fumes n Sikky asks the matter .. but she averts..!

Part 3

Madhu looks at RK n is teary eyed.. ! Doc says..cuts will take time to heal.. but will be fine! Her cell rings n its Sultan..!

She fires him ..for hurting RK n he says.. its not his fault.. he had warned already .. that.. if she doesnt listen to him. .result will be bad so showed JHALAK ..! He tells Madhu to not cry for the Kameena n asks her to end all relation with RK! He says..what happened today will happen again n this time he will be cremated! Madhu says..cant understand .. a person falling so low .. n Sultan says.. a lot of things happened he had not planned so stop blaming!

Madhu stares at Bappa

Precap — Madhu says.. catching hold of wrong person ..does not mean .. right person is not alive..! Cop asks for proof n Madhu says have it..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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