Balika Vadhu 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 1st August 2013 Written Update

Shiv and Anandi are in a restaurant. Anandi is lost in thoughts. When Shiv tells her food is here, she says, what was the need to come here? We are going to reach Udhaipur in an hour anyways. Shiv says, you’re right..but you were lost in some thoughts since we left for Udhaipur so I thought to distract you a bit. Anandi then says, I was thinking about Ganga. She got so much courage, doesn’t know where she will go with her Mannu, but she still left the house. Now Shiv gets lost in some thoughts. Anandi asks him what he is thinking about. Shiv says, I was thinking about a child whom I think we should help. That poor is in search of parents who love him a lot. Anandi asks who is it? Shiv says, the one who is going to born in our house very soon. Anandi feels shy.

Mahi comes to Aashima’s

place with all the items that she wanted to purchase. Aashima gets surprised and asks why he had to bring all these here when she was going to come Udhaipur tomorrow. Mahi says, I was free so thought to give you a surprise. And just so you don’t complain, I brought your favorite dish as well. Aashima hugs him and says, you’re such a darling. Mahi smiles. Aashima says, today I will show you my village.

Ganga is trying to make Mannu sleep, but he is not listening to her. Ganga asks him, why are you not listening to me? Mannu says, Dadisa. Ganga says, I understand she gave you lots of love and this place is not like that house… but that house doors are closed for us now. Your mother is here… she will give you all the happiness. Ganga looks at Mannu and he has slept already. Someone comes and tells Ganga that Jagya told her to bring some food for her and Mannu from the canteen. Ganga asks him whether he can stay with Mannu, but he says he has to go somewhere and will check if anyone else is free. Ganga says no need for that.

Ganga turns back and finds Dadisa beside Mannu. Dadisa tells her, what are you thinking? Go and get it. Ganga gets happy, but then realizes that it was just her imagination. She gets emotional and cries. She tells Mannu, now we both will have to take care of each other. She kisses him and goes to get food.

Aashima brings Mahi to their community hall and shows him the products made by people there. Mahi is impressed. They both check out all the products. Aashima says, corporate companies buy these products and now we are planning to open stories in few cities. She then tells him they have a stall in nearby exhibition and asks him whether he will go there. Mahi says, sure.. but before that I want to purchase something from here. He selects a necklace and Aashima says, for your girlfriend, huh? Mahi says, for the girl who has impressed me a lot. You. Aashima says, what was need for this? He requests her and she takes it. He says, it matches your dress so wear it. Aashima is having hard time in wearing it, Mahi helps her.

Aashima brings Mahi to the stall. Mahi finds it interesting. Aashima sees a puppet show going on nearby. She takes Mahi there. Both are watching with lots of excitement. Suddenly, Aashima says, that tall puppet looks exactly like Shiv. Then there is a silence. And then they go to eat ice cream. Aashima’s hand gets dirty with the icecream, and she doesn’t even realize it. Mahi cleans it for her. They now play fire-the-balloon game. Aashima is not sure whether she will be able to hit it. Mahi helps her. Aashima is then dancing with the ladies. Mahi watches her and takes her photos. The ladies pull Mahi in and he joins them. BG- Mann Mera Kehne Laga. They are coming to their car now. It’s raining. Mahi gives his jacket to Aashima and they get in the car. Aashima says, she wants to eat something spicy now. Mahi says, we will pick it up from a restaurant and eat at your home. Aashima is talking and Mahi looks at her instead concentrating on driving. Aashima notices a car is coming towards them and turns the steering. Mahi and Aashima’s hands touch and both look at each other.

Sumitra tells Gehna she has prepared dinner and Jagya will be late so don’t wait for him. She then asks Dadisa if Anandi reached Udhaipur safely. Sumitra remembers Anandi standing up and leaving and says, she usually calls but she is so upset that this time she didn’t feel like calling? Dadisa says, she must have forgot in some work.. you call her. Bhairo comes and says, Shiv called me and said they reached Udhaipur safely. Sumitra feels sad as usually Anandi calls her and tells her, but this time she asked Shiv to call Bhairo. Bhairo then asks Dadisa if they are ready to go to the function. Dadisa doesn’t feel like going. She says, I am not feeling good. Sumitra too agrees and says, I will call and say no to Sugna. Bhairo says, fine.. then I and Basant bhaisa will stop going to work and stay home, and will tell Jagya to do the same. We will close all the doors and windows so no one can go out and no one can get in. Dadisa says, it’s not that.. I am just not getting strength to go out. Bhairo explains them, they have to forget the incident thinking it was a bad dream and have to move on. There are guards outside and some guards will also go along with them. Basant agrees with Bhairo. Nandu comes running to Dadisa and says he is ready to go. He says, I will sit beside window and goes out. Dadisa tells Basant and Bhairo, you two were right.. maybe God wants us to go to that function so we can forget what happened faster.

Aashima and Mahi arrive at her Aashima’s place. Mahi slips as they enter. Aashima laughs. Mahi says, listen.. it happens. He tries to get up and slips again. Aashima says, I know it happens.. hold my hand. Mahi says, it’s okay. Mahi is now having pain in his shoulder. Aashima asks him to lie down on the bed. Mahi says, your bed will get wet. Aashima makes him lie down and then sprays a spray. Both get close. Mahi cannot stop himself and puts his hands on her shoulder and gets closer to her. Screen freezes on a statue of a couple kissing.

Voiceover: There are moments in everyone’s lives when one cannot control his/her feelings, but that doesn’t mean he/she becomes vicious.

Precap: Gehna is having pain. He tries to call Dadisa, but everyone is busy in the function and there’s too much noise.


Update Credit to: Shreya

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