Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 5th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Amassa and the five sons are happily talking, Massa is sitting there but she is sad and lost in thoughts. The sons leaves and Amassa sits next to Massa, she comforts her and tells her now everything is alright and their family is happy, Massa does not say anything and remains sad.
The Don Character is walking, he has a pandit tied up and his men are there with guns and all. He scolds the Pandit that he couldn’t find five grooms for his five Sisters. Don introduces each of his five sisters and then he tells the pandit he has to die for his failure, the men aim guns at the pandit, but he begs Don for one more chance.
The pandit brings Don at the temple and shows him the Kaushik sons, Don is impressed and each of his sisters make their choices among the guys and Don is happy.

Part 2

Don is in KN and he is there with his men carrying gifts, Massa, Amassa and the five bahus question him who he is and what he doing in their home, Don makes him men put the gift down and he says he want to marry his sisters to the sons, just then the guys come in, they tell him he looks crazy as they are already married. The Bahus tell don he seems crazy and have lost his mind.
The Kaushik Sons go to don and Don sends his men away, they guys lift Don, and carries him and put shim outside KN and close their doors (this was a real funny scene).
All the couples have cute romantic scenes.
The Don comes home and his Sisters are talking about their grooms, and being Happy, Don is lost in thoughts and looks really angry, scene ends.

Precap : The Kaushik bahus, massa get this invitation and seems like its for the sons wedding to Don’s sisters

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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