Pavitra Rishta 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ovi telling Purvi that she is too worried for Manav. She says, I told him to come home and rest.. but he just doesn’t want to listen. Purvi says, if we are hurt this much by Archu going to coma, then imagine baba. Ovi says, I know and that is why I didn’t force him much. Purvi blames Soham for everything. Ovi agrees with her saying so many problems came in their family after he came here. Ovi then says, Sulo aaji has also broken from inside, so I was thinking to come to your house. Purvi says, you’re right.. aaji will feel good seeing you and the baby. Ovi says, I will inform Arjun.

Onir is sad and looking at some diary. Scene goes in the flashback and Onir asks Purvi to show him what she writes all the day. Purvi has written baby names. He then shows her his diary in which he has also written names for their baby. Purvi gets surprised and asks, when did you make list? Onir says, all that don’t matter.. you needed names of babies and you got them now. You just have to choose 1 now.

Back to present, Purvi returns home. She says, doctor called her. Onir says, yes I called back him. Purvi sees him upset and asks what happened? If he’s fine?. Onir says, I am fine.. why? Purvi says, I mean are you hiding anything from me? Onir says no and asks, why are you asking me that? She then sees the diary under their blanket.

She takes the diary in her hand and reads it and then looks at Onir. She tells him, this is same diary in which we wrote name for our baby right? Why were you hiding it from me? Onir says, because I don’t want you to remember about your baby.. I know you get upset thinking about the baby. He says, even I get upset. I can take baby in my hand.. play with her. But can’t call myself her father. I can’t hug her as a father.. we saw so many dreams.. her name.. about her education.. what she will become.. we had planned everything. He asks her, how do you take all this pain? Please tell me.. I also want to fight. Onir starts crying. She tells him.. please don’t cry.. we will fight with this situation together.. They hug.

Purvi realizes what she is doing and slowly moves back, but her mangalsutra gets stuck in Onir’s shirt’s button. She removes it and then they hear baby crying. Purvi says, I will be right back and leaves from there.

Arjun is also at Purvi’s house now. Ovi is telling him that baby doesn’t stop crying. Purvi comes there running. Purvi asks Ovi if she can carry her. Ovi gives baby to her and baby stops crying now. Ovi and Arjun look at each other and smile. Ovi says, see Arjun she is so ‘badmash’.. as soon as she went to Purvi.. she stopped crying. Your daughter is already bothering me (in funny way).. Arjun just keeps looking at Purvi and Onir playing with the baby. He speaks in his mind, I am extremely sorry Purvi.. that day because of my one mistake.. you and Onir lost your biggest happiness.. I am seeing Onir smiling after so long… if I hadn’t made that mistake other day, then everything would be so different today. Please forgive me if possible.

Scene shifts to the hospital now. Manav enters Archu’s room. He looks at her and says, Archana please get up.. I am waiting for you to get up since so long. Our pooja is incomplete, let’s go and finish it. If you want, then I will bring flowers myself for the pooja. You never told me what you asked from Bappa. Get up and ask whatever you want from Bappa. You know I can’t live without you.. we saw many dreams and have to fulfill them. Please open your eyes, Archana, for me.

Purvi is standing alone outside her home. Sulo comes there with baby. Baby is crying. Purvi gets busy and happy playing with the baby. Purvi starts the “lauri” and Sulo keeps looking at Purvi. Arjun also comes there now and looks at Purvi from distance. Sulo seems happy seeing Purvi happy. She tells her, you should move on now.. you should think about new babies. Arjun seems to be surprised hearing that (he has his mouth open). Ovi calls Sulo. She goes inside. Purvi tells Arjun, Ovi would be calling her baby.. let me go. Arjun says, no it’s okay.. you can play with the baby.

He then tells her that he wants to tell her something. Purvi says, go ahead. Arjun says, I want to talk about what Sulo aai just told you. I know I shouldn’t interfere.. I may not know fully what you and Onir are going through, but I can understand how it feels when parents lose their child. During this time, everyone empathizes mother more because she keeps child inside her for 9 months. But father also loves his child same as his mother. He dreams that his child live happily until the child born. I am sure Onir would have seen same dream. I know what Onir is going through right now.. it is not easy for you two.. staying strong in front of everyone. I feel Onir has broken down. Anyone would be broken down. He saved everyone’s lives, but couldn’t save his child. I can’t explain husband-wife relationship to you because you would know it better than me.. all I want to say is.. after becoming a dad.. I have realized what would be the pain of losing your child. It’s just a different feeling of staying up whole night and making your baby sleep. I felt all this after becoming a day.. she gave me a new reason to live.. and I think you deserve all this happiness as well. Onir also deserves. Whatever happened.. wasn’t in our hand.. so if possible, please listen to your aaji.. please think about your future. I am sorry if I said too much. Purvi says, baby stopped crying.. take her inside. They come close when she passes baby to him. Arjun goes inside with the baby leaving Purvi in some thoughts.

Sunny is preparing lunch box for Manav. Savita comes there. She asks him, today you’re eating early? He explains her that Manav doesn’t eat anything or comes at home so I thought to prepare lunch box for him. Savita says, it’s good.. do take care of him and keep informing about Manav.

Sunny leaves. After he leaves, Savita tells Manav’s dad that Sunny is not that bad guy. He’s very good at heart. She tells him how he prepared food for Manav and he worries a lot for Manav’s health. She praises Sunny a lot. Manav’s dad tells her, I had told you.. this guy is good for Teju. Savita asks, did I take Teju’s name? I just said he’s a good guy.. I didn’t say he is good for our Teju. He says, you can say whatever.. but that guy has came here for Teju.. he came to win your heart which he did. Manav’s dad is overjoyed and calls out Archu. He says, Archana look Savita got agreed.. now you don’t to worry about anything.. your 3rd daughter’s wedding will also.. and now he gets quiet. Both Savita and him have tears in their eyes. They pray for Archu and say we can’t live without her.

Purvi enters her room and sees Onir sleeping with a book in his hand. She remembers what Arjun told her about moving on.

We then see Purvi going to him and taking the book away and removing his glasses, but it’s just her thoughts. In real she didn’t do anything like that.

Episode ends.

Precap: Purvi is remembering Archu and crying. She sleeps in Sulo’s lap and asks her, aai (Archana) will come out the coma, right? Sulo is also crying.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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