Parvarish 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 5th March 2013 Written Update

The Ahluwalias are tensed about the absence of Rinku and Rocky, when they both arrive there. Sweety asks them about their absence for so long. Rocky remembers that Rinku asked him not to say anything to anyone, he says they went to see a play and when they went to a ice-cream parlor, some goons teased Rinku .Sweety says watching the play was alright ,what was the need to have ice cream at night. But Lucky praises Rocky for saving Rinku form those goons alone. Sweety goes to Rinku and tells her atleast she should inform them, Rinku starts crying and gets emotional, She hugs Sweety, Sweety consoles her. Rocky takes the blame for going to the ice-cream parlor. Sweety is about to go with first aid,but Lucky tells her to let the kids be alone for sometimes.

Rinku in her room thinks about how Ashok misbehaved with her and rocky saved her. She goes to Rocky’s room. She wants to put ointment on his wounds and asks for sorry, but Rocky is still hurt, He says for her he didn’t believed his own sister, he lied to his parents. He does not want to talk to her and leaves. Ginny is upset as Sweety has not completed her biology project ,Sweety says she will make it complete early morning .She and Lucky had a discussion about what shall parents do when they start seeing their children stop sharing their life. Lucky says boys usually don’t share, whereas Sweety says girls share everything .she will make sure Ginni when becomes the age of Rocky, sweety will get every information about Ginni’s life. She is happy that both the children have arrived home safely.
In the morning, at breakfast table, Sweety tells Rocky that Rinku had made pasta, as usually Rocky gets bored with same paratha. But Rocky who has been ignoring Rinku says he wants to eat paratha, Rinku gets upset, Luck sees that and says he will eat “Italian Pasta” made by Punjabi kudi.

Raavi arrives there straight from the hospital and informs others about it ,she says she came to collect some notes .Ginni tells her about the last night incident. She goes to Rocky’s room and sarts her “pravachan”, she calls Rocky lair and etc etc. Rinku comes there from nowhere and says She herself did wrong,But Rocky lied to not let his parents feel bad. They had a verbal fight, Raavi is about to slap her when Rocky holds her hand and looks at her with anger.

no precap..

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