Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 7 (Swasan Pranks-2)

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Hii guys!!! Back with the next part!!! Hope you liked the before one!!! Sry for this much late but can’t do anything!!!! Okay let’s get engrossed in the story!!!!!

At 10 p. m.

At terrace,
Swara just reached the terrace and was shocked to see its position and even Sanskaar there. She was boiling or we can say fuming in anger.

Swa : What the hell is this Sanky????

(The whole terrace is shown with beer bottles)
San : What Swara dear???? What happened???

Swara went near him and pulled him by his collar!!!
Swa : How dare you to do my favorite place like this??? Do you even knew how much I love this place (Sanskaar nods no) You just made it impure with ur stupid bottles. (Swara took and bottle and throwed it on the ground) This is my place!!!! My prrriivvaattee ppplaaccee!!! Get it!!!

San : What are you thinking that I will be scared by ur words or ur actions ??? No Swara, today you showed me what you are!!! Tomorrow I will show you who I’m!!! This is just the beginning!!!

Sanky smirks at Swara and leaves. Swara was very angry on Sanky. She was throwing the beer bottles out. She got a call from Sahil.

Swa : Whao bhai??? Remembered us now??

Sah : No not like that Shona!!! By the way, how is our Sanky???

Swa : Sanky, my foot!!!! You know what??? He didn’t changed still !! Same as how he was in childhood!!!

Sah : My shona is getting angry just for 2 days.

Swa: what 2 days!!! I can’t even bare him for 2 min.s.

Swara and Sahil talked for sometime and Swara went to sleep.

Next day,

Sanskaar woke up early and went to Ayush room and again tricked him to say about Swara weakness.

In Swara room,
Swara just woke up and saw a joker face.
She was shocked seeing and shouted
“Ahhhh ” “Mummy ”

Then the joker face boy opens the the mask and boy is revealed as Ayush.

Ayu : Good morning Shona Di.

Swa : Is this any way to wake up anyone???

Swara scolds him but Ayush is least bothered about his sister scoldings.
He leaves from there and a man was seen smirking and of course he is Sanskaar .

San : Wait and watch Swara!!! Show you the hell, Bubbly !!!

Swara was walking to her washroom then she observes something was sticked on her back!!!! She takes that paper and reads “I’m mad ”

Swara immediately gets angry.
Swara thinking :
I will see your end Mr. Sanky ji!!!

She went to bath and came out (She was dressed. Don’t worry!!)

She was wiping her face and her face was blackened with some black powder. (You might understand the scene)

She comes down like that, before checking at least once!!!

Everyone are laughing seeing Shona. Here, Swara was confused seeing everyone laughing and utmost Sanskaar smirking at her. Kavitha shows Swara the mirror. Swara was at once shocked seeing it. She shouted (Okay okay Yelled)

Swara angrily smirks at sanky. Sanky gives her a winning smirk which Swara hate the most.

After sometime,

Swara was seen talking in her phone and as usual comes to the balcony. She was just shocked and amazed seeing the sight.

A buffalo was been decorated with all necessary things (I think you might understand) And also a board was hanged on the buffalo’s neck named “Bubbly ”

This was the sight making her more angry. Again, our Sanskaar was giving a victory symbol to her. Swara was fuming on Sanky helplessly.

In this way, our Superb Sanskaar irritated Cuty Shona. Shona was feeling helplessly.

At night ,

Swara was heading to her private place. She was again shocked seeing the sight. It was fully filled with beer bottles.

Swara : This Sanskaar is crossing his limits!!!! He just spoiled my special place!!! Not a normal place but my secret place!!! (Revealed later) I just hate him!!! Hate you Sanky!!! You still didn’t changed!! Ur still the same egoistic Sanskaar!!!! How could I ever imagine my life with you after our marriage!!! I will immediately say no to papa!!!! I can’t bear him more.


I know that I told about Sanskaar’s pranks only but from the next episode, the love story is going to start…………………………………

1. What is the secret behind Swara’s private place???

2. How will Swasan get bonded with these many misunderstandings??

3. Are Swasan really made for each other???

To know that stay tuned with my story.

With lots and lots of love,

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