Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 1

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Vivah…A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part1
I dedicate this SS to Piyali who wants me to write a SS on the movie Vivah.Again I dedicate this o Piyali as she wants Alok Nath in this SS and she only suggested Alok Abha pair for this SS.

Meher was writing in her note book.
Her mother Kalpana came:Meher..why are you sitting and writing in late night?
Meher:I am doing my assignment mom.
Kal:Enough of this.You will have dark circles.Now you should not sacrifice sleep and study.It will affect your beauty.Tomorrow boy’s party is coming to see you.You should look nice.
Meher was shocked:What?Boy’s party coming to see me?
Kal:Yes.You should dress well.
M:Mo mom.I don’t want to get married.That’s final.

Kal:What nonsense!
M:I want to study.
Kal:You and your studies.Nice proposals don’t come always.So without making any fuss tomorrow you should dress well and come before the boy’s family.

Meher got tensed.

The next morning…

Meher went to meet someone.Seeing him she embraced him.
Abeer:Meher,..what happened?
M:Today a boy is coming to see me.Mom is forcing me to go in front of him.
Ab:For such a silly thing you are worried?
Meher kicked his shoulder:You find it silly?
Ab:Come on chill baby.A boy is only coming to see you.Not your wedding.Reject him.I don’t think your dad will force you.
M:That’s right.
Ab:It’s so simple.
M:But still I am tensed.
Ab:Don’t worry baby.When I am there why should you worry?

He pulled her cheeks making her smile.
Ab:Why don’t we go to the canteen and have icecream to cheer up.
She smiled.
They both had icecream in the canteen and enjoyed.

After classes Meher went home.
Kalpana:Meher…get dressed up grandly before the boy comes.
Niranjan:Kalpana…why are you not telling Soumya to dress well ?
Kal:Why should I tell Soumya to dress well?The boy is not coming to see her.
Nir:What nonsense!The proposal is for Soumya.
Meher smiled with surprise:It’s for Soumya jeeji?
Kalpana was shocked:What?The proposal is for Soumya?
Kalpana was frustrated:I thought you are taking interest to get your daughter married to a very good guy.But no..I was wrong.You are only interested in your late sister’s daughter Soumya.Our daughter is nothing for you.
Niranjan :Kalpana..what are you saying?Meher and Soumya are equal to me.Meher is only studying and Soumya is the eldest one.That’s why I am thinking of getting Soumya married first.

Kal:Don’t give silly excuses.I can understand everything.
Niranjan became upset:Why are you always like this?
Meher:Mom..don’t over react.I am happy that Soumya jeeji got a nice proposal and I am also not ready for marriage.
Suddenly they saw Soumya with wet eyes behind them.
Kalpana:Are you happy that you got a good proposal while my daughter is single?
Nir:Kalpana…why are you always rude to Soumya?
Kalpana walked away angrily.Soumya’s eyes were full of tears.

Nir:Soumya..don’t be upset.You know how your mami is.
Meher wiped her tears:Let mom say anything,But jeeji…you should smile.Your smile is so beautiful that the boy will fall for your smile.

Soumya smiled.
Meh:I will get you ready.

Alia put shirt and pant on the bed and looked at Harman.
Alia:Wear this soon Harman.We have to go and meet the girl.
Harman was tensed.
Alia laughed:Look at his face.
Zain too laughed:So tensed you are.
Har:Don’t laugh bhaiyya…I remember you were also tensed when you had to meet bhabhi for the first time.

Alia:Right Harman.When he came to see me he was shivering with tension.He was so weird.
Zain was embarrassed.

Alia:Anyways get ready fast.
Harman Zain’s parents Mihir Juhi came. did’nt get ready yet?
Alia:Poor guy is so tensed that he is shivering when he touches the clothes in his wardrobe.So I selected a suit for him.
Everyone laughed.
Mihir:Good that Harman got a nice bhabhi who does all these for him.
Harman:You are right dad.Bhabhi is my strength.
Everyone smiled.

Alia was taking her hand bag.Suddenly Zain embraced her from back.
She blushed:What are you doing?

Zain:You said I was shivering when I came to see you.I just wanted to prove that I don’t shiver when I touch you.
He pulled her closer.
She pushed him.He smiled.

Meher got Soumya ready.
Meher:You look so pretty jeeji.
Soumya smiled.Kalpana fumed with anger.

Mihir Juhi Zain Alia and Harman reached there.Niranjan welcomed them while Kalpana stood at a corner angrily which made Niranjan feel bad.
Mihir:Here is the boy.My youngest son Harman.
Harman was shy.He touched Niranjan’s feet.
Nir:God bless you beta.You are so well mannered.Now a days where can we find such guys.
Everyone smiled.
Juhi:This is my eldest son Zain and this is my eldest daughter in law Alia.
Zain Alia:Namaste uncleji.
Juhi:Where is your wife?
Niranjan looked at the corner with a dull face.They all looked that side and saw Kalpana looking dull.
Mihir Juhi smiled:Namaste!
Kalpana did’nt care and said :Namaste!
Mihir Juhi felt bad.
Juhi whispered:Why is she behaving like this?So indifferent.Did she not like our arrival?
Mihir:Don’t think too much about it.What difference does it make?We are here to see Niranjanji’s niece.

Alia:I can’t wait to see my devrani.
Juhi:Even I am eager to see my bahu. Soumya.
Kalpana went inside angrily:Soumya..your guy and family have come.
Soumya was nervous.
Meher brought her to the room.Everyone smiled seeing her while Harman was looking down in nervousness.
Juhi went near her and caressed her:You are looking so cute.
Soumya smiled and touched her feet.
Juhi:God bless you beta.
Niranjan showed Mihir to Soumya:Soumya beta..this is the boy’s father .
Soumya touched his feet too and got blessed.
Alia:Hi..I am Alia..hopefully very soon I will be your jethani.
Soumya smiled.
Alia:And this is my husband Zain.
Soumya smiled.
Juhi:I feel like taking you home now itself.But before that you see whether you liked my son.Only if you both like each other I can claim my rights on you.
Mihir:Yes right.
Alia:Hey Harman…now shed your shyness and look at the girl.See if you liked her.
Meher:You too look at the boy di.
Harman and Soumya slowly looked at each other.

Precap-HaYa first conversation

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  1. Inu

    Superb. My fav couples. Nice story.

  2. wow , awesome story di . i always wanted to read or write a story on vivah . my wish is now fulfilled , all the couples are awesome . sad that kalpana does not like aumya . meher is so sweet . loved aliya-arman’s sweet bonding . zain-aliya’s scene was cute

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thx a lot.wish I could read ur version of Vivah on any couple.There is a RagSan Vivah ff too on TU.By the way Teri galliyan completed many parts.

      1. thanks a lot for informing , i guess i missed too many episodes of teri galliyan , it was one of the ffs which i wanted to read because i liked it from the very beginning but i got busy after that .now that i am free i will definitely read all the episodes and comment

  3. Princess pari

    Awesome opening ??? Love Haya ❤

    1. Jasminerahul

      happy to see a haya fan here to support my ss.thx a lot

  4. Princess pari

    Awesome opening . HAYA are best couple

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